Kesha Rose Beauty: Launch Collection Review

Celebrity cosmetic lines have certainly become a Thing. With the success of brands like Kylie Cosmetics, it can often seem like a money move for a celebrity that doesn’t leave consumers inspired. I felt differently about Kesha’s new line of cosmetics for several reasons. Kesha has always come off to me as someone who is genuinely themselves, take it or leave it. A true free spirit, with some glitter and gold teeth in the mix, I initially was excited to see what she would come up with for her line. When I found out she was collaborating with an indie brand to produce and sell her cosmetics, I was even more excited. She was taking a completely different path in creating Kesha Rose Beauty, and I was so ready for it. I was surprised to receive the box set of the collection from HipDot, and was immediately blown away by the originality of all the products. I’m going to review each product here, so keep reading!

Let’s start with the eyeshadow palette. I fell in love with this color story right away, and when I saw Kesha doing looks on herself where she used every single shade in the palette. It just looked… so Kesha. At first, the shades can look a little mixed up and overwhelming, but the more I used it, the more I realized that there are limitless looks you can do with it, from soft editorial, to dramatic glam. I also usually dislike palettes that aren’t square, because they make it difficult to store and organize amongst my other palettes, but this is an exception because the packaging is BEAUTIFUL. The tassel a cute touch, and the holographic moon is so eye catching.

There are 3 different finishes in this palette – matte, shimmer, and one pressed glitter. Like all of HipDot’s palettes, the formulas are amazing. The mattes blend beautifully, even the vibrant, hot, red shade which is perfectly named Carnivore. This is one of the brightest red shadows I’ve ever seen, which is amazing for a vegan shadow formula free of carmines. Here are some swatches of the FTW Palette.

Swatches of the Kesha Rose Beauty Fuck the World Palette

The lip duo consists of one gloss and one lipstick. The lipstick is a Marilyn Monroe bright red on the cooler side. It’s not a full matte formula, it’s more of a satin, with a moisturizing feel. It’s infused with Rosehip oil which is ultra moisturizing and gives it the slightest rose scent. The lipgloss is the real standout of the duo. It changes to a different shade of pink based on the PH of the lips of the person wearing it. For me, it turns a vibrant shade of hot pink. It also has a plumping effect, with a slight minty tingle to it. It’s moisturizing and not overly sticky

A look using the FTW palette and lip gloss

There is also a set of 2 double ended eyeliners, named the Whatever, Wherever Wands. One has a shimmery gold and shimmery copper, and the other has a pure black shade and an aqua blue shimmery shade. These have beautiful brush tips that make precision and sharp lines easy. They’re also named the Whatever, Wherever Wands because you can use them anywhere, not just your eyes. They’re super long lasting and waterproof as well. The swatches on my hand endured dishwashing and a shower, so they’re definitely built to last.

Look using the FTW Palette and Black Liquid Liner

Overall, I’m really impressed with this collection. This is not only unique to any celebrity makeup release I’ve seen, but unique from any makeup I’ve seen period. You can really see Kesha’s personality shine in these products, in the freedom, colorful expression, and multi-use fun. I also love the fact that she teamed up with an indie brand like HipDot, who is known for their excellent eyeshadow formulation.

This collection was complimentary for review but this post is not sponsored, and all opinions are our own.

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