Dirt Witch: Natural and Effective Skincare Review

Dirt Witch is an independently owned skincare and body care brand founded by herbalist and witch Jacqueline McClure. Her thoughtfully created products embrace the earth as much as your skin; her brand is geared towards those who worship the dirt. As an earthy, witchy lady, I was excited to hear about this brand and try out her products. 

Brand name: Dirt Witch

Brand Located In: Eugene, Oregon

Price Range: $6 (lip balm) – $70 (skincare sets)

Shipping: They currently only ship to the US and Canada

Best Seller: Mugwort Dream Oil

Products to Check Out: Their Daily Deodorant… oh my god their deodorant. It’s truly the only natural deodorant I’ve ever used that works. Read on for the full review.

Other: Low waste, non-toxic, palm oil-free, handcrafted, ethically sourced, and thoughtfully packaged

Dirt Witch Product Review

Dirt Witch Review

Dirt Witch strives to use as little plastic waste as possible. McClure says she “tries to off-set this impact by sourcing as locally as possible and redistributing wealth to other small businesses, environmental organizations and social justice efforts.” Many of the ingredients are sourced from her own garden or from the local biodiverse Pacific Northwest.

I’ll go through each product I tried individually. I’ve been using these products for about 3 weeks now. These products were sent to me for review but that does not change my thoughts or opinions.

Helichrysum-Hop Flower Daily Facial Cleanser

Dirt Witch Facial Cleanser

I was actually on the lookout for a new cleanser, as my skin has been very dry and flakey lately and I feared my cleanser was contributing to stripping it of natural oils. This cleanser suds up but isn’t too soapy. It leaves my skin clean but not with that squeaky, stripped feeling. It smells nice in a natural way, with an almost citrusy earthy scent. One small pump goes a long way in cleaning the face. I use this after my oil cleanser and it effectively gets any remaining oil and makeup off before I tone.  

Lavender Ylang Ylang Daily Facial Oil 

Daily Facial Oil

I’ve been noticing that a lot of the preservatives and alcohol in moisturizers have been contributing to my skin’s dryness. I’ve switched to only using oils as my last step instead of moisturizers and I’ve seen a big difference in dryness, redness, and flakiness already. I love this particular oil – it’s super lightweight and soaks right into my skin. It doesn’t smell heavy, only natural and lightly floral. 

One small pump covers the entire face and soaks in, leaving my skin calm, hydrated, and glowing without any greasy residue. I can use this in the morning before applying makeup without it affecting my base products at all. I also use a little extra at night for more hydration as I sleep.

Daily Deodorant

Natural Deodorant that Actually Works

This is the true game-changer for me. Many “natural deodorants” have graced my armpits and did not work. I tried everything, even listening to people who told me to just let it go for a month and stink. Their reasoning was that eventually the natural deodorant would work because my body had to “detox”. That was not the case. Whenever I attempted to switch from regular deodorant with aluminum to natural, I would sweat excessively and stink, and it never gave up. I passed it off as just too “crunchy granola” for me, and I’m pretty far in crunchy granola land. I stuck to my men’s drugstore deodorant with 16% aluminum.

From the first time I tried Dirt Witch’s Daily Deodorant, I was shocked at how well it worked. There was no “adjustment period”, it just worked instantly and smelled great. I was in disbelief, smelling my own armpits throughout the day waiting to stink but just smelling the really earthy, sexy scent of this deodorant. Yeah, I called this deodorant sexy. Every chance I got, I would tell my girlfriend to smell me and then say “can you believe this is a natural deodorant and it works??” 

It has arrowroot powder, sea salt, and aluminum-free baking soda, which gives it some antiperspirant power. It also has witch hazel which is naturally anti-bacterial, so goodbye razor burn or ingrown hairs in the armpits. The scent is a woody blend of palmarosa, cedar, and sage, and it smells incredible. The formula is a liquid gel that rolls on, like a giant rollerball perfume. It doesn’t feel sticky, it just sinks into my skin without leaving any residue. No more white stripes on my black clothes.

I have now successfully made the switch to natural deodorant and I didn’t have to sacrifice smelling good. No wet underarms, either. Hallelujah! 

Mugwort Dream Oil

Dirt Witch Mugwort Dream Oil

This is Dirt Witch’s current bestseller and for good reason. Mugwort is a favorite ingredient of mine for all things witchy. I often drink mugwort tea for restful sleep with psychic dreams. Now I have the opportunity to rub it all over my body, which is great. 

I recently sustained a serious lower back injury and I’ve been rubbing this on the injury before bed, which seems to aid in the loosening of the muscles.  It also is a nice, calming routine before bed to rub this oil on my skin. It’s really moisturizing, so it works as a nice body oil. I highly recommend using this as a massage oil on yourself or a lucky volunteer.

Overall Thoughts

Pagan Indie Skincare

I really loved every single product from Dirt Witch and will continue to use them. Aside from fitting perfectly with my witchy vibes, the products are also effective. I still can’t get over the fact that their Daily Deodorant WORKS! Without aluminum! My skin has been loving the cleanser and daily oil, and I will continue to use the mugwort oil nightly.

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