Nègès Cosmetics: Brand Profile

Hello everyone! Welcome to the brand profile for Nègès Cosmetics! The name of the brand is actually the Haitian Creole word for “strong black woman.” I ended up asking the brand owner, whose native language is Haitian Creole, how to pronounce the name, and the best way I can explain how to pronounce is: “neh-guess,” with the emphasis of the second half of the word. Liv and I were both so happy when the brand reached out to send us a few of their shades; black-owned brands deserve more recognition, and we want to feature as many as we can on Indie Mood!

The two shades sent to us (left to right): Fear No One and I Am Rare. Isn’t the packaging so cute?!

Brand Located In: New Jersey, USA

Price Range: $19.99

Shipping: Ships worldwide

Swatches of I Am Rare (top) and Fear No One (bottom).

Best-sellers: I Am Rare, Heart Work, Set You Free

Other: Cruelty Free and Black-Owned

Our thoughts: This is a very classic liquid lipstick formula. If you are looking for something that will not budge and you enjoy a more traditional liquid lipstick formula, this is definitely for you. It is a slightly mousse-y and thicker formula, but once it dries down it does feel fairly lightweight on the lips. You will feel it on your lips if you rub your lips together a lot, though.

Wearing Fear No One

As long-lasting as it is, this formula is actually not all that drying. I have tried liquid lipsticks that have dried my lips out so bad – looking at you, Colourpop – and these are nothing like that. The liquid lips are true matte lips, but they don’t crumble like the Colourpop ones do (unless you apply too much – less is more with these). They are extremely pigmented, and they dry down quick as well. These are perfect for someone who is on the move and needs something to last all day. You might find that you need to reapply them after eating greasy food, but they last well through eating otherwise.

Wearing I Am Rare, my favorite of the two shades! It’s so beautiful and I feel like it really pops!

I also just wanted to say that the shades in Nègès Cosmetics’ first launch are just so beautiful and unique. The two shades sent to me, I Am Rare (the red-orange) and Fear No One (the true dark brown) and both incredibly stunning. I Am Rare is unique in that it has an almost neon coral undertone, so it isn’t just a standard red-orange. And I have no other lipstick in my collection that is as true a brown as Fear No One. I’m so excited to see what other shade Nègès Cosmetics ends up launching!

Note: These products were sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.

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