Indie Musings

Welcome to our indie musings! This section of our site can simply be described as the “miscellaneous” section. Here, we have grouped together a variety of different thoughts and articles that we have created in order to help you learn more about the indie world and its makers!

Our musings can be divided into the following sections: Brand Profiles, Dupe Finds, Indie Roundups, Interviews, Just Musings, Reviews, The Indie Impact, and Use Your Stash. These can all be found in the drop-down menu! Allow us to elaborate on the focus of each section:

Brand Profiles: Brand profiles are a short blurb of information about a brand, such as their shipping fees, whether or not they are cruelty free, and a short review about any of their products we have from them at the time the profile is written (check out our reviews for more specific thoughts on specific products!). Want us to create a brand profile for a certain brand? Let us know here!

Dupe Finds: This section focuses purely on any dupes we might find on our indie journey. If there is an indie we find that dupes a popular mainstream product, we’ll put it here. If an indie dupes another indie, we’ll put that here as well (this could especially help those of you who live internationally and cannot access a certain indie). We will also include a discussion on any formula, shade, and texture differences between the products and give a thorough comparison of the products in question! Feel free to request a dupe for a certain product here.

Indie Roundups: This section has both of us super excited! Here, we will be created lists of products and brands that fit within a certain category. For example, we will be “rounding up” ten zero waste indie brands, top ten single eyeshadows, and more! As always, if you want us to feature a certain category of products, request it here!

Interviews: The interview section is exactly its name: interviews of people within the indie community. This includes brand owners, indie creators, other content creators, and artists. Want to see us interview someone? Let us know here!

Just Musings: This section is for articles that don’t really fit anywhere else. Maybe we have a cool experience to share, or maybe we want to rave about some favorites in life. Or maybe we have a guest post or author, or want to share some techniques! Whatever it might be, you’ll find it here in our “miscellaneous” category.

Reviews: In our reviews section, you will find – you guessed it – reviews! We wanted a place that was separate from our Brand Profiles section to do reviews of products that we may purchase from a brand after we have already created a brand profile from that brand. We cover reviews of all types of indies in this section!

The Indie Impact: We really wanted to have a space on this website dedicated to why we love indies so much and why it is so important to support small business. This section focuses on environmental impacts, the effects that supporting small business can have, and the makeup industry as a whole. These pieces will be more reflective, and we really want to foster discussion as to how supporting small business ties into conscious consumerism, among other topics.

Use Your Stash: This section is really important to us. It includes ways in which you can focus on loving the indies you might already own. We might write up how to do three looks with one palette, or maybe we will discuss what products we are focusing on over a particular season. We also want to include tips and tricks on how to use up a product that might not work so well for you, and we definitely will be writing up a list of places where you can donate gently used or new products that you just can’t find a place in your heart for.

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