Lucid Living Co. Brand Profile

Name of Brand: Lucid Living Co.

Location: New Jersey

Price Range: $4.95 (smaller bath bombs) – $21 (full sized body oil)

Shipping Information: They currently only ship to the continental US and Canada, but are hoping to expand worldwide soon.

Product they are most known for: Their gorgeous, shimmering bath bombs with crystals , keys, and runes inside some. All the glitter is biodegradable!

Liv’s Fave: Bare Trees Soothing Salt Soak. This smells incredible and is very relaxing. It also has kaolin clay and epsom salts in it which is great for your skin.

Cruelty free? Natural brand?  Everything is cruelty free and vegan!


When I saw that Lucid Living was offering a holographic surprise bag, I jumped on it right away. I had been wanting to try their products for a while, and I thought this was a perfect time to try a variety! My bag came with a Runic Wonder Bath Bomb, Bare Trees Soothing Salt Soak, and a sample of their Whipped Soap. I also got a Labradorite crystal.

The bath bomb was AMAZING. Aside from smelling incredible, it made the water bright shimmering blue, and made my skin so soft. The glitter is biodegradable and didn’t stick around in my tub at all. There was absolutely no staining, and this bath bomb came with a rune inside, along with a key to tell you what the rune you get means.

I also loved the Salt Soak. This was super relaxing, and smelled great, like Fir Balsam & Juniper Berry. I definitely felt a difference with my skin feeling much softer after the bath. I also appreciate the fact that there is Epsom Salt in the soak, because the magnesium helps give you an immune boost during the winter months, as well as softening your skin and hair, and relaxing your muscles.

The whipped soap was one of the better formulas I’ve tried, I went through the sample so quick! It foamed up a lot and also smelled amazing (seems like all these products have that in common). It’s smooth and seems moisturizing as well.

Overall, I love this brand and would recommend them to anyone! The products are fun and have a magical twist which I love. As fun and colorful as the bath bomb was, it didn’t leave the smallest trace of staining. I love that all their products are vegan and made with biodegradable materials. They have the scents down to a science, because they all smell amazing. I’ll definitely be picking up more from them in the future.

*I purchased these products and all the views written about here are my own.

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