Nugg Beauty: Brand Profile

Name of Brand: Nugg Beauty

Location: Port Washington, NY

Price Range: $3.99 (single use masks) – $25 for combo beauty boxes

Shipping Information: Minimum order is $10 for all orders placed. Orders of $20 or more automatically receive free shipping (US only). For orders below $20, we charge shipping & handling of $3.50 (US only). They ship internationally for a higher cost.

Product they are most known for: Their little pods of face mask, which is where they get the name Nugg.

Liv’s Fave: The Skin Fizz! This product is such a gentle way to exfoliate, while also incorporating the benefits of amazing ingredients like Turmeric and Kale. Also, the powder allows 15 uses per pack, which is cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Cruelty free? Natural brand?  They are leaping bunny certified cruelty free and 93% natural, working towards more! They use minimal packaging in their products and everything is recyclable.


This was such a fun set of products to review! The lovely Nugg team was kind enough to send over 3 varieties of their wash-off mask pods, 3 varieties of their skin fizz, and a pack of 2 lip scrubs and one lip mask.

I’ll start with their newest product, which also happened to be my favorite of the bunch, the Skin Fizz. It comes in a packet that contains 15 uses of powder mask. You mix a bit in your palm with an equal amount of water, and it fizzes into the mask. Heres a photo of what I mean with the Turmeric and Rosewood Extract Skin Fizz.

Once the mask has foamed up, you rub it all over your face. There is a little bit of texture in the mask that exfoliates gently, and the mask is fizzy and refreshing. You have the option to leave it on for 2-3 minutes to allow your skin to absorb the ingredients, or rinse it off right away if all you wanted to do was exfoliate. It’s a thin layer of mask on your face, here is are some pictures of me with the mask on and immediately after I washed it off. The mask only leaves a slightly yellow tint as it is soaking in, and when I rinsed it off my skin felt so refreshed and smooth.

Next, I’ll talk about their staple product, the mask pods. I love these! They’re super gloopy and thick, but afterwards, your skin feels so soft. My favorite was the hydrating one, which soothed my dry winter skin and left it way more supple than before. Each pod contains one use, which seems like a lot of product, but they recommend using all of it for each use because the thicker layer of mask increases the effectiveness.

Now, I’ll talk about the lip trio. I struggle with chapped lips in the winter, so I was excited to try these. The scrubs are nice, but on the thicker, creamier side for a lip scrub. If you prefer a scrub that hydrates as it exfoliates, this one is for you. The lip mask was the only thing that missed the mark for me. I left it on overnight, and it didn’t seem to make a difference except make my lips feel kinda weird, like they had a layer of the mask remaining that I couldn’t get off. I use a different brand of lip mask every night, and I prefer that one for hydration and moisture overnight.

Overall, I really enjoyed trying out these products. This is a super fun brand that has something for every skin type and issue. The #1 product to try is the Skin Fizz, I saw immediate results with smoother, more refreshed looking skin. I also loved the mask pod for a weekly hydration boost. I would purchase these two again. On top of the skincare benefits and natural ingredients, their products add a boost of color and fun into your skincare regimen. They are available on Amazon to all you prime addicts like me, and I believe you can also spot them at Target. They also offer subscription boxes and variety packs on their site, if you want to try lots of things.

*These products were sent complimentarily for our review, but this isn’t sponsored. All opinions in this article are our own.

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