Brand Profile and Review: Wildcraft Care

This brand profile and review has been a long time coming! Giulia and I both fell in love with this brand from the very start, when we met them at Indie Beauty Expo LA in January. During the expo, they both gave us little bags of samples of their product line, and from then on, we were hooked. We even filmed a video of our first impressions trying the products here. Months later, after the expo, Wildcraft reached out to us and sent us their product line in full sizes, which was a dream come true for both Giulia and myself. In early March, I went to stay at my friends house in Rhode Island, not knowing when I’d be able to leave, and my collection of Wildcraft products was the only skincare I brought. I’ve been using their products daily for almost 4 months. Here is more about the brand and why I love them!

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Brand name: Wildcraft Care

Brand Located In: Toronto, Canada

Price Range: A part of Wildcraft’s brand mission is to keep natural skincare affordable. All of their products are priced under $35 USD. They offer $15 sample kits with a range of products for different skin types.

Shipping: They have an extensive page of info on their shipping policies here. All orders over $35 USD ship for free in the US. Orders under $35 have a flat rate shipping cost of $12. They don’t offer shipping outside the US and Canada, but hope to offer it soon.

Products to Check Out: My all time favorite product from them, which I’ve already repurchased, is their toner mist. I prefer the Bergamot Rose one, but they’re both fantastic. I used them night and day after cleansing. They’re just so refreshing and seem to hydrate my skin in the nicest way.

Other: Their products are handmade and 100% natural. They’re vegan and cruelty free. They’re very low waste and close to zero waste, all of their products come in glass containers. (beautiful and chic frosted glass, might I add)

I drool over their packaging!


I’ll review based on the order of my routine including every product I’ve tried, starting with their cleansers. Let me note that I don’t think both of these are necessary by any means if you’re trying to build a routine. I just wanted to try both. One is more of a traditional makeup remover and the other is purely an oil cleanse.

Cleanse Makeup Remover: This is a product I’ll definitely be repurchasing. I bought the small size because I was just curious to try it, as I’ve never tried a natural makeup remover that wasn’t an oil cleanser. This is very gentle, I just shake the bottle and pour some on a reusable cotton round (mine are from daily concepts) and wipe all the makeup off. This does a great job of removing daily makeup, but it’s not super strong, so I don’t think it would be effective in removing really heavy or glittery makeup. It does have oils in it but it’s more of a tonic. There are tons of lovely ingredients like rose petals, honey, and chamomile in this that make it really soothing. My face feels really refreshed after using it.

Wash Oil Cleanser: This is an awesome oil cleanser, one of the best I’ve used. It’s an oil cleanser that requires a warm washcloth, as it doesn’t turn milky and come off with water, it’s just straight up oil. I love cleansers like that but if I’m being honest, I always end up not using them very often because I’m lazy and don’t want to clean a bunch of washcloths all the time. As of right now, I don’t have a washer or dryer in my small New York apartment, so it’s a hassle to do laundry and I try to do it as little as possible. That being said, this really takes off all your makeup easily and taking a warm, damp washcloth to the face after really feels amazing. If you’re a fan of a good ol’ fashioned oil cleanser, you’ll like this one.

Buff Face and Body Scrub: I use this more so on my body rather than my face, although I have used it on my face once or twice. If you have oily skin, this might be a better fit for you, but as a dry skin person, I tend to avoid abrasive exfoliants so I don’t end up looking like a dusty ass mummy the next day. This smells nice and minty, you just pour a bit into your hands and rub it on damp skin. It does make my skin nice and soft after using it. It’s important to note that this isn’t a soap or cleanser, just a natural exfoliant. You could definitely mix it up with body wash in the shower.

Buff Face and Body Scrub

Bergamot Rose Toner: As I said before, this is definitely my favorite product, and I’ve already repurchased it. There are two varieties, this one, and a Geranium Orange Blossom version. I’ve tried both and they’re both awesome, I just like the Bergamot Rose a bit better. They feel very refreshing on the skin, it comes with a spritz mister but you could also spray it directly onto a cotton pad and use it that way. They both have witch hazel and aloe in them, which just makes my skin so clean and refreshed feeling. The scents are very light and natural, as these are made with natural hydrosols. This is a new staple for me, and I used to roll my eyes at mists!

Face Serum: This is a 100% oil serum, so it could also be considered a face oil. It’s made of a bunch of lovely oils, including seabuckthorn, meadowfoam seed, rosehip seed, and other soothing and nourishing oils. This also has frankincense and palmarosa oils in it, which gives it a really lovely scent. I put this on at night before my moisturizer.

Renew Eye Serum: This has become a staple product for me along with some of the others in this review. This is also Giulia’s favorite product from everything Wildcraft offers. It’s an awesome eye serum, and the applicator is so nice. It has a metal rolling ball and a glass container, the rolling ball feels really nice and cooling on my skin. This absorbs and really hydrates the delicate area around the eyes. It has turmeric which is known to reduce inflammation, and yarrow root, along with other nourishing oils. I use it both morning and night.

Lavender Chamomile Face Lotion: This is my daytime moisturizer, and it’s the bomb. It’s calming to the skin and senses, as the fragrance of both lavender and chamomile are relaxing. It smells natural and not overly scented which is great. This is much lighter than their creams, and sinks into the skin quickly while still being hydrating. This works great under makeup for a plumped and hydrated canvas.

Bergamot Rose Face Cream: This is my moisturizer at night, and my last step after everything else. I remember the first time I slathered this on with Giulia in LA, right after the IBE expo, and I immediately fell in love. Dehydration is such an issue with my skin, and this immediately felt like a cloud of moisture just enveloping my skin. It’s so thick but still absorbs somehow, while also being just emollient enough to lock in any serums underneath it so really soak in overnight. The smell, like all of their products, is natural but pretty and not overbearing at all.

All Purpose Salve: I purchased this product for my hands, which are always cracked and dry, and recently scratched up from playing with my foster kitten. This stuff quite literally works overnight. I apply it all over my hands and cuticles before bed (I literally go to bed like an oiled dolphin these days) and I wake up with more hydrated and less cracked hands. I’m sure this is due to hydration and not some wildcraft magic, but it seems that my little scratches heal faster and the scars fade quicker with regular use of this. It’s hydrated my lizard elbows too! The metal tin is always a plus for me too.

Product shot of Wildcraft Skincare together
Their Zero Waste Packaging has really stole my heart

Final Thoughts:

Anyone around me for the past few months knows how obsessed I am with this brand. I’ve never been “into” skincare the same way I have with makeup, but recently that’s changed with brands like this. I think it’s because before I was trying retinoids and acids and other harsh things that left my dry skin worse, and never tried anything simple like this. Different things work for different people, and I’m by no means a skincare expert, but my skin seems to like more natural and botanical based products. I’ve been using my Indie Goat Soap cleanser bars for almost 2 years now, and every time I get curious and switch cleansers, I regret it and go back. This brand is my first true skincare love and I will continue to use and repurchase these products.

Shelfie of all my wildcare products
My bathroom shelf speaks for itself and my love of Wildcraft

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