Kegels, Your Pelvic Floor, and Trauma: Are They Related?

*TW: Mention of Sexual Trauma and PTSD*

This post has been a long time coming, as I’ve been using my Kegelbell since October of 2019. I purchased it after I listened to the episode of Natch Beaut with Kegelbell founder Stephanie Schull, where she talked about her journey and purpose creating Kegelbell. My curiosity got the best of me, and I had to try the vagina gym for myself.

The journey this brought me on was really unexpected, and through it, I ended up having some deep conversations with Stephanie (she has her PHD in Philosophy so deep conversation is kinda her thing) that brought a lot of things to my attention. At first, I thought I was using it wrong, because all of the weights and the smaller insert were still not heavy enough to be challenging. After speaking with Stephanie, she encouraged me to keep trying with some different methods because tension can be held in the pelvic floor as a result of stress.

With continued use of the Kegelbell, I started to form a connection between this tension and my experience with PTSD in relation to sexual trauma. Continued use of the Kegelbell has helped me connect my mind to my pelvic floor muscles, and realize that 1. I am holding tension there, and 2. that I can release it with meditation and relaxation. This has been massively helpful for me in so many ways, so I made an entire video about. Please watch to hear the entire story of my experience and my review of the Kegelbell.

Links mentioned:

Link to the Kegelbell in our onTUWI Boutique: Use code THEINDIEMOOD20 for 20% off everything in our boutique!

Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute article about PTSD and the Pelvic Floor:

Impact of sexual assault on the body presented by Lauren H. Collins, MPT, CLT LANA:

Natch Beaut + Kegelbell podcast episode:

This post and video is not sponsored and my opinions are authentic

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