Rococo Review: Indie Makeup Marie Antoinette Would Love

Indie makeup brand Kailav has a new collection inspired by the Rococo Period! Que c’est beau!

musee beauty rococo collection

Bask in the Opulence of Rococo

One of our favorite indie makeup brands, Kailav, formerly known as Musée Beauty, has truly outdone themselves with their newest collection. The Rococo collection represents the opulence, beauty, and frivolity of the Rococo art movement of the 18th century, and I’m in love! 

More About Kailav 

Kailav is an art-inspired indie makeup brand founded by sisters Tara and Kaya. They have a variety of eyeshadow palettes, cream highlights + blushes, lip colors, and liquid eyeshadows, all inspired by art history. They were inspired by Impressionism in their previous collection and are now influenced by the Rococo Period in their latest collection. The two art movements are different from each other but both focused on color more than anything else. 

Kailav is Based in Austin, Texas, and opened in 2020. They value creativity and believe that everyone and anyone who loves makeup can express themselves creatively, which is why they combined their two loves: makeup and art. Kailav is an LGBTQ+-owned and BIPOC woman-owned company. They’re already a proven crowd favorite to indie makeup lovers; Kailav won numerous 2020 Indie Beauty Awards, including Favorite New Brand!

About the Rococo Period

rococo portrait of marie antoinette
Portrait of Marie Antoinette by Jean-Baptiste André Gautier-Dagoty, 1775, image public domain

Rococo came to its height in the 1730s in France as a backlash against the former King’s rigid visual style. The movement was all about excess. Everything was ornamental, bathed in dreamy hues of pastel blues, purples, and pinks, and accentuated with curvy forms. Trompe l’oeil was one of the main elements of the Rococo style, which is an optical illusion in visual art. The ceilings of the wealthy became adorned with visual illusions of the heavens, complete with billowing clouds and chubby cherubs. 

Rococo is one of the best possible art movements to inspire a makeup collection. The color palette of the Rococo period is one of the most distinct. Full of romance, Rococo art is defined by natural form, fluffy textures, and over-the-top ornamentation. Kailav did an excellent job capturing this period of art, and all the shade names make reference to Rococo works of art. 

The Rococo Collection Review 

The Kailav Rococo Collection consists of one eyeshadow palette, three aquarelle liquid eyeshadows, and one colorwash duo of cream blushes. All the colors and palette artwork are inspired by specific references to the period. 

When asked ‘why Rococo?’ The brand responds: 

“When we were thinking about what we wanted our spring collection to look like, Rococo immediately came to mind. The pastel colors, joie de vivre, and playfulness of Rococo lend themselves beautifully to crafting color stories that spark creativity.” 

I’m going to review each item in the new collection individually. Then I’ll close the article with an overall review of the collection.

Eyeshadow Palette

I finally understood love at first sight when I first saw this palette. My two favorite color schemes are luxurious golds and fluffy pastels, and this palette has both. As a former Art History student and a lifelong admirer of fine art, I was even more enamored with the shade names and references. Many of the individual shades point to exact Rococo period paintings and unique colors pulled from those works. The color palette is spot on with the period, I was thrilled to try everything! 

rococo palette by musee beauty

The Formula 

This palette has a more subtle formula, especially with the mattes. These are not the type of shades that are instantly opaque. It can be difficult to formulate pastel shades, and as a fan of pastel eyeshadows, I’ve tried many. With shades like Infatuation, Joyous, Madame, and Blue Boy, you will need to do some building when applying them. This lends itself to creating dreamy, billowing washes of color. I want to try the pastel mattes as blushes, too. The darker matte shades are creamier and extremely pigmented. Use a tiny bit at a time and build up when using the deep matte tones.

The metallic shades are wonderfully creamy and dimensional. Royal and Frivolity have quickly become my favorites because they’re so unique and shifty. Frivolity is a strawberry pink with a subtle gold flip, and Royal is the most perfect, buttery periwinkle shimmer shadow ever. 

Color Story 

I adore this color story because of its unique variety, endless possibilities for looks, and historical accuracy when it comes to the Rococo inspiration. This palette would be perfect for travel because about half the shades work for everyday makeup and the other half provide the burst of creamy color associated with the Rococo period of art. The shades Grasse, Romance, and Grandeur are perfect for deepening any look with rich jewel tones for romantic drama. There are also a few beautiful coral shades in the mix, paired with the pastels, a perfect summer palette awaits. 

Colorwash Duos

The Rococo Collection has two Colorwash Cream Blush Duos, Youth + Play, and Exuberance + Soft. The formulas were totally different than what I expected but in a good way. Most cream blushes I’ve tried are transparent and patted into the skin for a flushed, dewy look. The Kailav Colorwashes are creamy, soft, and opaque. In a way, they remind me of oil paint in their density of pigment and creamy texture. They almost feel whipped when you dip into a shade with your finger. 

The formula of these cream blushes is perfect for the Rococo Period theme. I applied them by dabbing them on with my fingertips and blending them out with a stiff foundation brush. This created a painterly, lit-from-within blush effect that is so Rococo. Good examples from the period are Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun’s Portrait of Marie Antoinette and her Self Portrait with a Straw Hat. These cream blushes are easily buildable and can go from both subtle to Marie Antoinette level dramatic. 

The shade Play did have a tiny amount of shimmer in it. I would prefer such intense, romantic shades to be matte, but that’s just personal preference. They truly are rich, vibrant hues that are perfect for Spring and Summer (or anytime you want to exude the beauty and confidence of the Rococo Period).

Aquarelle Liquid Eyeshadows

Kailav also created three shades of their Aquarelle Liquid Eyeshadows for the Rococo collection. The formula is matte and opaque. Apply in a swipe, dab to blend, and they dry in 10 seconds. This gives an effortless pop of color for days when you’re running out the door but still want to express your creativity. The three shades are vibrant jewel tones. Jade is a smoky green hue, Amethyst is a vibrant purple, and Citrine is a blood orange shade. 

Overall Impressions of the Musée Beauty Rococo Collection 

I absolutely adore this collection. It’s so obvious that the brand owners have a passion for creativity, art history, and beauty. This well-researched collection captures the essence of the Rococo Period. The products are a perfect balance of colorful, creative, and fun to use for makeup enthusiasts of all levels. 

I have so many more looks I want to create with this collection. The color combinations are endless, and with the Rococo period as the inspiration behind the products, I have a huge supply of references to draw from. (Marie Antoinette would be shook!) Kailav represents the creativity and individuality that I love so much from indie makeup brands. I can’t wait to continue playing with the Rococo Collection and look forward to future releases from Kailav!

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