Little and Grim: Brand Profile

Name of Brand: Little and Grim

Location: Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin (wasn’t this Jack from Titanic’s Hometown??)

Price Range: $5 (no frills bars) – $10 (sampler sets)

Shipping Information: For right now they only ship in the USA. Their turn around time is 7-10 days.

Product they are most known for: Beautiful and detailed soap bars.

Products to check out: They just started selling a few perfume blends, and I love them!

Cruelty free? Natural brand?  They are cruelty free and vegan. All ingredients are listed on each product on their site.


I’ve been in love with this shop since we first created Indie Mood! They were one of the first new brands I discovered, and I’ve been following them ever since. These soap bars are truly little works of art (that also happen to smell amazing). The shop owner carves super detailed and beautiful molds to pour the soaps in, and the scents are more nuanced than any other scented soaps. Disclaimer: These products were sent to me free of charge for review purposes, which in no way changes my opinion on the product.

Image by Indie Mood

The Augur Soap in the Scent Necromancy:

Site Description: Necromancy (Divination by communication with the dead): A cold stone altar, covered in crawling vines. Heady incense. Dark words. Notes of sandalwood, spicy Spanish moss, ylang ylang, hay, cinnamon, gingery rum, tobacco, neroli, and birch. 

The way this soap is painted and detailed, it truly looks like metal work. It’s so interesting visually, and this scent matches perfect. It smells dusty, woody, and dark. There’s a note of rain on stone petrichor. This will be displayed in my bathroom from now on.

Image by Indie Mood

Our Darling Casket Plate Soap in the scent Botanomancy:

Site Description: Botanomancy (Divination by burning plants): Fruit-laced herbal smoke and spicy glowing embers. Notes of fig, apple, lemon, ginger, sage, frankincense, caramel, cinnamon, and smoke. 

Yummmm this smells like a greenhouse and lemonade. This is very summery, and smells like warm green herbs and plants. Refreshing and pleasant. This soap is molded from an actual antique casket plate, and it’s gorgeous. The patina that is painted on makes it look so real.

Mini Sample Bars in Mount Auburn, Bonaventure, Tasseomancy, and Poor Farm (not pictured because I’ve been using it to test the formula)

Site Description: Mount Auburn: A dizzying array of all the flora that buds in Massachusetts. Fragrant, fruity blossoms and towering trees shading gentle, winding paths. Notes of raspberry, melon, honeysuckle, lilac, wisteria, and spruce.

This is green and slightly floral, but not in a headachy way. This is definitely a summer scent that is also pleasant and clean. Very feminine.

Site Description: Bonaventure: The heady scent of magnolia blossoms before a spring rain, and a long, tall glass of spiked lemonade. Notes of magnolia, rose, jasmine, strawberry, granny smith apple, mulberry, black currant, and rain.

To be honest, jasmine is my most hated death note, and I can smell it here. BUT the lemonade and rain notes do kind of save it. Floral and fresh, if you like rose and jasmine, they’re both apparent here. Not my favorite, but not because of the blend, just because I’m inclined not to love jasmine and rose notes.

Site Description: Tasseomancy (Divination by tea leaves): A swirling blend of black and herbal teas, topped with a slice of lemon. Notes of black tea, chamomile, Egyptian musk, bergamot, and orange.

Love this! Tea scents are some of my favorite, especially when they include bergamot notes. This is still clean but a bit more sophisticated.

Site Description: Poor Farm: Overgrown grass, tangled undergrowth, wildflowers, the memory of fresh linens, and distant, greener pastures. Notes of sage, moss, fern, sweet grasses, green wood, and chamomile.

I love this!! The scent of green grass and clean laundry sum up this scent. It’s so clean and wonderful. I highly recommend for an energizing shower scent when using this bar.

Image: Indie Mood

Perfume Drams in Selenomancy and Ludlow’s Hearse:

Site Description: Selenomancy (Divination by the moon): Cool air, dewy grass, and the reflection of moonbeams on a quiet lake. Notes of clean rain, ozone, lavender, and rich myrrh.

This is .. yummy? and very feminine if gendering perfumes is your thing. The lavender note is perfectly blended with grass and ozone, to make the sweetest summer scent.

Site Description: Ludlow’s Hearse: Sleek leather seats, dark wood polished to a high shine, and the cologne of a somber driver. Notes of leather, bergamot, patchouli, tonka, musk, white peach, cashmere, ylang ylang, sandalwood. 

This is definitely one of my favorites in the bunch. If Selenomancy is feminine, this one is masculine or unisex. This is one of my favorite leather notes I’ve come across, the tonka adds a human sweetness and the citrus and sandalwood add a ‘clean’ feeling. I’ve already worn this almost every day since I got it! Both fragrances have great throw, but need to be reapplied throughout the day as they only seem to last a few hours.

Image by Indie Mood

I also received this adorable little crystal point soap. It looks so real! I put it next to my amethyst cluster to compare. It wasn’t labeled with a scent but it smells clean and fresh.


I truly love this brand and their concept! Everything has a sense of artistry and care to it, from the detailed molds, to nuanced scents. It’s clear that the brand owner is an excellent soap maker and perfumer, because the scents seem to be tailored to making an excellent soap scent. They all smell ‘clean and fresh’ but in such different ways. As for the formula of the soap, I have no complaints. It does not leave a slimy residue behind, foams up nicely, and doesn’t dry out my skin.


  1. Alex | 13th Jan 19

    Oh goodness! Thank you so much for this incredibly sweet review! I’m absolutely overwhelmed. You do SO MUCH for the indie community, so it was really my pleasure to send you some goodies. I’m sorry you wound up with a death note soap, though!

    • admin | 15th Jan 19

      Thank you so much! You’re such a sweetheart. and no way! It’s my weirdly specific death note lol, I took a perfumer class a few weeks ago and another girl in the class was in heaven with the pure jasmine oil and I was dying.

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