ISlay Cosmetics: Brand Profile

Brand Name: ISlay Cosmetics

Brand is Based Out Of: It was started in Atlanta, Georgia, but has since moved to Saint Louis, Missouri.

Price Range: $8 (glitz duos, two jars of loose chunky glitter) – $58 (beautiful, handmade brush sets)

Shipping Information: They offer worldwide shipping!

Product They Are Most Known For: Their Loose Pigments and Pigment Mixer, Slayer Palette, and the Diamond Brushes.

Cruelty Free / Vegan? – All of their cosmetics are cruelty free but they do sell Mink Lashes, so they are not a cruelty free or vegan brand. *Disclaimer* we do not usually review brands that sell mink lashes. We accepted PR from iSlay without noticing that they sold mink lashes, and from our IG story consensus, still decided to review the products we did receive. In the future, we will try harder to be more vigilant.  

Liv’s Fave: I love their Diamond Bags! They’re really adorable groupings of loose eyeshadows with different themes. They’re usually grouped by 4-6 shadows and create a mini palette color scheme, which I love.

This is also a black owned brand!


I really love the vibe and style of this brand. The PR package was so fun to open, it was colorful and vibrant. The stickers on the Diamond Bags really caught my eye in a nostalgic LA art style similar to the older Grand Theft Auto games and the 90’s Romeo and Juliet directed by Baz Luhrmann – bright, fun, colorful, and sassy. I especially loved all the glitters and their varying textures and colors. As an artist I love to play with different textures and finishes, so I was really excited about these. Also, the brushes are super cute and stand out in my brush jar, while also just being amazing synthetic brushes. These match the quality of my favorite brush brands like Luxie and Furless.

Here’s a review of each product:


I loved all 30 eyeshadows that they sent over, and did my best to try every single one, and swatched them all! There were so many different finishes, including matte, shimmer, glittery shimmer, and metallic. The metallic shadows went on like liquid metal, they were so stunning. All the shadows were long lasting and didn’t crease, especially when paired with the Mixing Medium they provided. Here are swatches of all 30 shadows. I used Urban Decay Eyeshadow Priming Potion to create a sticky base.

Mixing Medium

I was surprised by how minimal the ingredient list was for the mixing medium, and in turn, how effective it was. With this, you can turn any of these loose shadows into liquid shadows or liner. Just a drop of the medium with a bit of the powder shadow mixed on the back of your hand or with a palette creates a completely opaque liquid pigment. I also found that if you start with an eyeshadow primer, add a layer of shadow, and then a layer of this mixing medium directly to the lid, and finish with another layer of the shadow, you will have a bright metallic finish that pops! There are so many creative possibilities with this.


I love all the chunky glitters that were included, especially Bonnie and Clyde, which reminded me of fish food for Rainbow Fish. These were all so unique and fun, with many different textures and colors. Here is a look I did with Clyde.


I was extremely impressed with these brushes! They work really well, have nice bristles, and feel sturdy enough to last a long time. They’re also pretty and fun – bright yellow and covered with glitter. The eye brush set I was sent is perfect and has the variety you need to create any eye look. They have wood handles, sturdy and long ferrules, and really nice and smooth synthetic fibers. Sometimes synthetic brushes can be scratchy or hard to work with, but these are super nice. They’re also easy enough to clean and are great for fine line work because there aren’t any stray hairs.


I really enjoyed everything I reviewed from ISlay Cosmetics! If I had to describe this brand in one word, I would choose “fun”. They’re so bright, colorful, and creative. Their products inspire me as an artist with the variety of colors and textures. I love their style, and are always coming out with new, exciting products. I’ve never seen brushes like theirs, being decorated in so many ways. As something I use every single day, I think having beautiful brushes could bring

This post is not sponsored and all opinions are our own. We do not support or promote the production or use of Mink eyelashes.

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