All My Indie Lip and Cheek Products (as of January 2020)

Hello everyone! If you have been following us for any amount of time, you will know that I absolutely adore multi-purpose products. Of these, my absolute favorites have to be lip and cheek products. The longest step in my routine is mascara, so I love being able to throw the same product onto my lips and cheeks to get the rest of my makeup done quickly. It also eliminates choice fatigue for me in the morning, which happens to me a lot when I’m half asleep doing my makeup in the dark at 6 AM in the morning before school. I don’t have zillions of these products, and I love all the ones that I do have, but still.

So, with that in mind, I wanted to do a thorough review of all of my indie lip and cheek products that I currently own. Trust me, every time I see another one it gets added to the wish list. That means the no-buy is going strong, but the wish list is forever getting longer. Plus, I have a feeling that this year will be the year of cream blushes and multi-purpose products. No regrets on the no-buy, though. Yet.

I’ll break down the list by brand and also mention the individual shade names I own if I have multiples from the same brand. Also, I am really only going to include products that are marketed as multi-purpose products. You can always slap a cream blush on your lips or your lipstick on your cheeks, which I do quite often, but I really wanted to highlight brands that recognize on their own that they don’t need to create seven different product categories within their line. These are in no particular order.

*This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own. All products were purchased by myself.

Fat and the Moon Lip Paints

Shades I own: Wood Nymph (neutral nude), Dusk (rosy nude), Mortar and Pestle (brick red orange), Hecate (deep brown red), Clay Idol (mustard orange)

Shades top to bottom: Wood Nymph, Dusk, Clay Idol, Mortar and Pestle, Hecate

I love these little guys. I always bring them with me when I travel (especially when it’s a short trip) because I can use them all over my face – eyes, lips, and cheeks. They are a pretty stiff cream formula, but they blend beautifully. Just be careful, because these are extremely pigmented. The first time I used Mortar and Pestle as a blush, I looked like I had been in a wind storm for half a day!

The formula is a bit more matte than the rest of the products here. I would say that it gives you a really nice satin finish on the lips and cheeks, particularly the three darker/more colorful shades. On the eyes, I find that the formula gets more dewy, likely because of the oils from my lids, and it also creases. But that’s fairly standard for a cream.

Olio e Osso Balms

Shades I own: No. 2 French Melon (soft coral), No. 5 Currant (plum), and No. 10 Tea Rose (warm rosy nude)

Shades top to bottom: No. 2 French Melon, No. 5 Currant, and No. 10 Tea Rose

Y’all. These are perfection. First of all, these have banished my chapped lips for good. Seriously. I was astounded. Turns out little ol’ Italian me just needed some olive oil in her life. Who woulda thought? But seriously, I love these. The shade Tea Rose in particular is perfect for day to day, and the formula is so easy to tap onto my cheeks for a perfect dewy flush. And it makes my lips look frickin’ amazing, if I do say so myself.

These have actually made me skin highlighter. Yep. They have this gorgeous dew that actually lasts pretty well, so I find that I don’t feel the need to add more highlighter on top, usually. They make me look so healthy, I am… okay, I hate using this word, but I’m obsessed.

Side note: Their body oil… omg. Just omg.

I don’t wear foundation, so I do find that these fade on me a little throughout the day because my skin soaks them up, so I generally tap them on my cheeks if I feel so inclined towards the five or six hour mark. Since I generally wear these on my lips and cheeks when I wear them, I always have them with me to reapply throughout the day on my lips, so it’s easy enough to tap them on my cheeks as well. Plus, they blend so wonderfully I don’t need a mirror to do it. Just tap, tap, tap and you’re good.

Linda Hallberg Fantasticks

Shades I own: Famous (neutral sheer nude)

Shade: Famous

This is another great one. First of all, I think the shade just happened to be really great for me. This is the only more neutral brown blush I own, and I love it. I went through about a fourth of the tube within the first month of having it because I just kept (keep) reaching for it. It also gives a wonderful dew to the skin, though I do wear highlighter with this one, and this formula lasts all day on me. Because it blends out so beautifully, it never becomes too much.

It’s also super comfortable on the lips, and it makes my lips look so plump. Something about this formula just fills them out so nicely. Absolutely gorgeous, and I definitely want to try more shades from Linda Hallberg’s line eventually.

Twinkle Apothecary Tints

Shades I own: Berry (soft berry)

Shade: Berry

This is such a nice, straight-forward tint. I mainly use it on my lips, so I can’t speak much to how it performs on the cheeks, but I love it for the lips. It’s uber moisturizing, and it gives a very flattering, soft, deep berry tint to them.

Rituel de Fille Creme Pigments

Shades I Own: Lust (medium rosy mauve)

Shade: Lust

This little sample is what got me into cream blushes. It showed me how easy they are to apply and blend out without going overboard, and the Rituel de Fille formula is truly beatiful. It gives the skin a more satin finish rather than dewy, and this is one of the most long-wearing cream products I own.

I also enjoy using the formula on my lips for a monochromatic look, but it’s not as moisturizing as other formulas I have used, so I mainly keep it to my cheeks when I’m not going for monochrome.

Tower 28 Beauty Beach Please Luminous Tinted Balms

Shades I own: Magic Hour (warm nude) and Golden Hour (warm orange)

Shades top to bottom: Magic Hour, Golden Hour

I adore these. Definitely multipurpose, but I tend to use them mostly on my cheeks. I’ve used Magic Hour in particular a ton, though I suspect that I will be using Golden Hour a lot over the summer. This formula is also one of my most long-lasting formulas, but it still blends beautifully into the skin. It’s a… satin dew formula. Not satin but not quite dewy either, so I usually wear highlighter (cream, of course) with it as well.

And that’s all of them! What are your favorite multi-purpose cream products? I’m on a no buy but I’m on the hunt for more of them to add to my wishlist and to watch reviews of and to swatch in stores (if possible) because I absolutely adore these types of products. I hope to see more indie brands come out with them!

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