29 Amazing LGBTQ+ Owned Indie Brands to Support During Pride and Beyond!

As members of the LGBTQ+ community here on the Indie Mood, we are so excited that we have a platform with which to support it! One of the best parts of the indie community is its celebration of diversity, and LGBTQ+ owned brands can really thrive within the space. This Pride Month, consider supporting these (and other!) LGBTQ+ owned brands!

As a (not really) final note, remember that you don’t need to shop minority-owned brands only during “their” month. It’s important to support them year-round! We discovered many brands from this amazing list put together by the r/indiemakeupandmore subreddit!

LGBTQ+ Owned Makeup

Meera Beauty Co

Meera Beauty is owned and operated by BIPOC from different cultural diasporas, which they themed their first collection after! They’ve also released their newest collection, the House of Avarice, which is themed around the duality of sin. They’re masters of colorful, pigmented, and buttery eyeshadows in color stories to die for.

Folly Fire

Folly Fire is a vegan and cruelty-free brand that’s all about color, passion, and artistry. They have stunning lipsticks, eyeshadows, and blushes. I’m a huge fan of their Reali-tea highlighter and especially their vegan brushes. Their products are high quality and make a statement!

Fern and Clover Cosmetics

Fern and Clover Cosmetics is a bisexual and nonbinary-owned makeup brand that formulates handmade glosses and tinted balms. They started their brand in March 2021, and have so many more exciting releases on the way!

Bitter Lace Beauty

lgbtq+ owned indie makeup brand

Bitter Lace Beauty created the original rainbow highlighter and has been making bright, shiny, beautiful highlighters and eyeshadows ever since. Their Unity highlighter has been a bestseller, and the proceeds go to Black Lives Matter initiatives for life!


phytosurgence spectral shine cream highlighters

Phytosurgence is a clean beauty brand with stunning makeup and skincare products for the dewiest glow ever. Their cream blushes and highlighters are bestsellers for a good reason; they’re stunning. We have an interview with the founder here!

Dandy Lions Co.

Dandy Lions Co. has every shade of single eyeshadow your heart desires and then some. They got their start on Etsy, and immediately blew up because of their beautiful, high-quality, affordable single eyeshadows and palettes. Check out the interview we did with the brand founder here!

The Collective Cosmetics

Just like Indie Mood, The Collective Cosmetics was founded by two friends who have never met in real life. They create stunning limited edition collections with jaw-dropping shades of eyeshadow, lipstick, and highlighters. Their friendship is the driving force behind their brand, which is amazing.


lgbtq+ owned makeup brand

Fyinnae is owned and operated by a cosmetic chemist that creates stunning makeup and fragrances. They make some of the best setting powders I’ve ever tried, and their fragrance blends are super popular. If you’re a fan of unique, shifting loose eyeshadows, they’re the shop for you.


lgbtq+ owned indie makeup brand

Kailav is a new makeup brand inspired by Art History. Their products are colorful and creative, with the most beautiful packaging ever. Their collections are inspired by Impressionism, and the newest collection is themed after the Rococo Period of art. Check out our review on this amazing collection and brand here!

Coley Cosmetics

Coley Cosmetics is a makeup brand founded by MUA @coley_mua. They created a lipgloss collection of all the different pride flags for 2021 pride, and we’re living for them. Their packaging is on point, and they have a new eyeshadow palette coming soon!

Noto Botanics

The Noto Botanics Multi-Benne stick has not left my clutches since I got it. Their products are natural, pigmented, and multi-purpose. They have sticks and pots of beautifully formulated blushes, lip tints, and highlighters. They also have an entire line of skincare products.


EDGE/BEAUTY is an LGBTQ+ owned beauty brand with a stunning line of glosses in every color imaginable. Their packaging is so amazing.

Hunter Faulkner Cosmetics

Brand Owner and Artist, @huntrfaulknr

Hunter Faulkner Cosmetics is a makeup brand created by content creator and MUA Hunter Faulkner. They have creative and beautiful products, including their stunning Witch Doctor Palette. They also have every accessory your heart could desire, including mirrors, sponges, and clip-on ring lights for your phone! They’re a black-owned and LGBTQ+ owned brand!

LGBTQ+ Owned Perfume


Fantome is a queer woman-owned brand that creates hand-blended, small-batch fragrances. They’re inspired by mythology, the paranormal, and magic. (a.k.a. all the things I love!)

