Dawn Eyes Cosmetics: Brand Profile

Name of Brand: Dawn Eyes Cosmetics

Location: Missouri

Price Range: $6 (Premium Clamshell Samples, 1/2 jars of ) – $57 (Vault Collections)

Shipping Information: Their TAT is always listed at the top of their website.

Product they are most known for: Their multichrome pigments called the Premiums, changed the game and had tons of people trying to duplicate their magic!

Products to check out: They have 40 shades of loose glitter, and some of them are neon and glow under blacklight!

Cruelty free? Natural brand?  All Dawn Eyes Cosmetics products are cruelty-free and are not tested on animals.  For your convenience, all vegan options have been marked with a ‘🌱’, and all glitter products are marked with a ‘✨’.


This review has been a long time coming because Dawn Eyes was actually one of the first indies I’ve ever tried! I actually entered into one of their makeup contests once, and won a bunch of products from them. This was one of the brands that started me on this journey of Indie Makeup.

Dawn Eyes created the original multichrome shadows that blew up on instagram. Instead of just a duochrome, they created a shadow that would shift from one color to the next to the next, like a vibrant oil slick. I’ve swatched 5 of their Premium Multichrome Pigments:

It’s hard to catch their true beauty in a picture, but I tried my best! As you can see, the pigments go on completely opaque, and are quite beautiful and unique in appearance. I have a lot of fun with these pigments, because you can pair them with so many colors of matte shadows to pull different color effects from the Premiums. Here are some looks I’ve done with the pigments:

I used ravishing for both of these looks, so you can see how much they shift with different color combinations, lighting, and angles.

Overall, I think Dawn Eyes is an amazing brand with really kind owners that are a gem in the Indie Community. Their products are beautiful and unique, and they really set the bar high for multichrome and duochrome pigments and shadows. This shadows were given to me complimentarily through winning a contest almost a year ago!

Code INDIE_MOOD_ will get you 15% off on Dawn Eyes Cosmetics. This is an affiliate code, and we appreciate any and all support!

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