The Indie Makeup Guide

If you are new to indie makeup – or even just makeup in general! – this is the guide for you! Here, we have collected favorites in all makeup categories, from face products to eye products to lip products, in an attempt to make the indie world a bit easier for you to dip your toe into! That being said, this is anything but an exhaustive list, it is simply an introduction to the world of indie makeup!

Furthermore, there are some categories for which we do not have indie options; as the indie world expands, we will be adding onto the guide! If you have any questions or any suggestions for the Guide, feel free to DM us on Instagram or shoot us a note through our contact form!

Without further ado, here are some beginner-friendly indies to try out! Please note, these are all cruelty-free!



  • Wake the Dead Scrubs
    • Silicone Primer (alyram4, nekojess97)
    • Hydrating Makeup Primer (twistedwonderlandperfumery)
  • Fyrinnae Powder Primers (constant.projects, adoraazrael)



  • none yet

Stick Foundations: (still need to ask)


  • Meow Cosmetics Purrrfect Puss Powder Foundation (constant.projects, pickyp11)
  • Luna Foundation from Dreamworld Cosmetics (wanderingschmoo)

Color Correctors:

  • Makeup Maniac (beautyfxbyreilly)


  • Meow Cosmetics Undereye Concealer (constant.projects)
  • Omnie Beauty 7 in 1 concealing foundation (leleposhcosmetics)


Loose Powders:

  • Fyrinnae powders (pickyp11)
  • BFTE Cosmetics (
  • Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder (sydneyhawthorne)

Pressed Powders:

  • None yet

Bronzers and Contours:

Loose and Pressed:

  • Devinah Cosmetics (alyram4, venusthepeke, wolkenspringen)
  • Lunatik Cosmetic Lab (adoraazrael, alyram4)
  • Wicked Sisters Cosmetics, Summer Goth Bronzer and Highlight Duo (thefrosteddonut)
  • Notoriously Morbid, Chamber (
  • Koyvaca (
  • Apocalyptic Beauty (swatchoverme, marthacollectsmakeup)
  • Nabla Cosmetics (wolkenspringen)

Cream and Liquid:

  • None yet



  • Notoriously Morbid (venusthepeke,
  • Hello Waffle (previouslypc)
  • Darling Girl Cosmetics (previouslypc, levkoy.loverboy)
  • Aromaleigh (arfarfanarf13)
  • Detrivore (willnotgrowup)
  • Silk Naturals (keely_cn)
  • Beauty from the Earth (vipergrlkntr)
  • Crow and Pebble (constant.projects)
  • Shiro Cosmetics (constant.projects)
  • Fyrinnae (levkoy.loverboy)
  • My Pretty Zombie (levkoy.loverboy, marthacollectsmakeup)
  • Apocalyptic Beauty (marthacollectsmakeup)


  • Juvia’s Place blush palettes (levkoy.loverboy, sydneyhawthorne)
  • Sydney Grace (constant.projects, hellooooo_._nurse, venusthepeke)


  • Rituel de Fille Creme Pigments (keely_cn)
  • taterrounds beauty matte cream blush (levkoy.loverboy)
  • addictive cosmetics color creams sticks (might put this under contour, need to look at shade range) (levkoy.loverboy)
  • Daniel Sadler watercolor liquid blush (levkoy.loverboy)
  • silk naturals cream blush (levkoy.loverboy)
  • fat and the moon lip and cheek stain (levkoy.loverboy)
  • LBCC historical/Little Bits of etsy; historical recipes (levkoy.loverboy)


