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If there were an Indie Bath and Body brand equivalent to the Rococo period, this would be it. Think fluffy clouds, rosy cheeked cherubs, sugary cream puffs, and idyllic pink skies. Cocoa Pink is the queen of all Gourmands, with fragrances that make your mouth water. Remember in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, when he took a bath in the fancy Prefect’s Bathroom? There were dozens of ornate faucets that would spout out the sweetest aromas that swirled and sparkled. In my imagination, that’s what the Cocoa Pink workshop looks like. Here is a bit more about the brand:

Name of Brand: Cocoa Pink Bath & Body

Location: Georgia

Price Range: $5.50 (perfume sample vials) – $48 (2oz perfume spray)

Shipping Information: They ship internationally and their turnaround time is always listed at the top of their page.

Product they are most known for: The most realistic gourmand perfumes you will ever smell.

Products to check out: The dry oil has just about changed my life and made my skin baby smooth and smell like a vanilla cloud.

Cruelty free? Natural brand?  Cruelty free, handmade to order, woman owned business. 


*These products were complimentary for review*

The Cocoa Pink Bath and Body products are some of the best I’ve tried in my life. I have dry, eczema prone skin that worsens in the winter. After a week of using the cozy blanket dry oil spray, my skin is softer and more hydrated. The Cocoa Mango Body Butter (scent: black widow) is luxurious and hydrating, the moisture lasts a few days, but it absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn’t leave you sticky or greasy. The Soft Bubbles Sugar Scrub (scent: Black cat in the pumpkin patch) is such a unique product, it’s cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating, all at the same time. All three of these smell beautiful and not overpowering at all, but the scent lasts pleasantly on the skin. I take a shower at night, spray in the dry oil, go to bed, and wake up with soft skin that smells REALLY good. I can’t recommend these products enough.

Scent Review:


Site Description: Holy incense and unholy smoke wreathe this hard-fighting, hard-drinking preacher, a little bit of good and a whole lotta bad: Frankincense, ambergris*, dark musk, patchouli, oud, smoke accord, vetiver, tobacco, bourbon, neroli, balsam, and sandalwood.  *vegan

Wet on the Skin: Oh yeah baby, it’s that spicy church incense that I love mixed with that dark, earthy patchouli that I love even more.

Dried Down: This is dark and sexy. This ambergris isn’t synthetic at all, and just adds the illusion of human musk mixed with all these smokey incense scents.

Overall: This is a second favorite to Grail Industries. I love how the balsam adds a feeling of being in the woods to all the incense, like a forest ritual is taking place. The tobacco adds a masculinity that I also enjoy. I’ll be wearing this one when I want to be dark and mysterious.

Monster Swamp:

Site Description: The cold, green waters of Angelville Swamp, overgrown with water lilies and choked by mosses. An empty coffin. The ghost of generator fumes still haunt the air.

Wet on the Skin: Woooo that’s a strong aquatic. I don’t smell anything other than *that aquatic note* until it settles a bit.

Dried Down: Now the aquatic mingles with moss and a slight floral, which I’m guessing is the lilies. It’s not headachy but a bit powdery. There is a little bit of a nauseating undertone though, I think that’s the ‘fumes’.

Overall: This warms into the skin nicely to be a clean aquatic. If you like sporty or summery scents, you’ll like this one. There isn’t much too it besides water and a bit of greenery.

October in Provence:

Site Description: A scent reminiscent of sweet Musque de Provence (or ‘fairy tale’) pumpkin baking in the oven as the sun sets over fields of lavender, and the last heat of Autumn warms the dark, incensey soils of Southern France. A ribbon of woodsmoke rises in the valley, and a sweet hint of the patisserie is carried on the breeze.

Wet on the Skin: Ack. Not my favorite. This is a sickeningly sweet gourmand. It’s like if you distilled pure pumpkin spice latte syrup into a magnified reduction.

Dried Down: A toasty pumpkin gourmand. It calms down a bit one it’s dried but it’s still overwhelming to me. You know that feeling where you eat way too much cake and you start to almost get dizzy? If you really love sugary sweet gourmands, you must try this one.

Overall: This is definitely a sweet, fall scent. The later notes of incense, smoke, and lavender are forgotten underneath the overwhelming patisserie sweetness.

Grail Industries:

Site Description: The most secret organization and their chilling mission: Shafts of pure white musk illuminate crisp, white cotton, rarefied air with a drop of tart fruits. Cool tones of sandalwood herald rising clouds of sacred frankincense and myrrh.

Wet on the Skin: Oh oh ohhhh clean laundry! I already love this.

Dried Down: Hello new and unexpected fave. The white musk and clean cotton scents together make an almost mouth watering clean human scent. If I met a human who smelled like this I’d marry them on the spot.

Overall: I will DEFINITELY continue to wear this and purchase a full size. It’s so sweet and light and clean in the most natural way. The fruit, sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh are so subtle but set this apart from just a ‘clean laundry’ scent. This is by far my favorite of the bunch.

Angel of Mumbai Sky Tower:

Site Description: A heartbroken angel finds a new life on the stage: Green and black teas sweetened with creamy coconut milk and warm amber; notes of incense come to life with myrrh and nag champa, then darken with smoky oud.

Wet on the Skin: The spicy, creamy scent of milky tea and incense are overpowering at first.

Dried Down: There’s a cream note throughout Cocoa Pink’s library that’s very identifiable. As it settles down, the warmth and familiarity of the amber shows through. This is a warm, comfy scent, and definitely reminds me of my local Russian bakery.

Overall: This is such a sweet, warm scent. The oud remains long after everything else, and adds a mystery to it. This isn’t something I’d pick, but I will definitely be wearing this! A good reminder to go out of your comfort zone.

Overall, Cocoa Pink is a really awesome brand with a huge scent catalogue and tons of options for high quality bath and body products. I’ve been using everything regularly for about a month, and the bath products are super luxorious. I highly recommend, and will be trying more in the future!

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