March Indie Pickup

We were chosen to be the bloggers of the month for the March Indie Pickup, which was a huge honor for us, and something we’re so excited to share with you guys. The Indie Pickup is a monthly event where 35+ Indie Makers get together and create a unique product based on a theme that’s voted for every month. For the month of March, the theme is famous Album Covers. Once the theme is decided and the Indie Brands are selected, the shop opens for a few days and you can shop all the products from different brands, while only paying for one shipping price. This is an awesome way to try a huge variety of Indies around a fun theme without breaking the bank, and getting some unique, super limited edition products. We tested out 24 of the products for March’s pickup, and we’re pumped to share them with you!


This Personal Aromatherapy Diffuser is called For the Creative. It’s a nice thing to leave on your desk, and this essential oil blend is very uplifting and energizing. It seems to have notes of citrus and eucalyptus, which helps refresh and clear the sinuses. This item costs $5.50 and has no cap.

My Indie Polish + Handmade Gift Canada

My Indie Polish is selling a sinus clearing and headache relief aromatherapy inhaler. The inhaler works great, and it helps me breathe easy when I sleep. Handmade Gift Canada is selling a set of 2 “everything cloths”. The cloths are perfect for a lightly exfoliating cloth for washing your face, or a reusable napkin. The aromatherapy inhaler costs $5 with no cap and the cloths are $7.50 for a set capped at 25.

Vibrant Vinyls

Vibrant Vinyls is offering a Green Apple scented Get a Grip Base Coat and Fast & Hard Quick Dry Top Coat inspired by Hanson’s MMMBop. The base coat made my manicure last way longer without chipping and the top coat added a shiny gloss. The apple scent is amazing and lasts a few days! I’m dreadful at painting nails so I had my beautiful friend Alex come over and help me cause she rocks, and her hand is much more pretty (the bottom photo). The brand describes the scent as deliciously tart apples – spunky, sweet, and totally unforgettable.

Get a Grip is a 5 free, sticky bond base coat that grips onto polish and holds on for up to 3 weeks.

This easy to use formula applies smoothly to the nail just before polishing. The soft, tacky base levels imperfections and adheres to polish, anchoring it to the nail which extends wear time and durability while preventing peeling and chipping.

*Scent will appear once fully dry.

The Base Coat is the entry for the Indie Pickup and will sell for $7 with no cap. The Top Coat is for the Polish Pickup and will sell for $7 with no cap.

Pi Colors

Pi Colors is offering this adorable artisan soap called Mr. Zebra inspired by the Tori Amos album Tales of a Librarian. The main scent is strawberry, with stripes of nectar, green apples, and grape. So fruity and fresh! The soap is so pretty with really bright stripes and topped with biodegradable glitter. This soap is $6.25 and capped at 25 for the US and 3 for the UK.

Native War Paint Cosmetics

Native War Paint Cosmetics is selling this beautiful eyeshadow called Welcome to the Tragic Kingdom inspired by the album Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt. This is a steely blue grey with flecks of red and blue shimmer. A 2-gram container costs $7 with no cap.

Bee’s Knees Laquer

Bee’s Knees Laquer is offering a vegan cold pressed soap that contains coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, and mango butter. It’s inspired by the Falling in Reverse album Losing my Life. It smells fantastic, fruity but masculine and musky at the same time. It’s also super pretty swirled red and black topped with glitter. The scent is described by the brand as a complex combination of lime candy, frankincense, lemon grass, sandalwood, and a hint of blooming citrus trees. The price is $8 and capped at 20 for US and 4 for UK.

Off the Hook Creations

Of the Hook Creations is selling an adorable Kawaii Light Bulb Cat Toy inspired by the album How to Save a Life by the Fray. You can get this with or without organic local catnip; I got mine with the catnip and my cat Merlin loves it! It’s his new favorite toy and he goes wild playing with it. This is priced at $3 and is capped at 50 (45 with catnip and 5 without).

Soothing Soul

Soothing Soul is offering a yummy Strawberry Lip Balm inspired by the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour album, specifically the song Strawberry Fields Forever. This lip balm smells and tastes great, is super hydrating, and makes your lips look nice and soft, with a tiny bit of subtle shimmer. The shimmer is so subtle that it just looks glossy. I love this and will definitely be carrying it around in my purse! This costs $5.25 with a cap of 30.

Heaven Scent Treasure Candles

Heaven Scent Treasure Candles made these stunning wax melts called Show me the Key inspired by The Secret Garden. The scent is called Pearberry – pear, apple, peach, raspberry, melon, lily of the valley, jasmine, musk, and vanilla. Wax melt is about 3oz. There are 2 different designs, a Key and a Lock and the wax changes colors from Green to Yellow as it melts. Mica was added for a shimmer effect, and it looks so pretty when it melts, like a magical potion! This is priced at $4 and is there is no cap.

