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I’ve had my eye on Emme Cosmetics for a while – their single eyeshadows are so beyond stunning and unique. Everytime they release something new, we get so much positive feedback on the posts, especially when we posted their new single shade – Periwinkle – which was one of our most liked posts ever!

All their products are painstakingly handmade and hand pressed, and their individuality shines through in their products. They’ve been on my list for so long, but because of the long term low buy I’m on, along with the fact that I do not need anymore eyeshadows, I’ve held off for sometime. Needless to say, I was over the moon when they offered to send us some product to review. Here is the brand profile and review of everything I’ve tried from Emme Cosmetics.

Note: Products were sent to me for review. All opinions are my own. Emme Cosmetics gave us a code – INDIEMOOD15 – for 15% off but it expires February 27th, 2020. This is not affiliated, meaning we don’t earn any commissions on the use of this code, it’s just to share with our followers.

Brand Located In: Kitchener, Canada

Price Range: $3.77 USD, $5 CAD (brush), $6.03 USD, $8 CAD (single shadow) – ~$90 – $150 USD (fully customized 15 pan palette depending on eyeshadows selected)

Shipping: International shipping available

Best Sellers: Urban Fairy and Unexpected Single Eyeshadows

Products to Check Out: Their really adorable and unique handmade palette – Butterfly Love. It’s a permanent item too!

Other: Handmade, cruelty free, mostly vegan and marked if otherwise


Let me just start by saying I am blown away by every single shadow, that’s a simple fact. After a week of using them every day and swatching them, every single shade performs beautifully, lasts all day, blends wonderfully, and just looks great. Even the highlighters are stunning and have transparent bases, so they do that *thing* where your highlight is subtle straight on and when you turn into the light it’s like BAM! They’d look good on a wide variety of skin tones and are just so beautiful. They catch the light and glow without any hint of glitter or sparkle. Let’s break it down with some swatches and looks.

Matte Eyeshadows: Their mattes are SO pigmented while still having the ability to blend well. I think it’s shown pretty well in this creative look I did using the shades Olivia and Palm Tree. It was so easy to blend the shades into others and blow them out into my temple and cheekbones.

Shimmer Eyeshadows: The shimmers are out of this WORLD. You literally just have to tap your finger on them and you get a full, buttery swatch or application to the lid. You can use a brush without wetting it for a softer finish. The shimmer shades are so unique, especially shades like Urban Fairy, which is a lavender with a grungy grey flip. Also, Egypt is such a droolworthy gold like I’ve never seen before. It’s almost green, almost bronze, just so beautiful.

Pressed Glitter: The two pressed glitter shades enchanted and earth go on so smoothly, almost like an eyeshadow. They’re so iridescent and almost transparent but so magical when the light hits them. They stay on wonderfully without any type of glitter glue, just regular eyeshadow primer. Capricious is a loose eyeshadow glitter combo, and its stunning. It definitely needs a base of color but it’s super shifty and cool.

Highlighters: Their highlighters are STUNNING. They’re extremely sheer but also glowy as heck, because the base is transparent and there’s no glitter. This means you can have it be very subtle or build it to be glazed donut status. When I saw the shade peach pearl, I was wondering if it would be too dark for me, but when I put it on, I was blown away. It would be a cool champagne glow on virtually any skin tone which is amazing.

Swatch Stencils and Palette: All the stencils that are leaves are from Emme, and they were great! They were the perfect amount of thin to peel off easy, with a good amount of space around the borders so that you don’t get that annoying line on the edge when you peel the stencil off. The customizable palette is one of the nicest ones I’ve ever had. It’s really sturdy but also thin, with a nice mirror. You know a nice mirror when you see it, amiright?!


I was blown away by every single product I tried from Emme Cosmetics. The care put into every single handmade product is so apparent, and they have shades that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Even the way they shipped everything was with pristine care and packaging so nothing would break. I get excited to use these every day because there are so many looks I could do with these shadows, and they’re all going to look amazing because of the quality. They’re definitely products that I will treasure and continue to use, and that stand apart in my makeup collection.

The code INDIEMOOD15 will be valid until February 27th, 2020 for 15% off, which is not affiliated, meaning we do not make commission off the use of the code! None of the links in this post are affiliated.

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