16 Indie Colorful Eyeshadow Palettes You’ll Want to Add to Your Collection

If you’re a colorful eyeshadow lover, this post is for you! We recently shared some of our favorite indie single eyeshadow brands, but sometimes you just want something that’s already organized for you. So, we pulled together a list of some of our favorite rainbow and colorful palettes from our favorite indies!

It’s Bel Cosmetics – Break the Rules Palette

It's Bel Break the Rules colorful eyeshadow palette

If you love that wet-look to your shadows, then It’s Bel Cosmetics’ beautiful all-shimmer colorful eyeshadow palette, Break the Rules, is definitely for you. These gorgeous shimmers sparkle like nothing else. Since I received my Break the Rules Palette, I have been reaching for it non-stop! You can use code INDIEMOOD for 10% off if you want to pick one up for yourself!

Ace Beaute – Slice of Paradise Palette

ace beaute slice of paradise rainbow eyeshadow

Ace Beaute has the matte formula game down pat. Slice of Paradise is a gorgeous bright rainbow palette you are sure to enjoy if you love colorful eyeshadow looks. I use my Ace Beaute palettes constantly. In fact, my Flair Palette is one of the few I brought with me when I had to move for a short time. (By the way, the Flair Palette is a gorgeous fall-themed rainbow palette I highly recommend!)

Poppi Cosmetics – Neon Drip Eyeshadow Palette

poppi cosmetics neon colorful palette

If you love neons, you’ll probably love this palette. The Poppi Cosmetics Neon Drip palette has been catching my eye ever since it launched! With gorgeous neon pinks, purples, and greens, the color story keeps the eye engaged and inspired! If you try it out, be sure to let us know your thoughts!

Coloured Raine – Vivid Pigments Palette

coloured raine vivid pigments colorful eyeshadow palette

The Vivid Pigments Palette is an OG in the indie beauty world. It sold out quite a few times before Coloured Raine managed to keep it in-stock regularly. That’s how good it is! If you are looking for a solid, very pigmented palette, definitely consider starting with this one! It has a great range of rainbow eyeshadows and you’ll be able to create all the colorful looks you want!

Alien Cosmetics – Bunnies Palette

alien cosmetics' cruelty-free and vegan eyeshadow

Do you like matching your matte shades with your shimmer shades? Then consider the Alien Cosmetics Bunnies Palette! This gorgeous palette – seriously, just look at that packaging! – pairs its matte and shimmer shades together by color. Plus, the Alien formula is great. Liv really enjoys the palettes she has from them! You can use code THEINDIEMOOD for 10% off if Alien Cosmetics has caught your eye.

Midas Cosmetics – Artistry Palette Volumes 1 and 2

colorful eyeshadow palette swatches midas cosmetics

Time for a smaller palette that still packs a punch! These six-shade colorful eyeshadow palettes from Midas Cosmetics were formulated with diversity in mind. Volume 1 will pop on deep skin tones, while Volume 1.2 works best on light skin tones. Just choose which one works best for you! Even with just six shades, these palettes offer you the chance to create a wide variety of looks. For example, you can sweep one shade all over the lid or pair a few shades together!

Glisten Cosmetics – 1991 Palette

glisten cosmetics neon eyeshadow palette

This little palette is similar to the Midas ones above, but it’s just a little more neon! The Glisten Cosmetics 1991 Palette could literally fit into your pocket. Still, I find that this palette still fuels my creativity and it pushes me to create looks I find exciting and fun! The Glisten formula is fantastic as well because it blends easily and stays all day. You can use code INDIEMOOD20 for 20% off your Glisten order!

Kailav – Impressionism Palette

musee beauty impressionism pastel colorful eyeshadow palette

Are you an art fiend? You’ll definitely want to check out Kailav, then. Their palettes are inspired by various art movements! This list features their Impressionism Palette, which is a pastel twist on a rainbow palette, with a few neutrals thrown in the mix. Every time I see this palette on our feed, it makes me want to create something new. You’ll definitely feel inspired and have a ton of fun using this colorful eyeshadow palette! You can use code INDIEMOOD for 10% Kailav off if you want to pick these beauties up!

Sugarpill – Funsize Palette

sugarpill funsize pastel palette

Time for one of my favorite colorful eyeshadow palettes in my collection, the Sugarpill Funsize palette! This palette takes pastel rainbow and adds interesting undertones to create a super unique color story. You can’t go wrong with the Sugarpill formula, either – there’s a reason Sugarpill is one of the OGs. In fact, I find that the shades both pack on the lid easily and blend perfectly into each other!

Menagerie Cosmetics – Pastel Pup Palette

menagerie cosmetics pastel pup rainbow pastel eyeshadow palette

For a more traditional pastel look, check out the Menagerie Cosmetics Pastel Pup Palette. This palette made a splash when it released, and people haven’t stopped loving it since. The Menagerie eyeshadow formula is an old faithful in the indie community as well. So, you won’t go wrong if you decide to pick this one up!

Terra Moons Cosmetics – El Barrio Palette

terra moons el barro palette colorful eyeshadow

The El Barrio palette features a wide variety of mattes with a few pops of shimmer. Terra Moons created this palette to be bold and vibrant – their words! If that’s the look you are going for and you love mattes then definitely check this one out. And once again, indies prove that their packaging is always some of the most stunning out there! You can use code INDIEMOOD for 15% off of Terra Moons, too!

September Rose Cosmetics – Slush Palette

september rose rainbow eyeshadow palette

I absolutely adore the September Rose Cosmetics Slush Palette. Its wide variety of shades will keep you busy for a long time! In addition, the formula is pretty solid. I generally like to pack on the color and then blend it out, and it has given me no issues! And, the packaging is absolutely stunning. If you’re looking for a palette that has it all, then check this one out! If you love these gradient palettes, you can use code INDIEMOOD for 15% off!

Game Beauty – Adventure Palette

game beauty adventure palette colorful eyeshadow palette

Game Beauty‘s Adventure palette is inspired by, well, games! This palette leans a little more blue and green than the rest of these palettes, but its gorgeous purple, orange, and yellow shades more than make up for it! The balance of shimmers and mattes also makes the palette very versatile. And, I can’t lie – that bright green matte just makes me want to put on makeup right this instant!

Neema Beauty International – Dahomey Palette

neema beauty dahomey palette swatches

Liv’s video using the Neema Beauty Dahomey Palette shows off just how beautifully this palette works! The palette was inspired by the Amazons of Dahomey. The palette combines colorful shades with just a few neutral pops to give you plenty of options. You definitely could use this palette for more toned-down looks if you need to, but it will give you the bright shadows you crave as well! You can use code INDIEMOOD for 30% off, which makes it one of the cheapest palettes on this list!

Sample Beauty – Immensity Palette

sample beauty immensity rainbow eyeshadow palette

The Sample Beauty Immensity Palette is the most standard rainbow eyeshadow palette on this list. But that’s totally fine – doesn’t everyone need one? The gradient of shades in the palette makes it easy to combine shadows and create those beautiful blends you see all over Instagram. If you want to try out that aesthetic, then definitely consider this palette!

Likely Makeup – Fairy Blush Palette

likely makeup fairy blush palette colorful blush

Okay, to be fair the Likely Makeup Fairy Blush Palette is actually a blush palette. But hear us out! This gorgeous blush palette can be used all over the face, and it has some of the most unique shades we’ve seen in makeup. Plus, you can use it all over your face! Because it is such a versatile product, you’re sure to find endless ways to incorporate it into your looks.

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