9 Pagan Owned Home and Beauty Shops To Support

In one of my previous posts about perfumes, I wrote about my hometown witch shop that I spent my time at any chance I had, starting my love affair with Pagan owned businesses. There was something so alluring about that place that came from the authenticity of the owners. Subsequently, I’ve found similar solace in a number of Indie Brands that create everything from ritual tools to dish soap.

I’ve been a practicing Pagan before I fully knew what that was and I’ve always felt more energetically aligned to products made by other practitioners, whether traditional witchcraft supplies or otherwise. Therefore, I’ve put together a helpful list of 9 independently Pagan Owned Businesses that make beautiful things for your hearth and home. Enjoy!

9 Pagan Owned Indie Shops

1. Tamed Wild

I’m starting this list off with not just an independent brand, but an entire online marketplace of wares made by Pagans. Tamed Wild is a North Carolina-based witch shop that has their own line of candles and teas. They also stock other amazing indie brands, some of which are mentioned later in this article. As a result, Tamed Wild is a one stop shop for all your witchy needs, including Altar Cloths, Tarot Decks created by independent artists, monthly subscription boxes and more. They have an interesting collection of literature, including a book series on all the sabbats and kitchen witchery cookbooks. Best of all, they ship worldwide.

2. Archaic Honey

Archaic Honey offers many services, as well as a wildcrafted herbal remedy shop, Blood Moon Botanica. I’ve gone through a number of their products over the years and have loved every single one. The Pine Pitch Salve is amazing at drawing out impurities like clogged pores, or even splinters and ingrown hairs. The Moon Dew Serum is a plant-based Hyaluronic Acid serum that makes your skin plump and glowy. The shop owner, Britton, has an awesome Patreon and offers things like tarot readings, witchcraft online courses, and creative writing.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum from Archaic Honey Witch Shop

3. Sea Witch Botanicals

Sea Witch Botanicals is a Pacific Northwest based witch shop that focuses their efforts on low waste packaging and raising money for ocean preservation charities. I interviewed the owner a little while ago, you can check that out here. One of my favorite products is their zero waste dish soap bar. In my experience, it works better than traditional dish soap and smells divine – like fresh lemons. Secondly, their cosmetics and fragrances are unique and beautiful. They have an onyx black cream pigment that makes a unique contour and lip shade, or an editorial black glossy eye.

Incense from the Sea Witch Botanicals Shop

4. Witch Baby

Witch Baby is a classic favorite of mine, since before Indie Mood even existed! They also recently opened a brick and mortar witch shop in Cranford, New Jersey. They have really fun and functional products, such as their Rune Bath Bomb. After the bomb dissolves, the Rune Stone inside delivers a message for you. Their Psychic Body Butter is one of my all time favorites too. It smells divine and is so rich and moisturizing. Often, they put out limited edition collections for astrological signs, sabbats, and lunar events. If all that wasn’t enough, I also find their prices to be affordable for witches of all budgets.

The Storefront of Witch Baby Shop in Cranford New Jersey
Witch Baby’s Storefront in New Jersey

5. Cattail Apothecary

Cattail Apothecary is a botanical skincare and herbal medicine shop based in Southern Connecticut. In the realm of product photography, they have some of the best. Focusing on herbal tinctures, like their Echinacea Immunity Booster, they also offer skincare products like their Marshmallow Hibiscus facial oil. Aside from that, they offer a full catalogue of botanical first aid products on their site. You can purchase directly from their shop and they’re also available at Tamed Wild.

6. Black Bacarra

Next, we have another favorite of mine (they’re all my favorite, clearly) Black Bacarra. This brand is owned by an artist whose perfume oils and blends are just as mystifying as her art. Seasonal oil blends and bath soaks that coincide with Lunar Holidays and Sabbats are released regularly by her shop. The fragrance samples come in unique tins with vintage artwork on them. One of my favorite fragrances from her is Autumn in Salem, which is literally New England fall in a bottle. With time, the shop has expanded its wares to include magickal amulets, crystals, and vintage finds.

7. Belladonna’s Botanicals

Note: Belladonna’s Botanicals used to be called Restorative Aromatics but has rebranded. I recently found this witch shop, which has authentic and thoughtful botanical-based wares. The shop pertains specifically to traditional witchcraft supplies. The shop owner is a trained aromatherapist and herbalist. I have a variety of Spellfires and Flying Ointments from this shop, which are things I’d only ever read about in books before finding this shop.

I also appreciate the owner’s in depth explanation of every ingredient used for each product along with its purpose. Something like a flying ointment requires deep and detailed explanation before use, and this shop owner does a wonderful job with that.

Belladonna's Botanicals Spellfire from their Witch Shop

8. Anita Apothecary

My love for Anita Apothecary grows with every order I’ve placed. So much so that I’ve purchased gifts for my loved ones many times from it. I first discovered Anita Apothecary when my best friend purchased a Mercury Retrograde candle for the New Year with every date of the 2020 Mercury Retrogrades printed on the candle. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with this witch shop! Anita Apothecary is owned and operated by a mother-daughter duo, the shop is named after the daughter. I take a spoonful of their Elderberry Syrup every evening for immunity support and regularly use their ritual on-the-go kits. Their As Above So Below oil works as wonderfully as it smells and looks. Just take a look at their offerings and you’ll see what I mean. They’re as beautiful as they are practical for witches.

Anita Apothecary Witch Shop
My photo of my treasures from this witch shop

9. Wyther: Pagan Owned Jewelry Shop

Wyther has swayed me with their stunning handmade creations for about 2 years now. The brand owner draws inspiration from her cultural heritage, her experience as a hedgewitch, and most importantly, nature. The owner makes hand-beaded ritual strands and creates unique botanical perfumes. Aside from the fragrances and jewelry, they offer hand-poured candles and witchy antiques. You can use her jewelry as Memento Mori or a variety of other spell and shadow work. Recently, she released a line of earrings made to be more affordable than her complex ritual strands. This is an excellent Pagan owned brand to add to your jewelry and fragrance collection.

A photo I took of all my beautiful little sample bottles from Wyther

Hopefully after this list, you will have no shortage of Pagan-owned stores to peruse. That being said, there are countless others to discover, so never stop searching for the perfect witch shop! The core of most Pagan beliefs is respect for nature and for the freedom of others, and these shops truly embody that.

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