Gelateria – Eunique Beauty’s Summer Collection!

If there ever was a summer collection, this is it! EuniqueBeauty is known for their adorable season collections, like this cute Egg Hunt palette from this past spring. This brand is based in the UK, but the owners were born in Italy, which is what inspired this adorable Gelato themed summer collection that totally says “La Dulce Vita!” I was delighted to receive this to review!

The collection consists of an Ice Cream Cone shaped eyeshadow palette and a campy cute messenger bag shaped like a big pint of ice cream. The eyeshadow palette has 4 shimmer shadow and 4 mattes – all inspired by the brand owner’s favorite flavors of Gelato.

Just like the Egg Hunt palette, these shadows are absolutely stunning. The shimmers are like nothing I’ve ever tried. They’re ultra metallic and creamy, and one tap of your finger or brush gives you full pigmentation. They’re long lasting and really intense. They’re also the only shimmer eyeshadow formula I’ve ever successfully been able to pick up and apply with a brush. The mattes are also amazing – super creamy and blendable. They work best wish a brush, and you can build up pigment from a light wash to super intense pigmentation. Here’s a look I did with the palette.

I used Pistachio, Mango, Fior Di Latte, Peach Cobbler, and Strawberry

I’m also not usually a fan of odd shaped palettes like this, but this one is really conveniently shaped to fit right in your hand. I also like how the top is magnetic and pops off, so I’m not worried about the top flapping around when I’m holding it. It’s literally like an artist’s palette in a sense. The only negative to that is if you decide to travel with this palette, you would need a rubber band or tape to secure the lid during transit. Here are swatches of the La Gelateria palette!

From top to bottom: Lemon Sorbet, Pistachio, Mango, Bacio, Fior Di Latte, Peach Cobbler, Strawberry, and Puffo.

The bag is adorable! As an Italian, I have to say, it’s SO Italian! It reminds me of campy Moschino designs, who’s had everything from McDonalds to Windex inspired bags and fragrances. The bag is made out of synthetic PU leather (vegan), with gold hardware and is sized H25cm x W13.5cm x L10cm. It’s pretty big and firmly shaped. The top comes off just like an ice cream lid, and the chains of the straps keep the lid on. It also comes in 4 colors – red, yellow, green, and black. Here are some photos.

This collection is available for pre-sale until July 10th. It will ship on July 31st! You can get 10% your pre-order for this collection or anything else from EuniqueBeauty with the code THEINDIEMOOD which is affiliated.

This was sent to me for review but that doesn’t affect my opinion at all.

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