Forty Winks Jewelry

Forty Winks Jewelry created these gorgeous hairpins inspired by the Garden of Words soundtrack. This comes with a set of 2 14mm Hairpins in silver or bronze tone. These are functional and stay put extremely well even in very fine and silky hair. They are hand painted with 5 indie lacquers, so there are no 2 alike. I’ve been wearing these non stop since I received them – they’re so beautiful and stay in my hair super well. They look like magical jewels. A set of 2 will cost $10, and will be capped at 30 of each finish (silver or bronze).

Pepper Pot Polish

Pepperpot Polish is offering this Bath Fizz inspired by the album “The Fragile” by Nine Inch Nails. This is a very Trent Reznor inspired scent called “We’re In This Together”, to me smells like a combination of musk, incense, and tobacco. This smells amazing! The scent description from the brand is a warm sandalwood fizz, backed by velvet-y black pepper, creamy vanilla and a hint of musk. This will cost $7 and is capped at 20 for the US and 5 for the UK.

Galatea Cosmetics

Galatea Cosmetics has created a Sweet Spanish Doll Foaming Bath Crush inspired by Poe’s album “Haunted”. The scent of the Bath Crush is cake, cardamom, anise & strawberries and it turns the water pink. Sprinkle as much as you like into warm running water (recommended: 1-3 uses per bag). Each bag contains ~4.5oz., costs $8 and is capped at 25.

Alter Ego Body Care

Alter Ego Body Care created this wax melt called Little Green Apple inspired by the album “Puzzle Piece” by the Temptations. This smells like fresh and crisp Green Apples, I absolutely love it. This will cost $5 and will have no cap.

Heather’s Hues

Heather’s Hues is offering this deliciously scented WiTS Body Lotion titled “Under the Table & Dreaming” after the album with the same title from the Dave Matthews Band. WiTS stands for “what is this sorcery?” because it will leave your skin that hydrated and soft. This super moisturizing lotion is scented with a dreamy blend of marshmallow fluff and lavender, and absorbs quickly without leaving any feeling of greasiness. I’ve been loving this lotion. A 2oz jar will be $6 and is capped at 25 for the US and 10 for the UK.


KBShimmer created this Prince inspired Sugar Scrub called Raspberry Beret. This smells divine, like a raspberry slushy. It’s super exfoliating and hydrating at the same time; my skin feels amazing after using this! Also, the glitter is so pretty and it looks and smells amazing. Prince’s Purple Rain album cover helped to inspire KBShimmer’s Indie Pickup item, and the purple and pink color match Prince’s outfit on the cover. This will cost $10 with no cap.

Lucky 13 Lacquer

Lucky 13 Lacquer is offering this awesome trio of their “Lotion of Immortality” hand and cuticle cream that comes with optional shimmer. These are inspired by the Panic! At the Disco album called “Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!” (one of my personal favorites). All of these lotions smell absolutely amazing, but my favorite is Far Too Young to Die, which smells like funeral flowers and incense. I love that the glitter is optional, and I added it all to one cause I wanted one to be super sparkly. It’s a beautiful shimmer with gold and pink shifts. These are super moisturizing and hydrate my dry winter hands all day. Here are the scent descriptions from the brand:

Far Too Young to Die:
One last kiss with a bouquet of flowers and incense.
Includes notes of nag champa, jasmine, rose, and orchid

Vegas Lights:
Lost in a dream of peach, berries, and Lemon Drop cocktails!
Includes notes of lemongrass and bright citrus

Girls | Girls and Boys:
Just give in the strong oak, sweet pears, and lilies
Includes notes of apples and sandalwood

Shimmer That You |: a blend of silver and red-copper-gold color-shifting shimmer. Skin, lip, and eyelid safe.

This trio will cost $11 and is capped at 48 for the US and 2 for the UK.

Beyond the Nail

Beyond the Nail was kind enough to send me their creations for both Indie Pickup and Polish Pickup! The Polish is inspired by Miley Cyrus’s album “Bangerz” and the stencils and decals are inspired by David Bowie’s album “Aladdin Sane”. The Nail Polish is titled “Can’t Stop” and it’s an opaque neon pink holo shimmer polish with a touch of purple shimmer. It’s super bright and really only takes one coat to fully cover your nail. The “Aladdin Sane” decals and stencils are amazing, even more so for me because David Bowie is my idol and I actually have the Aladdin Sane Lightening Bolt tattooed on my arm! My nails are pretty short and small, so I feel like I didn’t give the stencils justice, but I tried my best. The Vinyl Decals are so amazing, I’ve had mine on about 5 days now without any fear of them falling off. They’re iridescent opal and go well with so many different base colors. A 15ml bottle of nail polish will go for $11 in the Polish Pickup and is capped at 100 for U.S. and 10 for U.K. The decals will go for $6 for the Indie Pickup with no cap.

