Bitter Lace Beauty: Brand Profile

Brand Name: Bitter Lace Beauty

Brand Located In: Las Vegas, Nevada

Price Range: $4.50 (clearance shades) – $243 (Black Magic Bundle)

Shipping: TAT is 1 -2 weeks. They ship internationally at your own risk. Orders over $100 ship free in the US.

Best Sellers: They created the first ever rainbow highlighter, and it’s absolutely stunning. It’s called prism and if you apply it correctly, you can have a full rainbow beam highlight.

Vegan? Cruelty Free?: They are Cruelty Free and have Vegan options.

Our Thoughts:

This has been a brand that I’ve been wanting to try for such a long time. Their products always struck me completely unique and magical looking. They press their highlighters with stunning plates that leave intricate designs, and each collection has a variety of different designs. Also, the pans are HUGE – 44mm. Some of them smell amazing, depending on the collection. They offer an unscented option for people who dislike or are irritated by scented makeup. I’ll break them down by groups and collections!

Unicorn Dreams

From Top to Bottom: Fantasy, Sunbeam, Stardust, Lucky, Luna, Celestial, Bloodlust, Snapped, Prism, Afterglow, Moonbow.

The Unicorn Dreams collection reminds of the bright, rainbow Unicorn artwork from Lisa Frank. These are really fun colored highlighters, that remind me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit but way better because they’re not chalky glitter bombs. They’re so smooth and buttery, with no glitter, only pure light reflecting shine. They’re the more pigmented of the brightly colored highlighters, and these are definitely more of a bold, colorful choice.

I also swatched all three of the rainbow highlighters here. As you can see, they’re absolutely stunning. If you use your finger to apply them and keep the stripes of color intact, you can keep the perfect rainbow wherever you put them on the skin. Here is a look I did with Prism:

Chrombow was a super limited black based rainbow highlighter / eyeshadow. This is the goth version of Prism, and I love it. Afterglow went with the Mermaid Dreams collection, and is a pastel rainbow.

I also swatched Bloodlust, which was a limited edition Valentine’s Day Shade, and Snapped, which was a past halloween shade, and the pan looks like a blood spatter. These two are what initially caught my attention to this brand. I love horror and blood, as well as vampires and deep red shades. These are both stunning. When you apply snapped like a highlighter, it blends together to be a dusty rose shade. Bloodlust is a dark, deep red, so it could be used as a blush / highlighter on deep skin, but I’ve used it as an eyeshadow and loved it.

Mermaid Dreams

Top to bottom: Sea Spray, Life is the Bubbles, Shell me About it, Starfish Wishes, Coral Cove, Copper Sea, Mermaid Tears, Poor Unfortunate Souls, Buried Treasure, Grey Stuff, Calypso.

This collection is so fun and varying. They all smell like sweet coconut sunscreen, in the best way. I just want to sniff them all day long. This collection has a wide variety of shades for every skin tone. Sea Spray and Life is Bubbles are magical shifting colors with a transparent base, so they could transform other shades or be worn on their own. Starfish Wishes and Coral Cove would look stunning on medium skin tones. “Grey Stuff” would look incredible on deep, cool undertoned skin. All of these could also be used as eyeshadows, inner corner or brow bone shades, or transformers for other eyeshadows. This is the most unique and varied collection of highlighters that Bitter Lace offers.

Crystal Gem-Lighters and Diamond Transformers

Top to bottom: Rose Quartz, Citrine, Peridot, Aquamarine, Amethyst, and Rewrite the Stars
From top to bottom: White Diamond, Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond, Pink Diamond

I’m so in love with the crystal gem lighters. They’re also fun colors like the Unicorn Dreams Collection, but they’re much more soft and ethereal. The pans have white and shimmer veining in them, just like real crystals. They’ve been infused with the energy of the crystal they represent, and each one has a meaning. I personally work with crystals a lot in my personal time, so being able to match my highlighter with whatever I’m feeling or need that day is such a fun concept to me. These are really reflective with a transparent base, as you can see in the outdoor lighting swatches.

Rewrite the Stars is one of their core highlighters, it’s a multichrome that shifts between lavender, blue, gold, and green – it’s so stunning. I’ve been wearing this one a lot because the shift is so magical, but it also blends beautifully into the skin.

The Diamond Transformers totally exceeded my expectations, which were already super high. When Bitter Lace Beauty announced these new transformer highlight toppers, I was so excited. I’m the kind of person that loves a super dramatic highlight and likes to layer highlighters on top of each other, so this is definitely a product made for me. These are SO beyond stunning. They are completely transparent but blinding as heck, so when you turn your head it goes from looking like nothing to looking like a completely metallic, perfect finish. You can layer these on top of any highlighter to transform the color and make it look more dewy and shining. These are definitely what I would call a wet looking highlighter. Here is a look I did with the Pink Diamond Transformer:


This brand is truly what Indies are all about for me. Every single product is lovingly handmade and delicately pressed with beautiful patterns. The products are so inspired and fun, and completely original. The fact that they were the first people to come up with the idea of the Rainbow Highlighter shows that they’re creative. These are collectible display items to me, they’re so beautiful. They’re like works of art. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re also so pretty and high quality. They’re so illuminating and blinding as highlighters and last all day, as well as blending beautifully with the skin. They have a wide variety of shades and varieties of highlighters for every skin tone out there. I truly have nothing bad to say about Bitter Lace. I can’t wait to see what magical beauties they come up with next.

These items were send to me for review, but all opinions are my own.

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