We chat with Yetunde Alabi, the founder of Majenye, about creating her bath and body brand powered by crystal magic and creativity

Majenye is a stunning vegan, cruelty-free skincare, haircare, and body care brand inspired by the magic of crystals. Their products are infused with them! Owned by Yetunde Alabi, also known as Majenye, the products are as beautiful as they are nourishing, and are created with the creativity of a true artist! I’ve been using their shampoo and conditioner bars and my curls love them. They also smell incredible.

We had the opportunity to interview the founder of this one-of-a-kind indie beauty brand. We chatted about everything from inspiration, to the sustainable coconut-based wax they use in their candles. Read on for an interview that will nourish your body and soul!

How did you decide to name your brand Majenye? It’s a beautiful name that matches the aura of the brand!

The name Majenye” is actually inspired by one of my favorite childhood anime TV shows, “Dragon Ball Z.” It’s a play on Majin Buu, one of the characters on the show that possesses powerful healing abilities. I shortened it and incorporated “ye” at the end because that’s one of my nicknames. 

How long have crystals been a part of your life? Did you always know you wanted to incorporate crystals into your brand?

I’ve been using crystals and being intentional about my energy my whole life. But, over the last 8 years, I really started to dive deeper into my spirituality, and crystals in particular. I also burn herbs and flowers, including lavender, roses, sage, and palo santo, to clear my energy and my aura. I wanted to include crystals in my products because my goal was to create a brand that can not only be a part of a skincare routine, but also a ritual. Each product has its own set of intentions, and using them is an active act of self-care–something we all need to keep us grounded and balanced. 

I know this is a really hard question, but if you could choose one favorite crystal, what would it be?

Selenite is my favorite crystal. I love how translucent and beautiful it is, and more importantly, all the benefits that come with using it. Traditionally, selenite promotes mental clarity, removes negative energy, enhances clairvoyant abilities, and it calms the spirit. 

(Note from Liv: Selenite is my favorite, too! I have wands of it around the house to direct and clarify the energy in my space. I love it!)

Your brand has a poetic and creative vibe that I love. Do you consider yourself an artist when it comes to crafting your products? 

Yes! I am a true artist at heart: I’m a dancer, painter, and I love creating new things. With each product, I make sure that I am creating with an intention that is fresh and innovative. 

The founder of Majenye at Whole Foods, where her products are now stocked!

What’s your best-selling product? Which product do you feel needs more love?

My best-selling product is the Bombshell, our luxurious whipped soufflé that’s perfect for keeping the skin supple all year round. Luminescent, our facial oil, is an underrated product that is actually amazing at addressing several skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, large pores, and more. 

Your candles are poured with a wax I’ve never seen before! Could you tell me more about Coco Apricot Crème wax and why you decided to go with that instead of other traditional candle wax?

Coco Apricot Crème wax candles are the next wave of sustainable home fragrance. Unlike soy wax, coconuts are sustainably and ethically produced without GMOs. They are a crop grown without harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Coconut wax candles have a slow and clean burn that doesn’t emit harmful chemicals into your lungs. (You’re welcome!) They also have a better scent throw than other waxes. What does that mean? Well, they can fill up the room! 

Majenye is 100% vegan and cruelty-free! Do you find it difficult to adhere to those standards when it comes to ingredients and manufacturing?

It’s actually really easy to keep the brand ethos if that is the foundation of your company. A lot of other companies have been using animal by-products and parabens historically, and are now making the shift due to consumer pressure. It’s really second nature to me. I do not even consider non-ethical ingredient sources or any ingredients that are not plant-based. It is important to me that I uphold the brand’s integrity, as well as provide a safe space for vegans to enjoy my products as well. 

“I created the zero-waste shampoo and conditioner bars because I have not seen any on the market that were specifically formulated for Black women with natural hair. I started my natural hair journey about 8 years ago, and I had to find products that worked for my curl pattern, porosity, and texture.”

Yetunde Alabi, the founder of Majenye

I absolutely love shampoo and conditioner bars because of the zero-waste aspect and for the convenience when traveling, and your hair souffles really catch my eye. There is a lack of representation and product formulation for natural hair, especially for people of color. You’re offering something so essential in the Indie Beauty space! Could you tell me more about the creation process for that product?

I created the zero-waste shampoo and conditioner bars because I have not seen any on the market that were specifically formulated for Black women with natural hair. I started my natural hair journey about 8 years ago, and I had to find products that worked for my curl pattern, porosity, and texture. I took the time to curate the ingredients in such a way that the curly-haired community could have the convenience of not dealing with large shampoo bottles in the shower. I’m also an avid traveler and have found it so convenient to pack my shampoo and conditioner bars without worrying about TSA liquid restrictions.

Your fragrances are so unique and all sound amazing. What inspires your scents?

I wanted to create scents that spoke to the different moods we all have. Each candle is meant to transport you to a different place, and inspire a new memory. When Pink Sands is lit, the tropical scents will make you feel like you’re at a beach with a fruity smoothie in hand. Sweet Memories is a blend of florals meant to make you feel like you’re sitting in the middle of a garden of jasmine, peonies, and roses. Before I select the scents for any candle, I consider exactly how I want to feel as I waft it in the room. 

My last question is my favorite to ask brand founders! What is your vision for Majenye? Where do you see the brand in 5 years?

My vision for Majenye is to introduce people to the ritual that is skincare. I want people to be more cognizant of curating their energy and the tools at their disposal to do so. By sharing my love of crystals with the world, I can bring a little bit of joy into a world that can oftentimes be relentless. In 5 years, I see Majenye growing its retail sector and creating sustainable wages for women in Nigeria and Ghana that harvest shea butter–one of our most key ingredients. Hopefully, Majenye will be a key component of self-care routines all over the world. 

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