Gift Guide: 18 Perfect Indie Beauty Ideas for 2021

Everything on this gift guide is from a small business!

Here are some amazing gift ideas for everyone on your list

This year, the holiday season snuck up on us faster than ever which is why we’re here with an amazing gift guide for everyone on your list. The best thing about this list is that every brand mentioned is a small business! By shopping indies for the holiday season, you not only get unique and unforgettable gifts, but you also support a small business.

If you’re looking for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday deals, and Cyber Monday deals from indie beauty brands, check out our holiday sales guide. We also created a gift guide of over 50 indie brands that sell on Amazon if you’re running late on gifting, want to combine all your gifting in one place, or are looking to capitalize on prime shipping or rewards. 

We’ve broken down our gift ideas into categories that will make it easier for you to skim and shop! Let’s jump right in. 

Gift Guide for the Trend Setter

Pseudo Labs

3 shades of pseudo labs phreckles

This is the single product I get the most compliments on. Pseudo Labs has set the standard when it comes to faux freckles. Their PHreckles are the fastest, most natural-looking, and most customizable freckle product I’ve ever used, and I’ve been wearing them every day since I got this product. 

The PHreckles come in three shades for all skin shades and undertones, as well as desired intensity and contrast of the freckles being applied. They also come in a chic reusable case with a pick to flick the product, which is how it’s applied. 

Freckles are totally in right now, and Pseudo Labs has created the most stylish and easy-to-apply freckles ever!

PYT Beauty

PYT is the perfect beauty brand for makeup lovers who value innovation, style, and fun. They have amazing products that will quickly replace your previous holy grails, like their eye primer, face primer, and setting sprays. 

If your friend loves glitz and glam, consider their Glow Me liquid eyeshadows, which are colorful, dewy, glossy, editorial liquid shadows that quickly dry and set for the entire night. 

PYT Beauty is also 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and they’re focused on sustainability. Their products are made from recycled materials and are recyclable. 

Gift Ideas for the Art Lover


the Rococo palette from Kailav beauty in gloved hands

Kailav is a brand inspired by art. Their products are beautiful, high-performing, cruelty-free, and colorful. They have collections inspired by Rococo Art, Vincent Van-Gogh, Impressionism, and more! Any art lover in your life will adore a gift from Kailav.

The Rococo Palette makes an amazing gift not just for the art historian in your life, but for any makeup lover. The palette has a range of decadent neutrals and dreamy pops of pastels. The palette is vegan and cruelty-free, making it guaranteed to delight anyone on your list.

Along with their famed Rococo palette, Kailav also offers bundles with other eyeshadow palettes along with the Rococo Palette if you want to truly shower your beloved with gifts. If you are placing an order as a gift, they also offer the option to include a printed gift message with the order to make it extra special.

Clionadh Cosmetics

Clionadh Cosmetics is a proudly handmade, cruelty-free, and vegan indie brand that creates stunning and unforgettable beauty products in Toronto, Canada.

Clionadh broke the internet with their Stained Glass collection, known in the indie makeup world as the most gorgeous collection of shifting, multichrome and duochrome eyeshadows ever. They also have a variety of beautiful matte and shimmer eyeshadows and luminous highlighters. Everything Clionadh makes is carefully crafted with precision using the highest quality ingredients. This is a gift guaranteed to dazzle and remain unforgettable to that lucky person on your list!

As if you needed more convincing, Clionadh will have a Holiday sale in addition to their Black Friday event. From Saturday, December 4th – Friday, December 31st, 2021, they will be offering 10% off all SGC singles and bundles, 20% off all circle shadows and bundles (excludes the Perfect Neutrals Collection), 20% off all circle highlighters and bundles, and 30% off accessories, including SGC palettes, brushes, and bags (excludes earrings).

If you can’t decide or are unsure of what shades the person you’re shopping for will love most, you can’t go wrong with a Clionadh Cosmetics gift card. With over 200 products to shop from, there’s something for everyone.

Gift Guide for the Queens

Loza Tam

4 women of different races wearing Loza Tam turbans

Do you have that one glamorous friend who has self-care down to a science? Loza Tam is the perfect place to shop. They offer a variety of colorful, high-quality head scarfs, hair wraps, and turbans in every beautiful color you can imagine. They’re designed to keep hair healthy while looking fabulous. Plus, they’re super easy to put on and take off! 

I’ve recently tried these hair wraps at night. The interior lining is satin, which prevents static, tangling, and breakage as you sleep. My hair has never been softer. These look stunning, are super high quality, come in a variety of vibrant colors, and work wonders for your hair! 

