Ritology Zero Waste Razor Review

For a few months, I’ve been trying a plastic-free zero waste razor for the first time. This past month, in particular, I’ve started using the Ritology razor almost daily because I started a new relationship… so I actually have a reason to shave my legs now. Not that my girlfriend would care if I didn’t shave, it’s just nice to feel all soft and like my legs are dolphins after I put lotion on them (ya’ll know what I mean). I mention this not just because I love to overshare, but because I believe it’s relevant to the review, which I’ll explain later.

Ritology Travel Set
The Ritology Smooth Operator Set

As someone whose been working on a low-waste lifestyle for some time now, a sustainable razor option makes sense, like my switch to the hello cup. As previously mentioned, I really didn’t shave that often up until recently, so I never thought to take the leap until Ritology reached out. The brand was founded by two women who share a love of sustainability and minimalism in 2018. The name Ritology was chosen because it means ‘the study of rituals’, which is what the founders of this brand researched closely while creating their brand.

Note: This post is not sponsored, but the brand did send the product for review. You can use code INDIEMOOD for 15% off at checkout, which is affiliated. This does not change our opinion at all.

How It Works

Ritology’s main product is called the Smooth Operator razor which made of BPA free (no plastic here) zinc and copper alloy. The starter set contains the razor and 10 refill blades in a really cute case for $81. If you use our code INDIEMOOD, the starter kit is under $70. The kit ships free in the US, Canada, and Australia. If taken care of, the Smooth Operator can last a lifetime. You can purchase refill blade packs on a subscription basis or whenever you need them. Ritology estimates that regular shavers can save over $120 a year with the set, so it more than pays for itself.

The beautifully designed, minimalist case that the Ritology Razor comes in

The razor is designed so both sides of the blade are exposed. This allows for two new edges every time a blade is changed and being able to shave longer without rinsing the blades because you have two sides. The way the head screws on slightly bends the razor and covers it at an angle so just the edge shows. That’s why zero waste razors like this were previously called safety razors. When installed and used correctly, it’s hard to injure yourself with one.

Ritology Razor Taken Apart
All the parts of the Ritology Razor taken apart

Ritology designed the razor to be the perfect weight so that no pressure needs to be applied while shaving. You glide it over your skin “against the grain” of hair growth and it works perfectly. This prevents pulling on the skin which is a major cause of cuts and ingrown hairs, and I have noticed that those problems are non-existent since I’ve started using it!

Tips for Shaving with a Safety Razor

Here are some tips provided by the brand founders for newbies to the zero waste razor. These seriously helped me so I thought I’d include them here:

  1.   Keep the angle of the blade at about 30 degrees relative to your skin. As it doesn’t have a pivoting head, simply control the angle of the blade.
  2.   Keep the strokes short and smooth, with a rinse in-between to prevent too much build up on the blade. 
  3.   Do not apply any downward pressure. The razor is weighted to allow the perfect glide against your skin on its own. 
  4.   We highly recommend exfoliation prior to shaving along with a quality shaving oil or crème to act as a barrier while shaving. Don’t forget to hydrate your skin afterward for the perfect finish!
The Razor and Refill Pack

My Experience Using The Smooth Operator

Okay, so as I mentioned before, I think it’s important to note that it took me some time to get in a ‘groove’ with this razor. I haven’t started using it on a near-daily basis until this past month, and that’s when I really started to notice a difference. Since I’ve started using this zero waste razor daily, shaving has started to feel much easier and more effective.

The Refill Process

Once you get used to the weight and feel of the razor, using the Ritology zero waste razor becomes second nature, and using a regular razor won’t feel as effective. As previously mentioned, the weight of the razor was designed perfectly to glide over the skin without pulling. The double-sided single razor makes it easy to shave, flip, shave, rinse, and cover more ground in less time. If you’re as busy as I am, you’ll know that even that small amount of time saved in the shower makes a difference.

Have I mentioned how pretty this razor is?

I’ve found that my skin is noticeably softer and my shave lasts longer when using this razor. In my experience, I have about 24 hours before I get prickly, but with this razor, it feels more like 48. I’m not sure if it’s the single blade or the weight of the handle, but even the stubble doesn’t feel as sharp or prickly. I’m on day three of not shaving and rubbing my leg right now, and it’s prickly but not as aggressive as usual stubble, which is one of the reasons I hate shaving in the first place. I also noticed that skin irritation and razor burn is non-existent with the Ritology zero waste razor.

The Importance of a Zero Waste Razor

Sustainability is at the center of Ritology, with the brand aiming to reduce the current 2 billion disposable razors dumped into landfills each year. Even the case the set comes in is made of two of the most sustainable materials – tin and cork. The replaceable aspect of the razor – which is the actual blade – is fully recyclable. Just be careful when you dispose of them, especially if you have children or pets. I recommend a safety razor disposal container – I purchased mine for a few dollars on Amazon – here is an affiliate link for the one I use.

In conclusion, I’m loving my Ritology razor and will continue to use it for the foreseeable future. It’s been about three months of using the razor and I’ve gone through 5 blades. The refill packs come with 10 razors, which will last you a good amount of time. This razor will save you tons of money over time, as the razor itself is crafted to last forever. It will also save countless plastic disposable razors and razor heads from landfills. Finally, it will make you feel fancy when shaving because the razor itself is beautiful.

That’s the review! Remember, you can save 15% on Ritology with the code INDIEMOOD at checkout, which is affiliated.

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