Beauty Vaulte: Brand Profile

Beauty Vaulte’s line of lipsticks, glosses, and liners is just stunning. They have beautiful and unique shades that are really fun while still being “wearable.” When they reached out to send us some of their products, I got super excited! They let me choose which shades I wanted to try from their collection, and I ended up choosing four of their liquid lipsticks, two of their glosses, and one of their lip liners. After testing their products for quite a while, I am finally ready to publish their brand profile!

All of the Beauty Vaulte products I have!

Note: Products were sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.

Brand Located In: Fresno, California

Price Range: $6 (lip liner) – $50 (a set of matte liquid lips)

Swatches top to bottom: About Amie Lip Liner, Feeling Phoebe lip gloss, Airy Autumn lip gloss

Shipping: International shipping available

Best Sellers: Fudge Me, Send Nudes

Products to Check Out: The shade About Amie!

Other: Cruelty Free. Also, they donate 5% of their proceeds to organizations that support victims of domestic violence.

Swatches top to bottom: matte liquid lips in 143, Beau Babe, Jolly Julia, Ooo Olivia

Our Thoughts: As I have mentioned in other liquid lipstick reviews, I am very particular about the formula of my liquid lips. I prefer comfort over longevity as well as a thinner formula. I had to adjust a bit to using the liquid lipstick formula from Beauty Vaulte.

The first time I applied one, I put on wayyyyyy too much product, and the result was a very thick, heavy feeling on the lips. The next time I tried, I scraped off the excess product from the wand and went in with basically no product at all. This gave me exactly the type of formula I was looking for! (I was pretty relieved, lol!) The liquid lipsticks are extremely pigmented, so you don’t need much product to get an opaque lip, so I find that I can successfully apply almost no product and get a thing and comfortable layer on my lips without compromising on pigment. This method of application has allowed me to truly enjoy their beautiful shades (especially that bright red of theirs… *insert heart eyes emoji here*). It’s fitting that the two bright shades are called Jolly Julia and Ooo Olivia, lol!

Wearing Ooo Olivia!

The liquid lipsticks are fairly long-lasting as well. They hold up pretty well through eating, though I usually reapply anyways after I have eaten, and they don’t budge throughout the day.

I absolutely adore their gloss formula. My gloss preferences lean towards a thicker formula that doesn’t feel sticky, and these are exactly that. They are also really moisturizing, and both shades are absolutely stunning AND unique. I adore these glosses. I only wish they came out with a clear gloss so I could wear it for every day!

Wearing Airy Autumn gloss!

I also really love their lip pencil formula! I was really excited when I saw that Beauty Vaulte offered lip pencils – you don’t find many indies that offer them. I chose the shade About Amie with the intention of using it combined with all the other products, because it is a nice nude shade. I use it allllll the time now, but I do wish they had a more neutral shade to choose – perhaps a liner version of their shade “Send Nudes.”

Wearing About Amie liner topped with a clear gloss from another brand.

Overall, I really love the products from Beauty Vaulte. Something else that really impressed me right off the bat was their beautiful range. They managed to create a very unique range, in my opinion, with lots of options to choose from that don’t dupe many other shades, either within their own collection or in other brands’ collections. I can’t wait to see what else they release!

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