Siempre Verano Beauty

indie beauty gift guide shimmering body oil

Siempre Verano Oils are the perfect gift for any queens on your list, with oils that create a stunning glow to match their personality! The Brightening Elixir face oil targets dark spots and discoloration while hydrating the skin. The Shimmer Oil is a dry oil for the body that absorbs quickly, leaving the skin hydrated and dripping in gold radiance. Siempre Verano, which means ‘Eternal Summer’, is a Latino-owned brand based in Miami. They’re inspired by the antioxidant-rich superfoods and tropical ingredients from Latin America. Their products are also cruelty-free and all-natural.

Gift Guide for Retro Lovers 

Do you have a friend who’s a history nerd, a huge fan of beauty queens from the golden age of Hollywood, a retro baddie, or all of the above? These are the perfect gifts! 

Pin-up Paint 

Pin-up Paint is an indie makeup brand inspired by the pin-up girl style of the 1950s. Their newest collection, Nude Nudes, has taken classic nudes and given them a fun twist with color shifts and variations. There are matching polish and eyeshadow shades for all the Nude Nudes collection colors! They also have a wide selection of colorful polishes with unique finishes as well as eyeshadows.

Pin-up Paint nail polish is 100% hand-mixed, their polish is 10-free, and they’re vegan and cruelty-free. Their eyeshadows are hand-pressed, vegan, and cruelty-free as well. Everything is made in Colorado and shipped directly to you. This makes it a perfect, meaningful, one-of-a-kind gift for that special vixen in your life!


vintage style makeup advertisement

Besame was founded by Gabriela Hernandez, a cosmetic historian, who set out to create a modern beauty brand that replicated the colors, formulas, and packaging of the makeup products from decades past. Besame has done incredible collaborations with Disney to recreate the original color palettes of Snow White, Mary Poppins, and more, in the form of a cosmetics collection. They’ve also released iconic women collections, celebrating the beauties from the Golden Age of Hollywood with their signature colors. They even recreated cake mascara, the style of mascara used in the past, so you can feel like a fancy time traveler.

If you have anyone on your list who is fascinated with the history of makeup, the starlets of old Hollywood, or retro fashion and style, this is the perfect gift. They have makeup, nail polish, and skincare. If you’re having trouble deciding what to get, check out their curated gift sets

Gift Guide For Your Best Friend


grapefruit with kegelbell inside to demonstrate how the tool works

Yes, we’re telling you to get your best friend a vagina gym. Stay with me! Not only will this gift be unforgettable and likely to make your bestie laugh, but it also shows that you care.

What the heck is a Kegelbell and why is it considered a vagina gym? Glad you asked! Kegelbell is an FDA-registered pelvic muscle training device that connects women with their inner power. There are many pelvic floor and kegel exercise tools but The Kegelbell i is the only device on the market that has the weight outside the body. Their innovative technology allows women to kegel with more weight, with greater customization, from beginner to advanced, and it is the heaviest
vaginal weight set in the world! Who doesn’t want the Arnold Schwarzenegger of vaginas? 

I reviewed my experience with the Kegelbell and how it allowed me to reconnect my mind with my body after surviving sexual trauma. There are so many uses for this product, but the main ones are that it helps solve and prevent incontinence, it prevents pelvic organ prolapse, and helps people with vaginas connect with their body and have greater control over the muscles, solving many sexual dysfunction issues that many people struggle with.

Also, the Kegelbell is fun as heck to use. The starter kit comes with everything you need, including two different sizes of inserts for the perfect fit, stackable weights so you can customize your workout, and a cute little bag to travel with. Not only does the Kegelbell make fun and life-changing gifts for the important people in your life, but they also make a great gift for yourself, to remind yourself that taking care of and connecting with your body is a priority that can be fun and empowering. 

Winky Lux

winky lux rose blush orb

Winky Lux is known for its adorable packaging, kitten-themed products, and innovative cosmetics. They have a variety of color-changing lip balms and my favorite cream blush in the shape of a delicate rose. Their products look just as great on your face as they do on your vanity, so your bestie will think of you every time she applies makeup with these beautiful products! They also have their own gift guides to make shopping even easier.

Gift Guide for the Skincare Obsessed

Province Apothecary

relaxation gift set including incense and body oil

Do you have someone on your list who needs a spa day to recharge? Is that person also too busy to make time for themselves to enjoy such things as spa days? We get it. Province Apothecary has everything you need for a true spa day wherever you are. 

They have beautiful skincare products, from bestsellers like their Moisturizing Cleansing Oil to new additions like their Regenerating Exfoliator and Resurfacing Mask. They also have Sculpting and Toning Facial Cupping Sets, a seriously fun way to unwind and rejuvenate your skin. Along with that, pick up some incense and essential oil rollerballs to give the gift of a real spa experience. They also have curated gift sets for everyone on your list to make shopping easier!

