Ace Beaute Paradise Collection: A Color Breakdown

If you have been following us for a while, you know how much I absolutely love the Ace Beaute Paradise Collection. All four palettes have become staples in my collection, and I find myself reaching for one palette or the other to supplement a look all the time.

When I first received the palettes, I asked y’all if it would be helpful for me to compare similar shadows throughout the collection to each other so y’all could decide which palette out of all of them would be the best addition to your collection. I thought it would be nice for y’all to have that same information here on the blog, where it is easier to access!

I split up the swatches into separate color stories and swatched shades in the same color story together as comparisons. Each shade is labeled with the palette it is from and its name.

Please note I used the following abbreviations for the palettes:

  • SoP: Slice of Paradise
  • CP: Classical Paradise
  • PF: Paradise Fallen
  • BP: Blossom Paradise

Without futher ado, here are the comparisons!

Dark Reds: This is the group with the most similarities of all. While all the shades are slightly different on my arm, Earth and Cypress Tree appear similar on the eye. The same goes for Lust and Soil. However, I personally do not mind this as I really love rusty reds such as these!

Reds: All three of the truer reds are quite different in my opinion. Red Rose is a vibrant, bright red; Desire is a true red; and Clay is a deeper red.

Oranges: All of the oranges are clearly different from each other. Carnation is a lighter, more pastel version of Passion Fruit, which makes them a great duo to pair together for blown-out looks!

Yellows: This is my favorite group of the bunch. All clearly different!

Pastels/Transitions: I included these to show the variety in “transition” type shades.

Purple Shimmers: These are two very distinct shades, one leaning more towards a cool purple and the other a more fuscia shade.

Pink Shimmers: While these are similar in tone, Eros is more of a metallic shimmer while Beauty is more satin in texture.

Pink Mattes: The bottom three shades are all close in tone to each other. I find, however, that they do have subtle differences in undertone and I pair them with different color combinations, depending on if I want a look to be cooler or warmer, more blue-toned or more red-toned.

Overall, I think Ace Beaute did an excellent job curating this collection. There is a bit of overlap, but I find that that overlap does not result in redundancy to the point where I find myself wishing that they did not include certain shades. Rather, I have use for every shade in the collection, and have indeed put almost every shade to use in a look (the only shades I really haven’t dipped into are the grays).

Please note that the pictures above do not represent the entire collection. To see the whole collection swatched, see our brand profile for Ace Beaute!

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