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We’ve worked really long and hard on this brand profile, so apologies for the long wait. We wanted to spend time on this one, since the lovely owners gave us so much product to review, and we wanted the to do the most thorough job possible! Double Down Cosmetics is particularly special because a portion of the proceeds from every product is donated to Domestic Violence & Homeless Charities of Los Angeles. The brand is owned and operated by a lovely husband and wife duo, who is active in their community helping survivors of domestic violence, because Kristen is a survivor herself. She is also a fantastic musician, and all around wonderful person along with her husband.

Brand Name: Double Down Cosmetics

Brand is Based Out Of: Los Angeles, California

Price Range: $10 (tinted balms + makeup bags) – $60 (bundle of all three luminizer / highlighters)

Shipping Information: Contact form is on their site for shipping inquiries.

Product They Are Most Known For: The Status – a universally flattering and all around STUNNING highlighter. I can see why it’s a favorite.

Cruelty Free / Vegan? – They are vegan and cruelty free, as well as Non-GMO, Organic, 100% Natural, Paraben Free, Non-Toxic Company, in which all products are made in the USA. 

Liv’s Fave: Their Tinted Balm, The Future, has lived in my purse since I got it. It’s the perfect natural flushed red, with the slightest bit of shimmer. It looks so natural and healthy, and is easy to put on on the go. I’m wearing it in my new driver’s license pic!

This is also a black owned brand!


Highlighters / Luminizers

The Status:

Brand Description: The Status is a Rose Gold, vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, non-gmo face luminizer & highlighter. It’s beautiful cool & warm undertones, give a wonderful glow to all skin tones.

My Review: This is the most stunning, glowing, natural yet blinding highlighter I’ve ever used, and I instantly fell in love with it. I’ve done SO many looks with it, just because I find myself reaching for it over and over. This is on my top 5 highlighters EVER list, no joke. I was driving with this on right after I got it, and I found myself looking in the rear view mirror a bit more than necessary, because I was obsessed with the beaming highlight on the tip on my nose! I’ve tried this on a number of friends, and I can confirm it is universal, thanks to a transparent base.

Look done with the Status as my highlight all over my face, on my nose, and inner corners.

The Dimension:

Brand Description: The Dimension is a Peach Golden, vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, non-gmo face luminizer & highlighter. It’s beautiful golden & warm undertones, give a wonderful glow to all skin tones, with a duo chrome finish.

My Review: This is SO pretty, and so unique! It looks bright orange in the container, but when you swipe it on, it’s the most beautiful warm, peachy shade. It has a subtle shift from peachy orange to peachy pink, and looks AMAZING on warm skin tones from light to dark. I happen to have warm, peachy undertones so this highlighter is perfect for my skin. It’s so glowy, not glittery at all, and again, has a transparent base so it could look good on just about any skin tone (why don’t all brands do this?? it’s amazing!) Here are 3 different looks I did with this highlighter – I can’t put it down! You can see the shift on the tip of my nose – such a beautiful glow!

The Equation:

Brand Description: The Equation is a Golden Bronze, vegan, cruelty & gluten free, mineral face luminizer & highlighter. It’s a beautiful warm toned bronze face glow product. You can use this on your cheekbones, as a bronzer, blush, face luminizer & eye shadow.

The Dimension used on the model on the left

My Review: This is such a warm, pretty, summery, glowy bronze! This is a perfect luminizer for medium to deep skin tones, but can also be used as a glowy bronzer or eyeshadow for other skin tones. This is so pretty, with golden shifts that make you look so sun-kissed. I used this on set the other day on a model with deeper skin, and it looked stunning and golden on him.

Swatches of All 3 Luminizers and the Eyeshadow – the Control

Tinted Lip Balms

The Punk:

Brand Description: The Punk is a nude, earth toned pink, with a hint of shimmer for an everyday look. You can build this for a high shine for those glam days too.

My Review: Double Down has made me fall in love with tinted balms. These have peppermint in them, which gives your lips a natural, refreshing, plumping effect. This one is a definite ‘my lips but better’ shade, that just adds the slightest pink flush, along with a bit of shimmer. It’s buildable, but out of the 2, this is the more subtle one.

Giulia is wearing the Punk in this photo along with the Status and the Equation on her eyes

The Future:

Brand Description: The Future is a buildable cool toned red, with warm overtones. You can use as is, or build it to achieve that red carpet look.

My Review: I’m obsessed with this balm! I wear it almost every day! I naturally have really pale lips that are almost lighter than my skin, and really grey looking, so I need to wear something to avoid looking dead in a not cute way. This is so awesome to carry around with you and put on to add a natural flush to your lips. It also has a bit of shine, which makes your lips look fuller and healthier.

Swatches of both shades of tinted balm


The Control:

Brand Description: A gorgeous, highly pigmented, black satin pearl eyeshadow which can be used as eyeliner as well.

My Review: I always talk about how I can never find a decent black shimmy eyeshadow. I have Nars Night Breed, but it just turned out to be glittery, although it looks pretty in the pan. This is exactly what I had in mind! It’s just shimmery enough, with no chunks of glitter. This is perfect for smoking out the eyes or using with an angled brush as a liner. I love blown out cat eyes, and this is wonderful for that.

I used the Control and the Status in this look

The Remote:

Brand Description: A gorgeous dark brown, matte eyeshadow which can be used as eyeliner and brow color as well.

My Review: This is a perfect brown for so many things. This can be used as eyeliner, tight liner, eyeshadow, and even brow powder. It’s super pigmented and long lasting.

Swatches of both eyeshadows

Overall Review

Double Down Cosmetics is an amazing brand with an incredible purpose. They do so much for their community, and put so much into their brand. They’ve researched and perfected the formulations for these products for over 2 years to achieve their vision. On top of the products being beautiful, the owners are wonderful people and they’re a brand that I’m proud to support. They’re committed to making high quality, natural cosmetics, and it shows.

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*All products reviewed were complimentary, but that doesn’t change our opinions at all. This post is not sponsored. Codes and links are affiliated and we do earn a commission from use.

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