La Beauté Soi: Your New Favorite Cruelty Free Brushes

Brand Name: La Beauté Soi , pronounced la bo.te ‘so-e

Brand Located In: Los Angeles, California

Price Range: $4 (Makeup Sponges) – $27 (Ensemble Brush Set + Case)

Shipping: Worldwide through Amazon

Best Sellers: Their Ensemble Brush Sets come in a variety of colors, and include a beautiful, compact carrying case.

Vegan? Cruelty Free?: All of La Beauté Soi’s brushes are Cruelty Free and Vegan! They use absolutely no animal hair, only synthetic fibers.

Our Review:

I was so excited to finally try an Indie Brush Brand! As a working makeup artist, I go through so many brushes, and as someone who uses only vegan and cruelty free brushes, it’s hard to find a top notch brand that isn’t extremely expensive and also doesn’t fall apart after a few washes. I’ve of course tried Morphe and Sigma, both of which don’t hold up. I have some vegan favorites like Furless and Luxie, but replacing these and adding to my collection is quite expensive. After the past few weeks of exclusively using the La Beauté Soi brushes, I’ve fallen in love! They feel so nice and high quality, they’re attractive, and they work great. They were also packaged and mailed in 100% recyclable paper and cardboard, which is awesome. The lovely Laura from La Beauté Soi kindly sent me a ton of their products to try out, so I’ll go through each one.

Ensemble Brush Set

La Beauté Soi sent over both the Tropical Teal and Barbie Pink Ensemble Brush Sets. As you can see, the teal has a more natural looking fiber, and the black has softer, white tipped fibers. They come with slightly different brushes, but both have enough to do a full face of regular makeup, including foundation, powder, blush / bronzer, eye makeup, brows, and highlighter. The thing I love most about these are the cases. They’re so stylish, and almost look like wallets. These are vegan leather cases that have individual pockets for each brush in the set, and a flap to protect the fibers while traveling. I prefer the Tropical Teal brushes slightly more because the fibers are just a bit more firm, which is a personal preference, but they’re both fantastic.

Le Blanc Brush Collection

La Beauté Soi also has collections of single brushes that they sell individually. They sent me three from their Le Blanc collection, the blending brush, large blending brush, and the multi brush. These brushes are so pretty, and are wonderful for a more minimalistic look. They work great, and have super soft bristles. The large blending brush is so soft, and is perfect for a seamless blend in the crease. These are beautiful brushes, and I love using them.

Makeup Sponges

As sponges that are 1/4 the price of a beauty blender, and just as good in my opinion, these are going to be staples in my kit. I go through sponges so much because I’m careful about washing them and keeping them clean, therefore they tend to fall apart quickly. These are a more dense sponge; the outside feels more smooth and they soak up less water and expand less. I prefer this type of sponge because it doesn’t absorb as much product, and they’re sturdier over time. They have a variety of shapes for different purposes. I love these, they’ve become my go to!


This has quickly become one of my favorite indies. From my first impression of the products being wrapped in environmentally friendly cardboard, to using all the brushes in my every day routine, I just keep loving them more and more. Also, all of their products look just as beautiful as they are functional. The cases for the Ensemble Sets are pretty, high quality, and compact. The sponges are fantastic too. This is definitely a brand I’ll look to in the future to restock my brushes and tools.

All of these products were sent to us by La Beauté Soi, but this post is not sponsored and all of our opinions are our own. Some links in this post are Amazon affiliate links. Some of La Beauté Soi’s products are available on Amazon, and if you purchase through our link, we make a small commission.

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