Edam Essentials: Brand Profile

Brand Name: Edam Essentials

Brand Located In: Golden, Colorado

Price Range: $20.99 (facial rinse kit)

Shipping: Free shipping anywhere in the Domestic US! She doesn’t offer international shipping right now but will offer it as she grows.

Our Thoughts:

Edam Essentials was formed by a full time working mother with dreams of creating a brand with products that would make her life easier. Being as busy as she is, her skincare routines were some of the only ‘me time’ that she got all day, which inspired her to create her first product, the Facial Rinse Kit. Her goal was to make this limited time she had as peaceful and easy as possible.

The kit comes with a terry headband, two ‘drip cuffs’, two clips for drying, and a mirror cling with a cute quote on it. The drip cuffs are the real unique part of this product. They’re basically longer sweat bands that go on your wrist and soak up all the water that drips from your hands onto your wrists when washing your face or hands, or brushing your teeth. This prevents your shirt getting soaked or the entire bathroom counter getting water all over it. Also, the drying clips are really handy because they have a loop in a way that you can put them in so many places. I don’t have a towel rack in my bathroom so I can loop and clip these on my shower pole to dry so they’re ready to go the next time I want to use them.

The headband is a pretty standard terry headband that keeps your hair from getting wet when doing your skincare routine. What I like in particular about this one is that it’s velcro and adjusts, so you can make it really snug on your head and it’ll fit anyone.

There are definitely little elements and details to this product that remind you that it’s a self-care centered product. For me, it’s like a subconscious reminder to take care of myself and give myself some time to rest and relax, which I struggle with as a busy twenty something in New York City working a full time job and a handful of side hustles that I’m passionate about. The markers are super fun; you can write whatever you want on your mirrors and they come off with a bit of water and a towel.

There is also a little round mirror cling that says “You can create anything. Go for it today.” The designed transferred a bit in the packaging, which may be due to heat. Hopefully that will improve as she further develops the product.

Here is a video I filmed of my nighttime skincare routine using the Facial Rinse Kit and a bunch of other indie skincare products!

Overall: I think this is a great product that many people would get great use out of! The materials that it’s made of are high quality, and everything functions great. I also love that it embodies a sentiment to take care of yourself and take a moment to relax. This is an idea that doesn’t exist yet and is really practical – everyone in my life that I told about the product was so intrigued because getting soaked with water when washing their face was such an annoyance. It’s also just fun to take that extra step to feel more ‘put together’ when getting ready for your day or to go to bed.

Be sure to check out Edam Essentials online and on instagram.

This post is sponsored but that does not change our opinions on the product at all. This is our first ever sponsored post, and we made sure to work with a brand that we believed in.

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