Glow and Behold: Review Of the Gleamin Vitamin C Mask

I’m always excited to hear about a new cruelty free and indie skincare brand. With clean ingredients and cute packaging to boot, Gleamin immediately caught my eye.

Gleamin is a US-based skincare brand started by Jordan Smyth in New Zealand. He struggled with rosacea which started him on his skincare journey. They donate 1% of their proceeds to Kiva, a charity that provides resources to underserved communities to help them thrive independently.

The Clay Mask of my Dry Skin Dreams

I’ve recently had a resurgence of hormonal acne, thanks to getting off birth control. Gleamin’s first product, the Vitamin C Clay Mask, has a lot of the ingredients I’ve been searching for to help calm existing cystic acne and prevent it all-together.

After scoping reddit forums, I discovered the ingredients people said cured their hormonal cystic acne: kaolin clay, aloe vera, and turmeric. The Gleamin mask happens to have all three! I have steered clear of clay masks because of my skin’s tendency for dryness. The balance of oils and aloe in this clay based mask helps prevent that.

Key Ingredients

The Vitamin C that this mask is named after comes from Kakadu Plum, which is the richest source of Vitamin C in any known natural food. This encourages your skin to heal and dark marks to fade. It also prevents acne and breakouts. Desert Lime and Finger Lime Caviar stimulate the skin’s collagen production to brighten and firm.

Turmeric is an important ingredient, which is known to reduce inflammation and even your complexion. It encourages a beautiful, natural glow. My personal favorite ingredient in the mix is Aloe Vera, which is cooling and keeps the mask from causing dryness.

There are two types of clay in this mask: Yellow Australian Clay and Kaolin Clay, which is the classic clay mask ingredient. The addition of the Yellow Australian Clay gently buffs and exfoliates the skin while also absorbing impurities from the pores and stimulating blood flow.

First Impressions

The first thing I noticed about the Gleamin Vitamin C Clay Mask was the heavy glass packaging. With its bright yellow color, I assumed it was made of plastic but was pleasantly surprised at the beautiful and reusable packaging.

It smells as bright as it looks, natural and citrusy but still natural. It comes with a a cute little brush to apply the mask. The texture is super thick and creamy, not gritty at all. It applies smoothly and you don’t have to use a ton to get a nice, even layer.

Trying the Gleamin Vitamin C Clay Mask

As soon as you apply the mask, there’s a tingling feeling that intensifies as it’s drying. The tingle is a sign that the face mask is stimulating blood flow and in turn, collagen production in the skin.

You leave the mask on for 10 minutes while the clay absorbs oils and gook from your pores and the superfood ingredients work their magic. The turmeric, which gives the mask its pretty yellow color, also brings out your natural glow by easing inflammation and fading dark spots.

Removing the mask was easier than I thought. I soaked a washcloth with warm water and it came right off. I get nervous with masks that dry because sometimes they stick to my face like cement and I feel like I can never fully get it off. This was not the case, it was quite pleasant to remove.

Gleamin Mask Review

The Results

I immediately felt a change in my skin. My complexion was instantly brighter with a natural glow. I was worried that my face would feel parched like it usually is after using a clay mask. Instead, my skin felt plump and hydrated. In addition, I did have a glow that was different than before the mask. Hormonal fluctuations caused a nasty hormonal breakout along with dull, dry patches. After using the mask, the dryness and inflammation had definitely calmed down.

After I removed the mask I followed with a rose-hip oil and that’s it. My breakout had calmed considerably which was a relief, and the glow continued for the rest of the night.

My face right after taking the mask off. So hydrated! The breakout on my forehead and chin had calmed down considerably.

My Final Thoughts on the Gleamin Vitamin C Clay Mask

I’m really excited about this new brand and this new product. I’ll continue use of this product to prevent acne flare-ups and as a dark spot corrector. I’m impressed and look forward to Gleamin’s future releases!

The Gleamin Vitamin C Clay Mask is now available on Amazon!

*This post is sponsored. This does not alter my thoughts or opinions in this review.

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