12 Indie Skincare Brands You Need to Try in 2022

Your skincare routine is as unique as you are, but it would be better if it included products from indie skincare brands, who have been blowing up because of their innovative solutions for every skin type. From 12-step Korean skincare routines to just having 2 products on your shelf, there are products and routines for everyone. We share 12 incredible indie skincare brands on their way up, look out, you’ll see them everywhere in 2023.

Indie Skincare Brands to Try in 2022

Why indie skincare brands? Indie skincare brands are constantly pushing the envelope of innovation by responding to customer needs and developing products faster than the traditional skincare brands we’re familiar with. Smaller indie brands are able to focus on specific niches and make products tailored to a particular demographic’s needs. For example, Velvette focuses on making all-in-one facial oils for every skin type. Earth Harbor uses ingredients from the ocean for its powerful and natural skincare formulations.

With so many amazing indie skincare brands out there, it can be overwhelming to find products to try. Luckily for you, the editors at the Indie Mood have tried hundreds of different indie skincare products, and we’re here to share our list of the best products to try in 2022, on the rise and trending for 2023. 

Without further ado, here is our list of 15 Indie Skincare Brands to try in 2022! 

Earth Harbor

Standout product: Mermaid Milk Nutrient Glow Moisturizer

jar of Earth Harbor Mermaid Milk moisturizer

Earth Harbor is an all-natural vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand founded with the intention to harness the power of the ocean to create skincare products. Our love affair with Earth Harbor has spanned years, and they’re still an all-time favorite of ours and our community of skincare lovers. If you want a gentle, ultra-hydrating moisturizer, Mermaid Milk is where it’s at – it’s a cult favorite for a reason. Plus, the name is adorable.

Stratia Skincare

Standout product: Liquid Gold Moisturizer

Stratia was recommended to us so many times by skincare fans that there was no choice but to try the brand. More than a year after trying their products for the first time, I can say with confidence that we’re diehard fans. A few Stratia products have made their way into our rotation, but nothing compares to the Liquid Gold Moisturizer. I suffer from chronic dry skin and eczema, and the Stratia Liquid Gold Moisturizer has been a game changer. I finally understand what a moisture barrier actually is now that mine isn’t constantly crying out for help.


Standout Product: Hyaluronic Acid & Shea Butter Brightening Moisturizer

jar of Gleamin Vitamin  Clay Mask on a marble countertop

The Gleamin Tumeric Turmeric Vitamin C Clay Mask has been a bright star on my skincare shelf since I first tried it two years ago. They’ve since released two more sunshine-colored products: the Hyaluronic Acid & Shea Butter Brightening Superfood Moisturizer and the Supercharged Vitamin C Balance Serum. Like the OG Clay Mask, both new products use Turmeric to brighten and reduce dark spots. Plus, they’re vegan and cruelty-free.

Velvette Organics

Standout product: Calming Skin Day + Night Oils

Both the Velvette Day and Night Calming Face Oil bottles on a white, soft surface with ice globes

All the way back in 2018 I met the co-founders of Velvette, sisters Joyce and Jenny, at Indie Beauty Expo. I was initially drawn to the beautiful glass packaging of their facial oils, but when I saw their glowing skin, I needed to know their routine. I asked the famous question: does the oil go before or after moisturizer? That’s when they told me they only use their oils after cleansing, no serums, toners, or moisturizers, I was shook. 4 years later, I still use their Calming Skin Day and Night oils, and I’m still impressed by how effective and nourishing they are. Use the code THEINDIEMOOD for 10% off your order from Velvette.


Standout Product: Moisture Whipped Ceramide Cream

Kopari is a California-based, cruelty-free indie skincare brand that makes skin-loving treats for both your face and bod. Does anyone else feel personally victimized by their moisture barrier? The Kopari Moisture Whipped Ceramide Cream is here to help. Their newest product may be a permanent resident on my shelf. The cream boasts 72 hours of improved hydration.

