Can the Silvon Pillowcase Give You Beautiful Skin?

The first time I heard about antimicrobial fabric was years ago when Bombas was first on Shark Tank, selling its buy-one-give-one sock model. The donated socks were specially designed for people who didn’t have the privilege of washing their clothes every day. They were made with an antimicrobial fiber that didn’t get stinky as easily, and kept bacterial infections at bay.

My Adventures with Antimicrobial Fabric

They were also tough and long-lasting. It sounded too good to be true, although I was hopeful because bacteria-killing fabric could have so many incredible benefits. The idea of an antimicrobial fabric like the Silvon pillowcase never crossed my mind, but what a genius idea.

Silvon Pillowcase Review

Flash forward a few years later, and I was planning a summer of backpacking in Minnesota. I came across Darn Tough Vermont socks that touted the same antimicrobial qualities to keep stink at bay. I would be in back-country trails without running water for weeks at a time, so I decided to invest the hefty $23 on socks.

They worked, lasted me the entire summer, and made many of my camping comrades jealous. I would wash one pair while I wore the other pair, then switched all summer. Minimal stink, ultimate comfort, and light on the camping pack.

When Silvon reached out to ask us to review their anti-acne pillowcase, I was thrilled. I was already familiar with the concept of antimicrobial fabric but had never thought of it in this context. Previously, I flipped and cleaned my pillowcases. I knew that the oils and sweat released while sleeping could cause acne. It seemed like an awesome concept, and I was excited to try it out.

The Silvon Pillowcase

The Silvon Pillowcase is made of 93% Supima Cotton and 7% Ionic Silver Yarn. The silver is what repels the bacteria; there are no chemicals or additives in the pillowcase that make it antimicrobial. This means you can wash it over and over without worrying about its anti-germ functionality fading. The cotton itself is Supima, a long-staple cotton fiber grown in the US. It is considered the softest cotton in the world. It’s also incredibly strong and durable, so you can expect it to last a long time. The silver yarn is thinner than a single hair, so it doesn’t affect the softness of the fabric.

The brand also offers other products on their site including sheet sets, duvet covers, towel sets, and their newest product – face masks. Honestly, the fabric of the pillowcase is so soft that I would purchase the sheets and towels if they were in my price range, antimicrobial or not. They come in a variety of colors, from crisp white to baby blue, with a grey and sand shade as well.

Dermatologist Recommended

In terms of their dermatological claims, they have a statement on their website describing their vetting process.

“Silvon relies on the oligodynamic effects of natural silver, a well regarded antibacterial property that destroys bacteria cells. The medical community has used antimicrobial silver for years. It has been verified by a decade of testing at research institutions including Pennsylvania State University and Cornell University.

Our clinical research is led by a US lab that runs trials for top pharmaceutical and medical device companies. 

Silvon fabrics are exposed to a wide range of bacteria. The antimicrobial activity is closely monitored and measured. All Silvon products have received the highest antimicrobial certifications. Furthermore, Silvon fabrics are tested against specific bacteria linked to acne and skin health. Silvon fabrics are proven to reduce Propionibacterium acnes by 99.97%.”

My Review of the Silvon Pillowcase

I’ve been using the Silvon Pillowcase for about 3 months now. I was impressed by how soft the pillowcase is and was immediately excited to sleep on it that evening because it was heavenly and cool to the touch. I have a very specific pillow that I always sleep with that supports my neck because I sleep on my side, and it fit perfectly. Satin pillowcases were my method to keeping my hair from getting tangled as I slept prior to the Silvon pillowcase. I didn’t notice any change with my hair, and if anything, I felt that my hair was softer upon waking with the Silvon pillowcase than it was before.

Aside from the pillowcase being a heavenly level of soft and breathable, the pillowcase does what it claims to do as far as I can tell. I’ve had the pillow for about 3 months now and have washed it 5-6 times, and haven’t seen a decrease in quality or softness. My skin feels refreshed and clean in the morning upon waking, and I look forward to sleeping on it at night because it feels so nice on my skin. I couldn’t see myself returning to another pillowcase after trying this one.

So… Does It Work?

It’s hard for me to say if the Silvon Pillowcase has directly effected my acne or lack thereof. I can say that since I’ve been using this pillowcase, since early June of 2020, my skin has been pretty good. I have had very minimal breakouts and blemishes. That being said, I work hard to take care of my skin on a daily basis by keeping it clean, eating a healthy diet, and staying hydrated.

I personally feel that my skin feels cleaner and less greasy when I sleep on this pillowcase. It’s enough so that when I went to visit my girlfriend recently, I brought the pillowcase so I could sleep with it at her house, too. I think the silver threads that give it an antibacterial quality are great, but I also think the cotton is really high-quality and just feels nice on the skin. Overall, I love the pillowcase and would invest in the sheets and towels, too.

Silvon Pillowcase Review

This post is not sponsored, but the brand sent the pillowcase for review purposes. All opinions are our own. The amazon links are affiliated, which means if you use them to purchase something you support our blog at no additional cost to you. If you enjoyed this review, check out our Ritology Zero Waste Razor Review.

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