Why This Intimate Skincare Brand Isn’t as Crazy as It Sounds.

Hmmm… intimate skincare…. sounds like snake oil, right? I’ve become so aware of companies making up problems for women just to sell them things to fix it, so I’ve always been wary of products that are supposed to “fix” my lady parts in any way. That being said, I have looked for a wash that has some skincare properties for a long time. When I discovered Lady Suite, and realized they were small, independent, and woman owned, I decided to give them a shot, and purchased the set with their 2 products. I was pleasantly surprised.

I’ve made a variety of different choices on the hair on my vulva, and for the past few years I have gotten full brazilians. If you’ve ever gotten one, you know how bad the ingrown hairs can be. Before that, when I shaved I would get wicked razor burn. I also get acne from time to time that scars super easily, usually on my inner thighs / crotch area. Am I uncomfortable publishing this information on the internet? Sure thing, but I know I’m not the only one and if I’m going to write about vaginal skincare, I’m going all the way.

Lady Suite Beauty Products on a table

I’ve also experienced what happens when I mess with mother nature’s balance down there (yeah.. I stay away from fragranced and dyed bath bombs) and it’s not pretty. I’m very sensitive and would like to spare myself from as many UTIs and yeast infections as humanly possible. Because of this, I’ve steered clear from anything promising to make my vulva smell like a floral bouquet or tropical sunrise. That ain’t normal, and my vulva will react accordingly.

The bundle I purchased included the Probiotic Cleanser and the Botanical Oil. I love them both, but the Probiotic Cleanser is the one I know I will continue to use forever. I was in love from the first use and I don’t think I could’ve found a better vulva cleanser if I made it myself. It’s a very creamy consistency with no strong scent. It has probiotics, which are awesome for keeping our flora in check, and is designed to fit the exact pH balance of our vulvas, so as to not disturb the peace down there. It doesn’t foam up or feel stripping or drying in any way, but it also does make me feel clean and refreshed. I’ve been using it for almost 2 months now, and I have noticed a massive decrease in ingrown hairs, acne, and irritation. Take this with the caveat of I haven’t gotten a wax in 3 months because of COVID-19, so I’m not as prone to ingrowns because of that. The cleanser is $16 a bottle, which seems reasonable to me for such a great product from a small brand.

Probiotic Cleanser from Lady Suite Beauty
photo from Lady Suite’s website

The Botanical Oil is a beautiful product and I love it, but it doesn’t feel essential like the cleanser. It is pricey, at $46 a bottle, which is why I want to make it clear that this product isn’t nearly as important as the cleanser in my eyes. That being said, I still really love it and the nice post shower ritual it’s brought into my life. It has a light, citrusy smell, which I’m sure comes from the orange essential oil in it. I use this oil on my vulva and surrounding skin, and do not put this anywhere internally or near the entrance of my vagina, which is clearly advised against on the instructions on their website and on the product packaging. According to their website, they use essential oils at very limited amounts for their therapeutic purposes so as to not irritate such a sensitive area.

I was worried about the oil staining my underwear from being greasy, but it’s a super light oil that absorbs into the skin quickly. It hasn’t given me any irritation, and I really love using it. It’s hydrated and soothed the skin of my vulva, and I haven’t experienced any irritation, redness, ingrown hairs, or pimples since I started using it. It also comes in a really beautiful frosted glass bottle with a dropper. I must say, my taurus ass loves nice things in pretty bottles.

Lady Suite Botanical Oil Spilled Out
Photo from Lady Suite’s website

All in all, I highly recommend this brand for anyone looking for a non irritating cleanser and oil for their nether regions. I appreciate that this brand is owned and created by a woman who integrated her own experience in the products development.

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