Fun and Colorful Self-Care Essentials from Giving Living Co

Giving Living Co is a bath and body company owned and operated by supermom and creative maker Kelsie Benge. Based out of Austin, Texas, they sell a variety of goodies to brighten up your bath, shower, and everyday self-care routines. From sparkling bath bombs to holistic soaps, shower steamers, and even a soap for dogs, Giving Living Co has it all.

How did they go about choosing their name? Owner Kelsie Benge replies, “Giving Living Co was born during a random pregnancy cry about the puppies I couldn’t save at a Petco adoption event. I realized that even though I couldn’t take all of the homeless puppies home with me, there WAS more that I could be doing. It became my new goal to live my life intentionally, helping and giving to others and our planet before myself whenever possible. We are pleased to say we finally use biodegradable packing peanuts, and plan to eliminate all of our plastics by Fall 2021.”

self care bath bomb review
Salton Sage Ouija Bath Bomb

Brand name: Giving Living Co

Brand Located In: Austin, Texas

Price Range: $4 (small soaps) – $11.99 (Sweet AF Scrub) – They also have a seasonal self-care box that’s $54.99 billed every 3 months

Shipping: They currently only ship to the US and Canada

Best Seller: Ouija, Skull, and Coffin Bath Bombs

Products to Check Out: I’m obsessed with their Salt Storm bar soap! It smells amazing and makes my skin feel so soft.

Other: Handcrafted and Sustainable, with a goal of having zero plastic by Fall 2021.  They use biodegradable packing peanuts, responsibly and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. Products were complimentary for review, but that does not change our opinions.

Self-Care Essentials

I had a ton of fun reviewing Giving Living Co’s products. Going through a mountain of sparkly, colorful bath bombs and soaps was a dream come true for me. Here are my thoughts:

Bath Bombs

Giving Living Co’s bath bombs are HUGE! They vary in size, but particularly the skill bath bombs are large and heavy. They’re also beautiful and super detailed. They come in a variety of scents, colors, and styles. The thing that truly sets these bath bombs apart is their scents.

Maggoty Malfeasance Coffin Bath Bomb

Giving Living Co goes above and beyond when it comes to fragrance. All of their bath bombs have base, middle, and top notes to create complex and unique scents. For example, their bath bomb Hansel & Deadel smells like gingerbread but has base notes of vanilla and chocolate, middle notes of ginger, nutmeg, honey, and clove, and top notes of orange, lemon, and bergamot. That’s not your basic gingerbread… that’s advanced gingerbread. My only qualm with their bath bombs is that they’re dense and heavy. I’m not kidding, their XL bath bombs are 14 ounces. Because of their weight, they tend to sink to the bottom of the tub instead of floating at the top like most others I’ve tried.

Death By Glitter Bath Bomb

I was especially thrilled to try the Thackery Binx bath bomb as a huge fan of Hocus Pocus. This one was on the smaller side so it floated better and filled my tub with bright but deep hues of purple and blue. It was a part of their limited edition Halloween collection, which was all Hocus Pocus themed!


Giving Living Co. has a huge variety of fun soaps that are as effective as they are colorful. They even won the award for best soap brand in our 2020 Indie Mood Awards! They have really gentle, calming, unscented soap varieties like their Goats Milk and Honey Facial Bar, along with colorful and unique bars like their Swimming Unicorn Soap.

I’ve tried a bunch of their soaps and love them all. My two favorites are their Salt Storm Soap and their Good Morning Bar. Salt Storm is topped with sea salt and has a lovely, light scent of ozone and ocean. Good Morning, as the name suggests, has coffee in it to exfoliate as you use it. I find all of their bars to be super moisturizing without leaving any slimy film behind. They’re just perfect! They even have dog soap, bug repellent soap, and masculine scented soaps like On The Rocks.

I also adore their pine and cedar soap decks. I especially love the cedar one. It smells nice and adds a nice scent to the shower and bathroom. It also doesn’t absorb too much so it doesn’t collect any sticky soap residue from resting the wet bars on it. They’re a self-care essential for sure.

Giving Living Co Soaps And Bath Bombs

Final Thoughts On Giving Living Co’s Self-Care Goodies

I’m really thrilled that I discovered Giving Living Co. Their products are all so colorful and cute as well as soothing which is something I need. Intentionally adding self-care rituals is something that’s so important to me these days, and everything I’ve tried from them has made it easier to do that.

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