Earth Harbor Gift Guide

Earth Harbor skin care product lineup

Sustainable? Check. Cute? Check. Extremely effective skincare? Check. Earth Harbor has it all, while still remaining affordable for a luxury skincare line. They make some of our favorite products, like their Tidal Rose Crystal Hydration Mist, Aqua Aura reparative eye cream, and their bestselling Mermaid Milk Moisturizer

Check out their curated gift sets for the skincare lover on your list. They’re guaranteed to love these cruelty-free, vegan products!

Crunchy Granola Gift Guide

Crunchy Granola: an environmentally friendly, green, clean, friend with a big heart. They’re serious about reducing waste and always read the ingredient label, whether on fruit snacks or sunscreen. Here are some perfect places to get gifts for your crunchiest of friends while still supporting small businesses!

Clove + Hallow Gift Guide

clove and hallow product lineup

Every Clove + Hallow product is formulated with less than 15 ingredients. They’re founded by a makeup artist, which makes their products as effective as they are clean. They make one of our favorite concealers, and we’re also obsessed with their cream highlighter. Check out our review here

Clove + Hallow offers high-performing and colorful cosmetics and skincare without any harmful ingredients. They’re also vegan and cruelty-free. 

Bonus: Do you have a teen or tween on your list who loves beauty? Check out Clover by Clove, Clove + Hallow’s little sister brand for younger makeup enthusiasts at a more affordable price range. 

Ora’s Amazing Herbal

jar of skin salve

Ora has saved my dry skin for two winters going on three. If you have any winter skin-sufferers on your list, you have to get them a gift from Ora’s Amazing Herbals. Their products are all-natural and based on the founder’s educational background in biology and nutrition, as well as the expert opinions of top herbalists. I had stubborn eczema for years which has been kept at bay thanks to their Body Butter and Touchy Skin Salve. They have gifts for everyone on your list, including babies, new mothers, folks with tattoos, and men. Also, check out their gift sets for inspiration on the perfect gift!

Gift Guide for the Guys

Why are guys so hard to shop for?! Here are some specific gifts for the men or masc-identifying people on your list this year. This is your one-stop shop for gifts for dads, brothers, boyfriends, husbands, and relatives. 

Ora’s Amazing Herbal

three dropper bottles of beard oil

I had to mention Ora’s Amazing Herbal twice because they have amazing gift sets just for men! These include beard oil, body salves and butters, soap, lip balm, face wash, body powders, and more.

Seed Probiotics

intro package of seed probiotics and travel vial

Give the gift of gut health! Sound icky? It’s totally not. There is more and more scientific research proving the importance of gut health for overall wellness, and Seed Synbiotic knows the gut microbiome more than anyone! Their supplement is called a synbiotic instead of a probiotic because the pill has two layers: one prebiotic and one probiotic, that release their bacteria-filled goodness at different points through the digestive process. Their team of innovative scientists and product developers have created the best probiotic supplement out there. Along with the excellent product and the ease of their subscription plans, they are zero waste: all their packaging and shipping materials are 100% compostable. 

Seed provides tons of background and educational tools about their supplement on their social media profiles and their website. They even have secret bonuses for those who follow along with their mini-courses. They’re passionate about science, the future, and innovation. That makes a perfect gift for anyone on your list who is health-conscious and forward-thinking. Save on your purchase with the code INDIEMOOD, whether it’s a gift for you or someone on your list. 

Gift Guide for the Sustainable Bestie

Ritology Razors

safety razor and razor refills next to carrying case

Ritology is a sustainable, zero-waste beauty brand that makes a high-quality refillable safety razor that can last a lifetime if taken care of. The Smooth Operator starter kit comes with the safety razor and a pack of refill blades and comes with a cute carrying tin to take with you on your travels. It also looks very chic, which is always a plus! Learn more with our full review here and use code INDIEMOOD for 15% off Ritology!

Félin Lune

felin lune apothecary products

Félin Lune is a brand creating zero waste alternatives to beauty, skincare, and toiletry products. Their deodorant paste is my all-time favorite, and I also love their Solis face wash bar. Their shampoo and conditioner bars are also some of the best out there. All their packaging is beautiful while also being zero-waste, and their scents are all so amazing. Check out our full review of the brand here!


axiology balmies super fan pack with a ton of colors

Axiology is a leader in zero waste beauty. Their balmies crayons changed the game and for good reason. These little crayons are 3-in-1 products in a huge variety of colors made of only 9 natural ingredients. They’re wrapped in paper and come in a little biodegradable matchbox. Use these on your lids, lips, cheekbones, or anywhere! The waxy formula melts into your skin and makes it easy to blend into a dewy, natural, effortless look. This is the perfect gift for a zero-waste friend who also loves beauty!

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