Ace Beaute: Brand Profile

I’ve got a lot of fond memories for my Ace Beaute palettes. When I first received them (as a gift for my birthday last year! :)), I swatched them live on our instagram. I still have the video saved to my phone. So, without further ado, here is a brand profile for one of my favorite indies!

My entire Ace Beaute collection! I have the entire Paradise Collection, the Flair Palette, and the Grandiose Palette.

Brand Name: Ace Beaute

Brand Based In: USA

Swatches of their newest release, the Flair palette.

Price Range: $10 (lashes) – $125 (palette bundle)

Shipping: worldwide shipping available, based on USPS prices

Swatches of the Grandiose palette!

Best-seller: Paradise Collection

Other: Cruelty Free

Swatches of the Paradise Fallen palette.
A look created with various shades from multiple palettes from the Paradise Collection.

Our thoughts: I own all the Ace Beaute palettes except for the Quintissential palette (it shares a lot of the shades from the Grandiose palette, which is why I haven’t picked it up), and I find myself reaching for these palettes all. the. time. I often pull out my Ace Beaute palettes while working with single shadows such as duochrome shadows or other unique metallics from other brands, and I also use them as supporting palettes to other smaller palettes. I can’t say that I reach for one palette over another, as they all serve a purpose within my collection.

A look Liv created on Alex, her girlfriend, using the Flair palette.

I love these palettes so much that I gifted Liv the Flair palette for Christmas, and it has become one of Liv’s favorite palettes! She has told me that she has to actively stop herself from reaching for it. I have to say, I’m quite proud of how well my gift-giving abilities pulled through there. 🙂

Liv created on herself using the Flair palette.

I absolutely love this formula. There was definitely a learning curve to it, though. When I first got the Paradise collection, I was still fairly new to using colorful eyeshadow, and the formula of these shadows is unique. The mattes are soft and creamy but also quite dense at the same time, so they can both be packed on the eye or built up slowly. You barely have to tap your brush in them to get pigment, too.

Swatches of the Slice of Paradise palette.

I have a few ways of working with the mattes from Ace Beaute. One is to start with the lightest shade – for example, the transition shade – and then gradually work my way to the darker colors. I find that this helps the darker colors blend into the lighter ones more quickly and seamlessly than other techniques I have tried. I prefer using this technique when I am using other shadows from other brands along with the Ace Beaute ones, and when I have set my base.

The other technique I like to use is to pack on the darker shades with a dense brush and then take a clean fluffy brush and blend out the edges. I make sure to clean the brush thoroughly when I switch from eye to eye. I find that this technique helps to blow out the color and create a beautiful gradient on the eye. It also helps me control the pigmentation of a shade so I don’t bring the color up too high towards my eyebrow.

Swatches of the Blossom Paradise palette.

I prefer using a wet base with these shadows when I am working with only the Ace Beaute formula, but when I pull in shadows from other brands, I prefer setting my base. Honestly, I’m not really sure why I do this, but it works for me!

The metallics are absolutely stunning. I usually pat them on my eye with a finger, or use the Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy with them. They are very unique shades as well. I love the shade Sunflower from the Classical Paradise palette in particular. I don’t see shimmery yellows very often!

Swatches of the Classical Paradise palette.

Finally, I would just like to rave about the Ace Beaute color stories for a second. I find the Ace Beaute palettes to be continuously inspiring to me, since the day I got them. I particularly love the Flair Palette, which I feel was made for me. All those muted fall shades… love! I was so excited when they released it, and I picked it up immediately (along with the extra one for Liv, lol!). I also love the balance in the Paradise Collection (a post with a comparison between similar shades in the collection is coming soon! I’ll link it here when it is up!). I can’t wait to see what else Ace Beaute will be releasing!

One more look! Used the Flair palette here!

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