Eclectic Beauty Cosmetics: Brand Profile

I am so excited to finally be able to publish this brand profile! Eclectic Beauty Cosmetics really drew me in with their Birds collection, so when they reached out to ask if they could send us some of their products, I got so excited! And Liv had been wanting their Ofrenda palette since they first released it, so we both did a happy dance that day!

Shades top to bottom: Galah, Red-Headed Duck, Northern Cardinal, Yellow Warbler, Rufous Hummingbird, Eurasian Eagle-Owl, Anna’s Hummingbird, Talavera, Lilac-Breasted Roller, and Costa’s Hummungbird

Please note: These items were sent to us for review. All opinions are our own.

Brand Located In: Los Angeles, CA

Price Range: $5 – $40

Wearing Yellow Warbler in the crease.

Shipping: International Shipping Available

Best Sellers: Faerie Dust Glitters and Ofrenda Eyeshadow Palette

Other: Cruelty Free and Vegan

Wearing Talavera in the crease blended out.

Our Thoughts: Let me begin by outlining Liv’s thoughts on the Ofrenda palette. The inspiration behind the palette is wonderful, and the packaging is so beautiful. The shades are all based on various aspects of Día de Los Muertos, and the color story is absolutely gorgeous. AND!!! It’s refillable!!!! Liv’s two favorite shades are Pan de Muerto and Incienso; she states that she doesn’t have anything like them in her entire collection.

Swatches of the Ofrenda Palette.

Something Liv found especially unique about the Ofrenda palette were the matte shades that had glitter in them. She found that rather than disappearing, the glitter actually stayed on her eyes while she was working with them! She also said, and I quote, “[The Ofrenda Palette] is one of my favorite palettes that I own.”

Liv being literally the most stunning human on the planet with the Ofrenda palette on her eyes.

I felt the same way about the shades throughout the Birds collection. First of all, I love birds, and I loved how each shade truly matched the bird it was inspired by. Seriously, take a shade name and look it up – you’ll find that the shade matches the bird perfectly! I also loved the shades of the two glitters, especially the Pixie shade. Pixie is like a translucent green reflect, and I absolutely loved how it looked on the eyes. And y’all already know how I feel about the Rose-Red lipstick – it’s one of my favorite reds to wear of all time. The corresponding Snow White lipstick/tint is a beautiful peachy nude. Eclectic knows how to put together some color stories!

The formula is very dense and hard-packed, but powdery at the same time. This makes them blend extremely beautifully. In fact, one of my favorite ways to use them is to blend out other stubborn eyeshadows that I might be having some difficulty with – I especially love using the shade Yellow Warbler in this manner and I reach for it pretty much every time I do a look that needs a yellow. The shades melt into each other rather than muddying up because of how blendable these shadows are.

Used Yellow Warbler to blend this look out!

Because of the unique formula, these shadows make beautiful washes of color all over the lid. In fact, the bright colors aren’t the typical neons you might find; rather, they act almost like watercolors. At the same time, they do build up well, so you can get a really bright pop of color from them if you are looking for that.

Used Yellow Warbler, Northern Cardinal, and Alven glitter.

Both of us felt, though, that we had to really learn how to work with the formula of the shadows from Eclectic. While we were testing these shadows out, we did find that there were a few tips and tricks that made them much easier to work with. First, use a really light hand while blending them out – if you overblend these shadows, they will fade. A light hand will help them last all day (and they really do last all day; I wore the green look below for probably close to 14 hours and the shadows were still as bright as they were when I first applied them when I finally washed them off). I also personally prefer using the shades over unset primer (I use concealer) so I don’t have to build them up as much, but they work well over set primer as well.

Wearing Yellow Warbler, Anna’s Hummingbird, and Pixie Glitter.

I also wanted to make a few notes on the glitter and lipstick formulas. The Rose Red lipstick is a staple in my collection – I will be repurchasing if I use it up, and I probably will use it up. The formula is so comfortable and it lasts forever on my lips (though not through eating. It’s a bullet formula.). It feels very lightweight and moisturizing, and the SHADE. Omg, this shade is the PERFECT orangey red. The finish is halfway between a satin and a matte. The Snow White tinted lip balm is a peachy nude, and I also really enjoy the formula. This one is even more moisturizing and has a shinier – though not glossy – finish. I really need them to release more of these lipsticks and tinted balms because the formulas are phenomenal!

Swatches top to bottom: Snow White tinted lip balm, Rose-Red lipstick, Alven glitter, Pixie glitter

The glitters are really interesting because they don’t feel like glitters to me. They are very, very soft, and not gritty at all! There is no irritation whatsoever when I go to remove them; in fact, these are the easiest glitters to remove in my collection. I actually want to try more of their shades!

Wearing the Rose-Red lipstick with a sparkly gloss on top!

Overall, Liv and I are both extremely impressed by the quality of Eclectic Beauty Cosmetics. Every product we tried from the brand is absolutely wonderful, even considering the learning curve with the shadows (I already have a dent in Yellow Warbler!). Neither of us can wait to see what else Eclectic Beauty has up their sleeves; it will be sure to impress.

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