Review: Stunning Makeup Bags With Tons of Compartments

Beautiful, functional, and roomy: these makeup bags from Singhvis check all the boxes!

As a makeup artist and frequent traveler, makeup bags have been a pain point for me over the years. There’s always that one bottle or compact that makes it impossible to zip the bag shut. Spill any makeup in the bag? The inside is ruined. There’s also no way to organize products on the inside of the bag.

It seems like Singhvis thought of everything when they created their makeup bags. The inside of the bags are lined with vinyl plastic so if anything is spilled, simply wipe out the inside without ruining the bag and it’s as good as new. The bags are made of soft fabric so round or large products prevent the zipper from closing.

The Brand

Singhvis was created in England by two brothers, Sagar and Sid Singhvi, who drew from their roots in Indian culture and their upbringing as children of a jeweler. Growing up deeply involved in their father’s business in the women’s accessory market, they soon found that there was a niche missing. Where were the beautiful, colorful prints of India on handbags and chic accessories?

After business school, they took it upon themselves to fill this gap in the market by creating Singhvis. The most difficult aspect of starting the business was finding master artisans with knowledge of Indian textiles and prints. Their mother became their advisor, bridging the cultural gap and bringing on the best artisans possible.

The quality and attention to detail are apparent in their product. This is truly a family-owned business at heart, and it shows. Singhvis products are finely detailed, beautifully made, and 100% original.

The Makeup Bags

The brand offers 15 different prints of their makeup bags in 3 different sizes. I was able to try out all three sizes in three different prints for this post.

My first impression of the bags was how colorful they were. Especially the bright yellow of the Marigold Pattern, which also has stunning magenta details.

Makeup Bags by Singhvis

The quilted, colorful cotton patterns are definitely reminiscent of Vera Bradley, but I find these bags to be much different. The outside of the bags only has vertical striped stitching, not quilt stitching. The patterns on these are also more organic and free-flowing, thanks to the hand-crafted quality.

Room to Spare

These makeup bags are incredibly roomy. I was shocked at how many beauty and skincare products I could fit in the bags. I kept adding palette after palette, mist after mist, and there was still room to spare. These are the Mary Poppins bags of the makeup world. Even the smallest size fits a ton of products with room to spare, and they all have plenty of pockets. I found the vinyl-lined pockets to be perfect for storing makeup sponges without them getting dirty or even while they’re still damp.

The soft fabric of the bags makes them perfect for makeup and skincare, too. They have enough structure to stand up on their base but enough flexibility to fit weirdly shaped products with ease.

The Craftsmanship

Singhvis fabrics are printed by a traditional hand-block technique. This textile printing technique originated in India, and involves hand-carved wooden stamps dipped in dyes and carefully pressed into the fabric to create the pattern. There are often 2 or 3 layers of printing with different color dyes to add dimension and detail.

An example of a wood block used for the traditional Indian textile printing technique. Photo from Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

The bags are also 100% cotton, making them easy to wash and very soft. The inside of the makeup bags are plastic with 4 pockets, and the pockets have elastic to hold on to whatever is in them.

Cute Makeup Bags for Artists

The bag sizes are as follows:

  • Small – 8 x 5.5 inches
  • Medium – 9 x 6.5 inches
  • Large – 10 x 8 inches

Each bag has a beautiful hand-made zipper pull with beads and shimmery twine. The pulls have cute tassles that match the bag and make it easy to quickly unzip. Also, the zippers are high-quality. I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to zippers because I’ve had so many break on me, but these ones strike me as very high quality.

The bags are easy to clean and can be hand-washed in warm water and air-dried. I would not recommend machine washing or drying these because there is so much fine detail and thread work.

Final Thoughts on the Singhvis Makeup Bags

I absolutely love these bags and highly recommend them. They check all the makeup bag boxes for me, including

  • A durable, high-quality zipper
  • Plastic interior to protect from product spills and stains
  • Soft, flexible fabric to fit oddly sized products without zipper issues
  • Super roomy and can hold a ton, even the smallest size
  • Tons of pockets with elastic to hold things like eyeliner, brushes, and sponges.
  • Pockets are also plastic so they can protect sponges without getting them dirty
  • Hand-washable
  • Created by a family-owned small business
  • Beautifully hand-made

I’ll get a ton of great use out of these bags, and I can’t wait to take them with me on makeup jobs and to travel once the world opens up again.

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These makeup bags were sent to me for review, but this post is not sponsored. All reviews are my own thoughts. If you’d like to support us, consider joining our Patreon!

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