If You Need More Indie Perfume In Your Life, Check Out Sucreabeille’s Anniversary Sale

Stack free indie perfume gifts with purchase from April 15th to April 21st

Sucreabeille is a staple in the indie perfume world, and for good reason. They have tons of house-blended fragrances with some of the best storytelling behind their collections we’ve seen in any brand! Sucreabeille is also known for its famous Indie Marketplace, which offers products from unique indie brands from all over the world, all in one place. They’ve won audience favorite awards for our annual Indie Beauty Awards for 3 years in a row!

indie perfume vials

Their Anniversary Sale is an annual bash full of free gifts, new releases, and indie perfume madness. This year is bigger and better than ever. Let’s check out what’s offered for the 2022 Anniversary Sale!

Sucreabeille 2022 Anniversary Sale of Indie Perfume Goodies

As always with Sucreabeille’s big sales, all the gifts with purchase stack. That means if you spend $100, you get the gifts that come with the $25, $50, and $75 tiers along with the $100 gift.

$25 – Oil dram of Pear Tree and 1ml oil of Cream Tea

$50 – Oil dram of Death Unicorn and 1ml oil of Garden Witch

$75 – Oil dram of Raspberry and 1ml oil of Goth as Fuck

$100 – Free U.S. shipping AND oil dram of Danger Noodle and 1ml oil of Cabana

$150 – 10ml oil rollerball of Socks and Crocs

$200 – Supervillainess Tin – Square oil drams of It’s A Trap, No Cape, You Caught Me Monologuing, We’re Really Not So Different You and I

$250 – 1oz bottle of Hair and Body Oil scented with Outlier

$300 – 10ml oil rollerball of Sky Puppy

$350 – 10 ml oil rollerball of Lemon Verbena

$400 – 1oz Dragon Lotus Vanishing Cream

$450 – 10 ml oil rollerball of The Huntress

$500 – Awkward Bandit Collection – 1/2 oz Larceny scented Hair and Body Oil, 10 ml oil rollerballs of Gunslinger, Outlier, and Wanted, 1 oz Mutiny Summer Glaze Lotion, 1 oz Fugitive scented Buttercream, 1 oz Bounty scented Espresso Buttercream, and a tin of oil drams of Dead or Alive, Gambler, Infamy, and Maverick

$525 and above – A free mystery dram for every $25 spent

New Indie Perfume Releases

Aside from all the amazing free gifts, every year Sucreabeille drops creative new collections of Indie Perfume during their Anniversary Sale. Here are the 2022 new releases!

Impending Bloom

Impending Bloom is a completely new scent, perfect for the spring. As usual with Sucreabeille, this scent is the perfect blend of pretty and badass.

Scent Notes from Sucreabeille: A quick burst of gasoline that dries down to gorgeous, sparkling florals: roses, peonies, freesia, lilac, and daisies.

Awkward Bandits

The Awkward Bandits collection has come together in a beautiful new box set. Awkward criminals include Bounty, Dead or Alive, Fugitive, Bambler, Gunslinger, Infamy, Larceny, Maverick, Mutiny, Outlier, and Wanted.

Agent of Chaos

Agent of Chaos is another new scent that smells like summer nights in a bottle.

Scent Notes from Sucreabeille: A worn flannel shirt that still smells like last week’s nighttime beach bonfire, paired with a well-loved leather jacket, camphor and vetiver, and sweetgrass.

Woodland Creatures

Woodland Creatures are an adorable collection of forest creatures that stray from the norm. The collection includes the scents Danger Noodle, Fart Kitten, Garbage Dog, Sky Puppy, Stab Rabbit, and Trash Panda.


Sucreabeille released a new 1ml Sample Pack of the Supervillainess collection in a collectible tin just in time for their Anniversary Sale.

villainess collection of indie perfumes


Sucreabeille has released a new collection of indie perfume inspired by the elements. New scents include Aether, Air, Earth, Water, and Fire along with a collection box for each element.

The Sucreabeille Annual Anniversary Sale is on now until April 21st, 2022.

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