Ace Beaute Quintessential Palette: 3 Looks 1 Palette

I’m back with another 3 Looks 1 Palette! I’ve actually been really loving creating these because it has been forcing me to be creative with my own collection and get back into a creative space. This time, I am using the Ace Beaute Quintessential Palette, which is also a part of our onTUWI boutique! I figured that if we are telling y’all that we find these products to be great, we should be showing you why we like them, so here it is.

*This post is not sponsored, but the palette was gifted. This does not sway our review and all opinions are our own. Our onTUWI boutique is live until the end of March 2020; use code THEINDIEMOOD20 for 20% off (affiliate code). You can now also support us on Patreon!

You can also watch me do and talk through these looks on our latest IGTV video!

Ace Beaute Quintessential Palette

The formula on this palette is the same as the formula in the Ace Beaute Flair palette that I did a 3 Looks 1 palette with just a few weeks ago. AKA, really, really nice. The mattes blend wonderfully and build up on themselves, and the metallics are quite metallic (I do prefer to use the Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy with the metallic formula, which is true of basically all my shimmers).

Bold Lips and Liner

I wanted to start with a softer, easier look on the eyes paired with a bold lip, a look I have been really loving lately. I used the liner technique for hooded eyes that I learned from Katie Jane Hughes (she has so many great tutorials, y’all, highly recommend her page) with the shade Cinnamon. I then went over the inner half of the liner with the shade Manuka, just to add a fun dimension to the look.

Ace Beaute Quintessential Look 1

I paired it with my favorite bold lipstick, Eclectic Beauty Cosmetics Rose Red! Just a nice, classic, red lips and liner look.

Editorial Orange and Blue

Ace Beaute Quintessential Look 2

This look was an adventure. I knew I wanted to do these little blue stripes on my eyes, but I had no idea it would be so difficult to make them match. I ended up having to go in with a Q-tip and some makeup remover for way too long before I finally got them to match somewhat. Regardless, I started with a blown-out orange eye using the shades Clove, Tangerine, and Mandarin. You could totally stop at the orange smokey eye, but I added those blue stripes and a lower lash accent using the shade Juniper. If I were to do this look again, I would try it with the gold shade, Amber, as the accent instead. I think it would look really pretty paired with the orange.

Romantic Purple Eye

Valentine’s Day occurred during the time period that I was working on this blog post and the corresponding IGTV video, and I really, really wanted to do a nice, soft romantic eye with this palette. I know a lot of people have feelings about Valentine’s Day, but I’ve always seen it as a celebration of love, whether romantic or otherwise, and it is one of my favorite holidays (minus the consumerism, though – you don’t need to spend money to spend time with people you love!).

Ace Beaute Quintessential Look 3

I had used the purple/berry shades in this palette while Liv was in town and I absolutely adored how they looked on me, so I wanted to use a similar technique but blend in some neutrals as well. So, I came up with this look, and I absolutely LOVE. IT. It’s definitely my favorite look of the three. It is basically a halo eye but slanted towards the outer third of my eye, not just vertical. It elongates my eye and makes it slightly sexy while still keeping the overall look very easy and quick to do. 100% am putting this technique in my every-day repertoire, because I love the effect it gives.

For this look, I used the shade Rosewood to structure the eye, and then patted Manuka in the center. I also mixed Berry and Manuka together and smudged them along the lower lash line. And y’all, this look lasted probably a good 12 hours. So points there, as well.

And that’s everything! Once again, I didn’t use all the shades in the palette: I used 11 of the 16 shades in the palette to create these three looks, and they are all very different. If that doesn’t speak to the versatility of this palette, I’m not sure what could. Let me know what other palettes you want to see me do a 3 Looks 1 Palette with and I’ll do my best to comply!


  1. Doubledown Cosmetics | 22nd Feb 20

    Love how you used this pallet for all 3 looks. Each look is so unique and different and I bet if folks didn’t know that you only used 1 pallet, we would think that you used a multitude of products. So cool💛💜

    • admin | 22nd Feb 20

      I’m so glad you liked all of the looks! This is why I love doing 3 looks 1 palette! It shows just how versatile a palette can be 🙂

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