*I would like to add that I royally stink at painting my nails, and also my nails are very short and cruddy looking. I work a lot with my hands and play a lot of instruments so these nails are not great models.

The Soapy Chef

The Soapy Chef created these awesome wax melts to honor the King, Elvis, from his Live at Madison Square Garden album cover. The scent is called Prince from Another Planet, and it smells fruity and delicious. They filled my entire apartment with the delicious scent of summery fruity goodness. I also love how the melts match the buttons on his outfit. Here is the scent description from the brand: This wax is a wonderful combination of fruity and floral. Enjoy a bright citrus burst of litsea cubeba, combined with a light floral, but not perfumy fragrance – you will catch bits of mimosa, rose, jasmine, gardenia, ylang ylang, lily, and honeysuckle. If you look at the package from the bottom, you can see the gorgeous details of Elvis’s clothing from this amazing night. This will cost $7.50 and will be capped at 80 for the US and 5 for the UK.

Gold Skull Cosmetics

Gold Skull Cosmetics is offering this wet or dry chrome eyeshadow inspired by the GBH Album “Midnight madness and Beyond…” (I love this album and I’m so happy some punk music was included in this pickup!). This is a super foiled shadow that has a navy base with dark indigo and violet metallic shimmer. It’s perfect for a grungy smokey eye. This also comes with a tiny tube of eyeshadow primer that works wonderfully, I used it for the unicorn swatches above. This costs $11 for the shadow and primer, and is capped at $25 for the US and $5 for the UK.

Vapid Wax

Vapid Wax created these wonderful wax melts called “It’s Like RAYYYYYYEAAAANNN” inspired by the epic anthem from Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill. Who hasn’t blasted this with the windows down driving down a highway at night after a rough breakup?? Oh.. just me? The brand describes this as a rainy day scent and a hint of the bouquet of flowers the bride carries on her wedding day. This is honestly one of my favorite wax melt scents ever. It smells like fresh spring rain with the tiniest hint of florals. This costs $5 with no cap.


Kinsmade is selling this Jazzy Nail Stamping Plate inspired by the Album Cover for “Dirty Boogie” Brian Setzer Orchestra. The plate has over 50 graphics to spark your imagination and to add some groove to your nails. These are really cute! This is the first time I’ve ever even heard of a nail stamping plate, and I epically failed at the stamping, so I added these beautiful manicures made with the plate that I found on Kinsmade’s Instagram. This will sell for $15 and is capped at 40 for the US and 5 for the UK.

P.S. – Congrats to the owner of Kinsmade for the new addition to their family! They included an adorable photo of their new baby and I almost died of cuteness overload.

Turtle Tootsie Polishes

Turtle Tootsie Polishes created this adorable bar of soap inspired by Shark Tales. It smells amazing – like fresh and clean cotton. As you can see, there’s a little shark friend in there that you’ll be able to get out as you use the soap. These cost $8 and are capped at 25.

Bohemian Polish

Bohemian Polish is offering this Wax Melt called Record Store Day, inspired by trips to the local record shop in the maker’s town, Rochester, NY. The scent is described by the brand as a smooth, masculine scent – amber, teakwood, coffee beans, musk, cedar and leather are mellowed with hints of lemon, bergamot, neroli, iris, and vetiver. This is my kind of smell, and the kind of scent that fills my apartment with a sense of warmth. There’s a record shop I used to hang out in growing up (Vintage Vinyl in NJ), and this scent really is reminiscent of that. I absolutely love this melt. This will sell for $4 with no cap.

To Shop the March 2019 Indie Pickup – visit

2/24 will be the website reveal so you can build your wishlist, and the shop will go live from 3/1 – 3/4 ONLY. You will pay one flat rate shipping cost of $3 and all the products from various makers will ship together!

I hope you enjoyed this review. Follow us on Instagram for more news, reviews, and more from indie beauty, bath and body, perfume, nail polish, and more.


  1. Kinsmade | 22nd Feb 19

    Stamping can be a little tricky, but I am always available to help troubleshoot. My instagram feed is full of manicures I created using my new orchestra-themed nail art plate. @kins.made

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