Noctex Cosmetics Lip Vial Review + Swatches

I’ve always loved Noctex’s Fashion Line of goth post-apocalyptic layering pieces. When I found out they were expanding their brand with a cosmetics line, I was so excited. They carried over their dark futuristic aesthetic to their beauty products, and I had the opportunity to review the trio of their first ever liquid lipsticks. The three shades that they released are autumn-perfect muted nudes. The most notable thing right off the back is the packaging. The lipsticks come in what looks like a test tube with a stopper.

Image of the Outside Packaging from Noctex Cosmetic’s Instagram

These are slightly different from your traditional dry down liquid to matte lipstick formula. These are creamier, and they still dry down to be budge proof, but they’re slightly softer and less dry. The way I can describe the texture is instead of flakey they’re… doughy? I hope that makes sense. What that means is they are flexible to your lips and never crack or crease or make your lips look like the famous butthole dry liquid matte look. I wouldn’t say that these are hydrating or even satin, they’re still quite matte. They just don’t have that dry acrylic paint feeling. I could see these being a favorite for many because they feel and look better than most liquid lipsticks. They are also thicker and creamier, so reapplication isn’t necessary most of the time as they stay put very well. I swatched all three for you on both my lips and my arm, so I’ll put each swatch here and explain the color.

Lip Swatch of the Shade Lillies

Lillies is a soft peachy nude. This is a soft and sweet pink nude; I would describe it as romantic. It’s on the cooler side and is quite light.

Lip Swatch of the Shade Rusted

Rusted is a light, warm nude. This isn’t orange toned, which is what I expected from looking at the tube. It’s more of a warm peach, as a opposed to Lillies, which is a cool peach. It’s on the lighter side as well. Both Lillies and Rusted look incredible on deep skin tones as a contrast of a light nude. It doesn’t look like ‘concealer lips’ because the nudes have enough pigment and color in them to look ethereal and almost pastel.

Lip Swatch of the Shade Requiem

Requiem is an awesome 90s brown. I love this color! It has brick red undertones, unlike most brown lipsticks that I have, which are on the cooler side. This would look great on the lightest to darkest skin tones.

Overall, I really love this trio of liquid lipsticks. These colors are perfect for just about any makeup look, because you have both a cool and warm soft nude along with a more bold lip. You can also wear them blotted for a softer look. These are more comfortable than most liquid lipsticks, while still being long lasting and smudge proof. Here are swatches I did of the entire collection.

Swatches of All Three Shades

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