Merci Handy – Brand Profile

Merci Handy – a really cute French Indie Brand, just expanded to the US and they reached out to us to try out their stuff! We got to speak to the owners and ask them the specifics of their brand and expansion.

Brand Name: Merci Handy

Price Range: $4-$15. Merci Handy wants to be clean, playful and affordable, we target real customers!

IM: Where is your brand located?

MH: Our headquarters are in Paris, France. We are expanding in the U.S. quickly though. You can currently find us at any Aerie store that sells beauty products, Riley Rose, and we also will be featured in some subscription boxes in upcoming months.

IM: What is the brands bestselling product?

MH: Our hero product is the hand sanitizer. It is small, colorful, mobile, and made with 98% clean ingredients. They are so easy to bring around with you. Anyone can fit one in their pocket and take the colorful hand cleanser wherever they go!

IM: What is a product you want people to discover? It could be something new or something they feel is underrated.  

MH: We love the new deodorant that we will be launching. It is made from clean ingredients and it is vegan but it is less expensive than similar products in the market. Not only that but it smells great and works very well! I use the fragrance “Namaste” and I work out every day for at least an hour, and also frequently walking out in the city’s intense summer heat. Even after all of this I still end my day smelling just as fresh and as clean as I started it.

Vegan? Cruelty Free?: They are both vegan and cruelty free!

Our Thoughts:

These products are so. cute. SO CUTE! They’re bright, the design is beautiful, and they make me want to sanitize and moisturize my hands more, which is always a good thing.

The most stand-out thing about the Hand Sanitizers to me are that they don’t dry out my skin. I’m a dry, eczema prone lizard. Literally. I step into the sun for 2 seconds and my skin turns to ash. But these don’t dry out my skin. That’s the first time I’ve ever experienced that from a hand sanitizer, so that’s a win for me and these have been living in my purse and desk ever since. They also smell fantastic once they dry.

The hand creams are also great for me. I usually don’t love hand creams because they make my hands feel greasy, sticky, or both. These are super lightweight and fast absorbing, so they don’t make my paws all greasy. They also smell great, but not overwhelming or overpowering. I’ve also been keeping one in my purse for about a month now, the blue one, and the bottle doesn’t look dirty, the cap hasn’t fallen off, and this hasn’t leaked at all. For a white tube, that’s pretty amazing for me.

My one issue with this brand’s products is that they make my hands taste bad. Of course I know that all hand sanitizers and creams will make my hands taste weird to some degree, but this is to an extreme where I had to wash my hands vigorously before eating or putting anything towards my mouth or it would make my mouth taste like chemicals, more than any other sanitizer and cream I’ve tried. I obsessively wash my hands because I live in New York City and I’m touching other people’s germs all day long, so this isn’t a big issue for me. What I did notice is just how much my hands go near my mouth every day. I also noticed that if I touch my lip with my hand, and then lick my lips, it will taste like chemicals. So take that as you will, this might not bother people at all, but I thought I’d include it.


This brand is super cute, fun, and effective. If you’re looking for a purse / gym bag sanitizer and cream duo, these are great. They smell wonderful, keep your skin hydrated, and most importantly, they don’t leak in your purse. My favorite scent is the Unicorn Edition, which is also subtly sparkly!

*These products were complimentary for our review but that doesn’t change our opinion on the products at all.

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