Province Apothecary

Standout product: Vital Nutrient Face + Eye Balm

a person squeezing a tube of the Province Apothecary Face and Eye Balm on to their finger

Province Apothecary is a Canadian-based indie skincare brand that was born out of a local spa that was creating its own natural products. They have a ton of excellent skincare solutions, but our top pick is the Vital Nutrient Face + Eye Balm. Do you ever look at the price tag of eye cream and think to yourself “is there really anything different about eye cream and moisturizer?”

The Province Apothecary Vital Nutrient Face + Eye Balm doesn’t play any games. They make it clear from the get-go that it can be used as both. It’s super hydrating and gentle for the delicate undereye area, so I usually tap some on before applying oil, like the Velvette Calming Oils, for that extra dose of hydration under my eyes. In a pinch, I use it as a moisturizer, too. Use code INDIEMOOD for 15% off your order from Province Apothecary.

Felin Lune

Standout product: Solis Facial Cleanser Bar

Felin Lune is the witchy skincare brand of your goth dreams. Not only are their products effective, but their packaging is also zero waste, and their aesthetic is flawless. The Solis Facial Cleanser Bar is constantly sold out and for good reason. This gentle cleanser comes completely package-free and works wonders, especially for dry and sensitive skin.


Standout product: Oil to Milk Cleanser

Cocokind's oil to milk cleanser, an indie skincare brand's gentle oil cleanser

Cocokind specializes in gentle products that are safe for sensitive skin, while also being affordable and simple. The Oil to Milk Cleanser is a perfect example. It removes any trace of makeup while nourishing the skin and rinsing off without needing to scrub or pull at delicate skin.

Winky Lux

Standout product: Fizz and Glow Face Mask

bottle of the Winky Lux Fizz and Glow Mask in a cloud of bubbles

Winky Lux is known for their adorable beauty products with unique packaging, but they’ve now expanded its line to include skincare products as well! They’ve managed to keep the fun and creativity of their makeup line, while still keeping the price range of their products low. The Fizz and Glow Face Mask checks all the boxes: fun, reasonably priced, and super effective, even for the most sensitive skin.

Ora’s Amazing Herbals

Standout product: Touchy Skin Salve, Eczema & Sensitive Skin

jars of indie skincare brand Ora's Amazing Herbal's Touchy Skin Salves

Ora’s Amazing Herbals has been a favorite of ours for their bath and body products. Still, since the discovery of their Touchy Skin Salve for Eczema & Sensitive Skin as well as their waterless face washes and scrubs, they’re a healthy skin goldmine. Indie Skincare can be overwhelming with many different options, but as an eczema sufferer, I can say Ora’s Amazing Herbals is the go-to choice for people with eczema. Their Touchy Skin Salve can soothe and calm any flare-up without clogging pores or leaving a greasy residue. If there’s anyone else out there who gets Eczema on their face, this one is for you.

Alpyn Beauty

Standout product: Wild Huckleberry 8-Acid Polishing Peel

jar of Wild Huckleberry 8-Acid Polishing Peel from Alpyn Beauty, an indie skincare brand

Alpyn Beauty is a skincare line with ingredients sustainably wildcrafted from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Their Wild Huckleberry 8-Acid Polishing Peel is their bestseller, boasting two levels of gentle exfoliation to visibly brighten and smooth your skin in 5 minutes. The key wildcrafted ingredient is Wild Huckleberry, along with an AHA/BHA Blend for chemical exfoliation and Bamboo Powder and Berry Seeds for microdermabrasion. Get 15% off your first Alpyn Beauty Order with this link.

Twinkle Apothecary

Standout product: Toning Mist

hand holding the Twinkle Apothecary Toning Mist, an indie skincare product

Twinkle Apothecary has been a standout fave in the indie skincare community for years – and they’ve only improved with time. They have all your skincare needs, as well as bath and body, fragrance, and makeup. Our favorite Twinkle Skincare product is their Toning Mist, which is completely refillable and zero waste, like most of their other products. Use the code THEINDIEMOODLLC for 15% off your order at Twinkle Apothecary.

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