  • Danessa Myrics Vision Flush (hellooooo_._nurse)
  • SolanaLuxe liquid blushes



  • Bitter Laced Beauty (o.nixiell.o)
  • Leleposh (h6llbound)
  • Clionadh Cosmetics (kathryncolours)
  • Kristen Leigh Cosmetics duochromes (
  • Sydney Grace (wanderingschmoo, venusthepeke)
  • Pretties For Your Face (elena150816)
  • Baby Bat Beauty (adoraazrael)
  • Beauty Bar Baby (kitten.empire.cosmetics)
  • Coven Cosmetics (constant.projects)
  • Give Me Glow (challengherbeauty,
  • challengherbeauty (challengherbeauty)
  • Love Luxe Beauty (challengherbeauty)
  • Makeup Geek (sydneyhawthorne)
  • Beauty Bakerie (sydneyhawthorne)
  • Juvia’s Place (sydneyhawthorne)
  • Looxi Beauty (annettesmakeupcorner)
  • FAIR Beauty (levkoy.loverboy)
  • Notoriously Morbid (levkoy.loverboy)
  • Devinah (levkoy.loverboy)


  • Juvia’s Place (emilyotully, challengherbeauty, sydneyhawthorne)
  • Kerra Cosmetics (thesunnyfatima)
  • glazedbeautyco (glazedbeautyco)
  • eccentric cosmetics (
  • darling girl (tarathetornado)
  • aromaleigh (arfarfanarf13)
  • my pretty zombie (agshells)
  • shiro (agshells, constant. projects)
  • fair beauty (freckld.face)
  • naked cosmetics (marceleene13)
  • givemeglow (challengherbeauty)
  • sydneygrace (venusthepeke)


  • Pinch of Color (emilyotully)
  • leleposh (challengherbeauty)
  • impulse cosmetics (levkoy.loverboy)


  • hello waffle (agshells)
  • solanaluxe (me, lol)

Face Palettes:

  • Juvia’s Place Blush palettes (_oblina_, sydneyhawthorne)
  • beauty bakerie (sydneyhawthorne)
  • lunatick cosmetics (venusthepeke, lavender_lashes)
  • glisten cosmetics disco dynamite palette (??) (ava_whoknows)

Setting Sprays:


  • Baby Bat Beauty Mixing Potion (adoreaazrael)
  • McKenna Cosmetics (mckennacosmetic)
  • rebel rouge labs?


  • Klarity Kosmetics (slays_dolan)


Eyeshadow Primers:

Regular Eye Primers:

  • Eccentric Cosmetics Primer (elena150816,
  • brija cosmetics eye wax (wanderingschmoo)
  • notoriously morbid shadowbind and poxytonic (nekojess97)

Glitter Primers:

  • Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (kathryncolours, swatchoverme, constant.projects, me)
  • Beauty Bar Baby (elena150816)
  • Surreal makeup primer (surreal makeup, lol)
  • notoriously morbid shadowbind (nekojess97)


Eyeshadow Palettes:

  • Menagerie Cosmetics Feral Palette (greeneggsimsam, just.makeup405, justbethsface, tarilyth, sargoveg)
  • Lunatick Labs Cosmetics Zombie Defense Palette (thefrosteddonut)
  • Lunatick Labs Cosmetics Supernatural and Elvira palettes(vipergrlkntr)
  • OhmyGlitteromg Brights palette (thefrosteddonut)
  • Sugarpill Feline Fancy (agsheels)
  • Shiro Attack of the Jolly Mechasaur (agshells)
  • Terra Moons (?) (shariaof)
  • Strobe Creepy Cute (justbethsface, constant.projects, elena150816)
  • Strobe Divinity (justbethsface, arfarfanarf13)
  • Meeshalou (?) (arfarfanarf13)
  • Clionadh Archeo and Paleo (arfarfanarf13, spacesappphic)
  • Sunqueen Cosmetics Citrus Garden Palette (spacesappphic)
  • Enchanted Lustre Cosmetics Luxury Chromebow Palette (spacesappphic)
  • Blushtribe Hasina 2 (marceleene13, sydneyhawthorne)
  • All Juvias Place (sydneyhawthorne)
  • Glisten Cosmetics Disco Dynamite (ava_whoknows, beautybyaliciamarie)
  • Notoriously Morbid How the Story Goes Palette (nekojess97)
  • Menagerie Dragon Child palette (venusthepeke)
  • Certifeye Tropical Wonders (jana_mueee, sydneyhawthorne)
  • Suva Beauty Block Party and Saffron (sydneyhawthorne)
  • Max Up the Makeup Flower Child (sydneyhawthorne)
  • BlushTribe Munaza (sydneyhawthorne, vipergrlkntr)

