Lele Posh Cosmetics: Brand Profile

Name of Brand: Lele Posh Cosmetics

Location: Montana

Price Range: $2 (eyeshadow singles) – $50 (Show Girl Palette – 20 hand pressed shadows)

Products to Check Out: This brand is only 6 months old but the owner says she wants to get noticed for her unique formulations. I can concur, they are one-of-a-kind and really awesome.

Cruelty free? Natural brand?  Lele Posh is a Vegan and Cruelty Free Brand, and a Woman Owned Business.

Liv’s Fave: I’ve never tried glitter gels before and I’m in LOVE! These are so fun and work great for glitter freckles, which is my new favorite thing.


Lele Posh Cosmetics sent me their entire “It’s Always Tea Time” Alice in Wonderland Themed Collection to review! Lele Posh is a true indie at heart; every single product from the product itself to the packaging is handmade with love, making them imperfectly perfect. The first thing I noticed upon opening the package was the fruity candy smell – all of the products are scented with different fun scents, from cake to raspberries. If you have a sensitivity or just don’t like scented makeup, you can request for your order to be unscented.

The collection consisted of 2 eyeshadow quads, a 4 brush set, 6 glitter gels, one loose glitter, and a highlighter. This was awesome because I got to try out many of her different formulations to give you guys my thoughts.

The Shimmer Eyeshadow and Highlighter formulas is absolutely unreal. When I posted myself watching on our Instagram story, we got so many replies with amazement. The powders in the pan really do feel wet, and they go on so smooth and buttery, with intense metallic pigment. I assumed since the formula felt so ‘wet’ that I would have issues with it moving around and creasing throughout the day, but nope, these stayed strong for one of my never-ending 12-14 hour days.

I absolutely loved the glitter gels! Some had shimmery colored bases and some were just a clear base with glitter. They all smelled so good, and the glitter went on smoothly, stayed on all day, and came off easily at the end of the day. *tip* I always use a piece of cellophane tape to remove any glitter I’m wearing. This will peel it right off instead of irritating your skin by rubbing it in with makeup wipes or remover. Here’s a look I did with the shade “Queen of Hearts”

The Loose Glitter in the shade Absolem is absolutely gorgeous as well. It’s all circles in different shades, so these are absolutely perfect for glitter freckles. Below are some swatches of everything!

Swatches of Lele Posh Cosmetics Alice in Wonderland Collection by the Indie Mood

The highlighter, named “Snow Queen”, is hands down the FROSTIEST highlighter I’ve ever used in my life. It has that same creamy, wet texture of the eyeshadows but blends out like a dream. It’s clear that the brand owner is a sorceress for creating such a stunning, dreamy formula. This highlighter is for people who like to blind strangers with the reflection of their highlighter. What I’m saying is it’s not subtle. Below is a look with Snow Queen on my inner corner.

The set also came with a set of 4 brushes. These are bigger eye brushes, and are great for blending. I’ve been loving the tapered one for really getting a good blend in my crease. These are synthetic with wooden handles, and the Lele Posh is on the side in holographic letters. They’re average quality, but I’m always into having more brushes because as a makeup artist, I go through them a lot.

Overall: This was such a fun collection to review! Lele Posh is truly a unique brand with a style of their own. I really adore the formulation of her powder products, especially the shimmers. If you like creamy metallic pigment that also lasts long, these are for you! I can tell how much love and care goes into the creation of these products, and how dedicated the owner is to her brand. Using Lele Posh’s stuff was really a delightful experience, and the unique formulas of glitter and eyeshadow inspired me to do something different in my makeup art. Also, these products are the definition of hand made, so using them feels like I’m using someone else’s artwork, which is such a great experience.

*These products were complimentary from the brand for review. This post is not sponsored and all opinions are our own.


  1. Lele Posh | 12th Apr 19

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful review! Thank you for doing what you do for all of us!❤

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