Now Announcing Our Partnership With Goldn

We are so excited to announce our partnership with Goldn and continue our relationship with them going forward! If this is the first time you’re reading about Goldn, you can see our short video about how Goldn works and what it can offer here, or read our interview with Arianna Andrews, their CCO, here.

Goldn is a tool that helps streamline the process of building indie brands and product design.

We believe Goldn can support indie brands as they develop their products and grow, so we are so excited for the chance to be the bridge between such a great product and the indie beauty world!

Throughout this partnership, we will be featuring the Goldn Cosmetic Product Builder: what it’s like to use Goldn, how Goldn can help indie brand owners, and what Goldn can do for indie brand owners to get new products to market faster. We’ll share every step of the process along the way, sharing stories from indie brand founders who have personal experience with the platform. 

On their side, Goldn will support indie brands in areas like concept development, developing a product brief, and working with suppliers on the platform.

Arianna Andrews, CCO of Goldn, said,

“We’re delighted to work with The Indie Mood and support beauty brand owners as they innovate and scale their businesses. The Indie Mood is a champion for diversity and transparency in the beauty space and has been a long-time advocate for social and environmental sustainability. At Goldn, we share these values and help beauty brands of all sizes and backgrounds get products to market faster, so we’re excited to work with a company that is opening doors to industry innovators.”

*If you’re an indie brand owner that’s interested in learning more about Goldn, hang tight! We’ll be sending out applications for brand owners who are interested in sharing their experience with Goldn in future blog posts. You can also join Goldn now for some special rates and discounts on Indie Mood partnerships. 

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