New Product from Nügg – Watermelon Face and Sleep Mask

Photo by Indie Mood

I’ve been testing out this brand new product from Nügg Beauty for a few weeks. This came at the perfect time – at the end of the winter when my skin is really suffering, getting dry and cracked. I’m about to start drinking Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize my skin. I was thrilled to try this, because I’ll try just about anything right now if it claims to moisturize my skin.

This product seems to be an affordable dupe of the Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask, which I have tried and enjoyed. It’s safe to say that although these products are a bit different, the Nügg version is a dupe of the Glow Recipe version that has the same level of effectiveness. Sleeping Masks like this have the ability to hydrate my skin without feeling heavy or greasy, which is great.

If you’ve ever tried the Glow Recipe version, you know that it dries down to a ‘mask’ that you can kind of feel, but doesn’t bother you at all. Overnight, it works to seal in hydration. The Nügg Beauty Watermelon Face and Sleep Mask definitely dries down, although it take’s a bit longer. In the morning when you rinse it off, you can feel it coming off.

This 100% made my skin softer and more hydrated, even after the first use. I also like how the container the product came in is resealable, unlike their other masks. This has 35+ applications in it. I’ve been using this every night for about a month, and there’s about half the amount left in the container. I know that the single mask packs were a complaint about their original masks, so it seems like they listened to their customers and created a solution to that issue. I love when brands take the time to listen and redevelop products based off of reviews.

It smells slightly fruity, but not in a chemical way. I dislike overly scented skincare products, so this is just right for me. It’s a water texture, similar to most Korean Overnight Masks. This made a different in the hydration of my skin, and in combination with my Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, I survived and East Coast February with hydrated skin.

Picture by Indie Mood

This product was sent to me for testing, but this post is not sponsored. All opinions are our own. Thank you Nügg Beauty for the opportunity to review your newest product!

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