Single Pressed Shadows:

  • Clionadh Cosmetics (bailey_sutton, justbethsface, afarfanarf13, spacesappphic, sydneyhawthorne)
  • Sugarpill (hasturprynne, venusthepeke)
  • Devinah Cosmetics (hasturprynne, levkoy.loverboy, justbethsface, arfarfanarf13, spacesappphic, venusthepeke, elena150816, futuredo2022)
  • Sydney Grace Co (challangherbeauty, heartmadefullmetal, justbethsface, afarfanarf13, oceanbirdie76, rooneycartooney, venusthepeke, wanderingschmoo)
  • Give Me Glow (challangherbeauty)
  • Klarity Kosmetics (challangherbeauty)
  • Fyrinnae (levkoy.loverboy)
  • JD Glow (levkoy.loverboy, the boxyapologist)
  • Maedermakeuplabs (levkoy.loverboy, nekojess97)
  • Suva Beauty (levkoy.loverboy)
  • Emme Cosmetics (justbethsface)
  • millascosmetics (thesunnyfatima)
  • Meeshalou (arfarfanarf13)
  • Igneous Cosmetics (spacesappphic, elena150816)
  • enchantedlustrecosmetics (spacesappphic)
  • euniquebeauty (medeaij)
  • OPV (sargoveg)
  • Notoriously morbid (nekojess97)
  • prettiesforyourface (elena150816)

Single Loose Shadows:

  • Shiro Cosmetics (lavender_lashes, agshells)
  • Geek Chic Cosmetics (lavender_lashes)
  • Concrete Minerals (hasturprynne)
  • Fyrinnae (hasturprynne, swatchoverme, agshells, kathryncolours, constant.projects)
  • Aromaleigh (hasturprynne, arfarfanarf13, constant.projects)
  • My Pretty Zombie (hasturprynne, agshells)
  • Brija Cosmetics (thefrosteddonut)
  • Medusas Makeup (thefrosteddonut)
  • Apocalyptic Beauty (swatchoverme)
  • Femme Fatale (agshells, constant.projects)
  • Notoriously Morbid (blue.rae.disc, levkoy.loverboy, constant.projects, venusthepeke)
  • Dawn Eyes Cosmetics (levkoy.loverboy)
  • Impulse Cosmetics (levkoy.loverboy, constant.projects)
  • TammyTanuka (kathryncolours)
  • Spectrum Cosmetics (constant.projects)
  • Darling Girl Cosmetics (rooneycartooney)
  • Kristen Leigh Cosmetics (rooneycartooney)
  • sydney grace pigments (venusthepeke, wanderingschmoo)
  • notyce beauty (elena150816)

Cream Shadows

  • Sydney Grace Cream Shadows (heartmadefullmetal, venusthepeke)
  • Dear Katie Brown Infinity Shadow Paints (kathryncolours)

Liquid Shadows

  • Sydney Grace (rooneycartooney, arfarfanarf13, justbethsface)
  • Impulse Cosmetics (levkoy.loverboy)
  • Smith and Cult (beautybyaliciamarie)

Shadow Sticks


Loose Glitters:

Pressed Glitters:

Brow Products:

Brow Pencils:

Brow Gels:

Brow Pomades:

Brow Powders:








Lash glue:


Lip Balms:

Lip Pencils:


Liquid Lipsticks:

Bullet Lipsticks:

Potted Lipsticks:

Lip Glosses:



Empty Palettes:


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