Makeup Slayve: Brand Profile

Brand Name: Makeup Slayve

Brand is Based Out Of: Bodheadsville, PA

Price Range: $4 (single pan eyeshadows) – $40 (eyeshadow palettes)

Shipping Information: They ship internationally!

Product They Are Most Known For: Beautiful Handmade Eyeshadow Palettes

Cruelty Free / Vegan? – They are vegan and cruelty free!

Newest Product: The stunning Autumn Equinox Palette that we’ve reviewed for you here!

Our Review:

Both Giulia and I knew immediately that we had to have this palette as soon as we saw the color.  For me, this is the perfect fall palette. I prefer more muted and earthy tones, but I feel like I miss out on the brights, and this is the perfect combination of the two.  These are bright, unusual colors that all have that dusky tinge of fall.  The oranges and yellow are cooler that anything I have, which makes them very beautiful and unique.  Check out the beautiful swatches that Giulia did below:


Now let’s move on to some looks.  I did two completely different looks for you guys using this palette, I made sure to use every shade at least once.

In this first look, I used Spiked Cider as the transition, Punkin’ Pie in the crease, a cut crease on the lid using Fuzzy Flannel + Ugg Boots over concealer, and then I used Jean Jacket on the lower lash line and blew it out with Cherry Blossom and Cranberry Sauced.


For the second look, I used Cranberry Sauced blown out all around my eyes and as a transition, then I deepened it with Cherry Blossom and then Witch Please.  I used jean jacket to define my lower waterline and the used glitter glue on my lids with Trick 4 Treats and Ugg Boots to give it a foiled effect.


All in all, I absolutely love this palette.  The mattes are gorgeous and blend wonderfully.  The color story is so perfect, I feel like I could have endless looks from this one palette and they’d all be perfect for fall.  The shimmers really knocked my wool socks off,  they’re very sparkly and bold.  I definitely recommend this palette!  The only negative I have to say is that two of my shadows came broken (Jean Jacket and Cranberry Sauced).  I repressed them but they never fully recovered and eventually started breaking again, so sad to say they will not survive.  Giulia’s came perfectly, though! It just goes to show that shipping can be finicky.  My palette came VERY well wrapped but must’ve hit some bumps on the way, and handmade shadows like this are softer and more prone to breakage (and amazing pigmentation and higher quality!!)

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