Black Baccara

Black Baccara is founded by artist Kalliope Amorphous. With Victorian flair, they create stunning, handmade fragrances. They also offer ritual oils and some ephemera and antiques. Check out their limited-edition Pride fragrance called Love is Love.

Spirit + Venom

Spirit + Venom used to be Twisted Wonderland Perfumery before they rebranded. They offer beautiful fragrances and bath + body products. I love their fragrance Spirit, I find it to be a pretty excellent dupe to “Not a Perfume” by the brand Juliette Has a Gun.

Dryland Wilds

Dryland Wilds creates perfume blends, incenses, and beauty products inspired by the New Mexico Desert where the founders live. They forage for local plants to create their perfumes ethically and sustainably. They use pure extraction methods to capture the desert around them.

Nui Cobalt Designs

Nui Cobalt is one of our all-time favorite brands and the home of our Perfume Collaboration. You can purchase sample vials now, along with the full-sized fragrances, here. Nui Cobalt creates imaginative fragrance collections inspired by wildlife, animals, and magic. They also offer ritual blends and supplies, along with candles.

Sihaya + Co

lgbtq+ owned indie brand

Sihaya + Co creates a variety of fragrances, candles, bath + body products, and more. Their products are inspired by feminist history and magic. They also sell curated boxes in collaboration with other indie brands and makers. It’s an amazing way to sample new indie brands with a wide variety of products!

Little & Grim

lgbtq+ owned indie soap

Little & Grim makes the most stunning soap bars sculpted as duplicates of real Victorian mourning ephemera. They also offer hand-blended perfumes, all themed around death and ritual magic. Check out our brand profile on Little & Grim here!

Deconstructing Eden

lgbtq+ owned indie perfume brand

Deconstructing Eden is a vegan and cruelty-free perfume brand. They have one of the most stunning pride collections I’ve ever seen, with hand-blended fragrances for each color of the pride flag, named after what each color represents.

Area of Effect Perfumery

Area of Effect Perfumery is a game-themed indie fragrance brand. The scents are inspired by different video games and how they are imagined to smell! Their collections are themed after different gaming franchises like Fallout, Bioshock, Animal Crossing, and Assassin’s Creed.

LGBTQ+ Owned Candles

Bijou Candles

What do Dolly Parton, Cher, and Whitney Houston all have in common? Yes, they’re all iconic queens, but they also have their own candle fragrance at Bijou Candles. This LGBTQ+ woman-owned brand creates high-quality, beautiful candles themed after female icons.

Bell + Thread

Bell + Thread is a queer, Asian-owned indie brand that specializes in creating the cutest candles ever. They have realistic-looking Boba candles, succulent candles, cupcake candles, gummy bear candles, and pride bubble candles! They’re all so unique and beautiful, I want them all!

Smells Like

Smells Like is a Brooklyn Based candle brand that creates candles that smell like a specific place or memory. They have one called Smells Like a Teen Spirit, which is amazing.

LGBTQ+ Owned Bath + Body


Luvmilk has been a favorite bath and body brand of mine for years now. They have amazing fragrances, their packaging is so cute + fun, and they allow you to customize their products based on the fragrance and product you want. They also offer wax melts and fragrance sprays, and have a limited edition pride collection out now!

DeyaVu Apothecary

lgbtq+ bath and body products

DeyaVu offers hand-crafted bath products with a magical theme. They have a ton of bath bombs, scrubs, and body creams, and their solid bubble bars look good enough to eat! They also have special pride bath fizzies.

LGBTQ+ Owned Nail Polish

Red Panda Lacquer

lgbtq+ owned indie nail polish brand

Red Panda Lacquer is a fun and colorful indie nail polish brand with unique shades. They have a Lisa Frank-themed nail polish collection that I love! They also offer wax melts with hand-blended fragrances.

Leesha’s Lacquer

Photo by @nonbinarynails

Leesha’s Lacquer is a cruelty-free, vegan, and 5-free nail polish brand. They have so many stunning colors that you can’t find elsewhere. They’re indigenous-owned and have been open since 2013!

Lucky 13 Lacquer

lgbtq+ owned indie polish brand review

Lucky 13 Lacquer has absolutely stunning shades of nail polish with amazing themes like Greek Mythology. They opened in 2012, and have released over 300 shades since then!

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