Review: The Best Vegan Skincare for Dry Skin

Cruelty-free, fragrance-free vegan skincare brand Lila Naturals delivers results without irritating the most sensitive skin.

Lila Naturals is a US-based indie vegan skincare brand. They have products for face and body, and product lines for men and babies, too! The founder of the brand created her own products because she was dissatisfied with mainstream products irritating her sensitive skin. She’s a licensed cosmetologist and dreamed about starting her brand for years before she took the plunge.

When she became a mother, she dedicated herself to create safe, effective, vegan skincare products for mothers and babies. The hummingbird logo pays homage to the founder’s grandmother. She was her biggest inspiration and role model, and someone who constantly encouraged her to follow her dreams. 

Brand name: Lila Naturals

Brand Located In: Westerville, Ohio 

Price Range: Their skincare ranges from $59.99 (2 oz bottle of their corrective facial oil), to $29.99 (large 4oz cream jars, 2 oz are $16), through $4.50 (travel sized soap bars). They also make zero-waste products like beeswax food wraps ($20) and cotton cleansing clothes ($22)

Shipping: Flat rate shipping is available to the entire USA and all US orders over $75. International shipping is also available upon request! 

Products to Check Out: If you’re an eczema sufferer, I recommend their Soothing Eczema Cream. It’s gentle and unscented but effective. I’ve had no issues with spreading eczema outbreaks since I’ve been using the cream. 

Other: Lila Naturals is vegan, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, and low waste! The brand packages their products in glass bottles and jars to reduce waste. They pack all their orders in biodegradable starch packing peanuts and paperboard tubing. They strive to use the most simple, natural ingredients possible for their products. 

Review of Lila Naturals Vegan Skincare Products

I’ll review every product I’ve tried from Lila Naturals individually and then conclude with an overall brand review. 

Soothing Eczema Cream 

The Lila Naturals Soothing Eczema Cream is a fragrance-free, steroid-free cream that soothes and heals eczema while also preventing new flare-ups. The main ingredients are green tea and oatmeal. Oatmeal serves as an emollient, which locks moisture into the skin to heal and protect from dryness. This cream is gentle enough for babies but it is still effective enough to prevent eczema. 

I love this product because it’s not heavy or greasy like other eczema products I’ve used. I have used steroid creams for eczema prescribed to me by dermatologists. As effective as they are, extended use of steroidal creams thins the skin and can cause scarring, spider veins, and stretch marks. I’d much rather prevent the issue altogether than use harsh steroid creams. This product is excellent for preventing dryness and eczema, which is exactly what I was looking for. It has no scent and is gentle enough to use every day. Once I started using it, my skin was less itchy and dry. Best of all, I haven’t had any major eczema outbreaks since I started using the product. It works as a preventative measure just as effectively as a treatment.

Goat’s Milk and Honey Cleansing Bar

This soap bar is a perfect pairing with the Soothing Eczema Cream for dry skin sufferers like myself. It’s unscented, moisturizing, and rich. Goat’s milk naturally contains gentle AHAs, or alpha-hydroxy acids, that gently remove dead skin cells to keep your skin smooth and texture-free. It also has vitamin-a, which encourages skin to heal and strengthen, preventing eczema and psoriasis. This soap is gentle enough to use on your face and even on babies! 

I fell in love with this soap instantly. It’s rich and soothing, and makes me feel clean but not stripped of my skin’s natural oils either. I hate that feeling of tight, dry skin after a shower, and this eliminates that feeling. I reduce my issues with dryness and irritation when I use this soap combined with the Soothing Eczema Cream.

Corrective Facial Oil 

This oil had all my favorite ingredients in it, so I had a strong feeling I would love it from the jump. The base oil is sweet almond oil, and it also contains olive squalane, evening primrose oil, meadowfoam seed oil, carrot seed oil, and vitamin E. There are also whole chamomile flowers in the bottle, which I love both for visual reasons and because chamomile is a wonderfully soothing ingredient in skincare. 

These oils combined create a gentle, luxurious, and hydrating facial oil. Formulated to fade hyperpigmentation and brighten the complexion, this oil does not feel heavy at all when applied. It smells completely natural with a slight floral hint from the ingredients. I use it daily and have noticed a big difference in overall brightness and hydration. I apply it at night after I cleanse and before I apply moisturizer. A little bit goes a long way; you only need a single drop to cover your entire face, so one bottle of this will last a long time.

Overall Brand Review: Effective Vegan Skincare

Lila Naturals is an excellent indie brand that offers effective but gentle products for the entire family. They value sustainability and transparency when it comes to ingredients. Their packaging is as low-waste as possible, and the products themselves are excellent, too. 

One of the best aspects of Lila Naturals is the lack of fragrance. Many times I’ve rejected a product because of its overwhelming fragrance. With sensitive, dry, eczema-prone skin, I’ve learned the hard way that fragrance is not my friend. I appreciate the true dedication to non-irritating ingredients and formulations. I’ve tried many indie skincare products, and Lila Naturals is a standout for their gentle, fragrance-free formulas that are effective. I highly recommend them!

None of the links in this article are affiliated. This post is not sponsored but the products were gifted for review. This does not change my opinion at all.

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