Roen Beauty: Review and Brand Profile

I’ve been super excited to write this review! I discovered Roen Beauty around the time they launched, and it was at the top of my list to try when I finally bit the bullet and got their 75 Degree Warm Palette along with their brush. Almost immediately, I fell in love with the formula and ended up purchasing their two single shadows over Black Friday.

*I purchased everything myself. All opinions are always our own.

Located In: Los Angeles, CA

Price Range: $26 – $42

Shipping: US Shipping for orders under $50 is about $5, orders over $50 shipping is free. International shipping is offered, but the brand is also sold at Sephora, so you may be able to purchase through there is they don’t ship to your country directly.

Best-Sellers: 75 Degree Warm Eyeshadow Palette

Other: Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Clean Beauty. Something to note is that they use synthetic mica in their formula, which is great!

Top to bottom: Disco Eye, Summer Disco

My thoughts: To start off, I just wanted to say a few words about the packaging. When I first “unboxed” the Roen products on our Instagram story, I said that the brand’s aesthetic – sleek, gunmetal, minimalist packaging – is exactly the style I would have used had I started my own brand, and I still stand by that statement. I love the packaging. The only thing I would change would be to make it heavier (I really love heavy compacts), but I suspect that from an environmental standpoint that wouldn’t be ideal, so I’m still very happy. I feel so luxurious whenever I pull out these compacts – they truly make putting on my makeup an experience. I feel like really classy, which I love.

The formula of these shadows is so intriguing. The best way I could describe them is like they are a super hard-packed, very creamy version of Colourpop Super Shock shadows, but that really doesn’t give them credit for their uniqueness. All of the shadows are really interesting for their own reasons, whether it’s because of their base shade or the glitters throughout them. I am never bored when I use the Roen shadows, and they are my go-to for my every day look. In fact, I surprised myself with how much I reached for these shadows, and the rate at which I use them hasn’t slowed down.

Top to Bottom: Obviously, Nikki Dust, FaceTime, J’Adore

I adore these shadows for very simple, one shadow looks – something Nikki deRoest herself emphasizes – when I use them on their own, as well as for accents in more complex looks. They go on extremely easily, and the brush does an excellent job of blending out the edges of the shadows after you place them down with your finger. I also use the brush to drag the shadows along my lower lash line; because it is so dense, it works really well with the creamy formula. You don’t need to be gentle with these shadows, either: you can rub pretty hard in the pan with your finger, and they also survive traveling extremely well (though I will say I am always extremely careful with my travel makeup bag).

Wearing J’Adore. The lighting here makes me look like someone from the Addams family. Not too mad about it tbh.

Some thoughts on the individual shades themselves: The shade J’Adore from the Warm palette is a beautiful warm brown with a soft golden sparkle through it. The sparkle is very fine and subtle, though, so it results in a very soft shimmery finish on the eyes. I love wearing this alone as a wash of color. The same goes for the single shadow in Summer Disco, though it has chunkier golden glitter dispersed throughout it, and its base shade is a golden terracotta. This shade surprised me – I thought it would be too gold for me (I really don’t like gold eyeshadows on me but I wanted to give this one a try since it seems like quite a warm gold) but it has become one of my favorite shades from Roen. It is so easy to wear on its own, paired with a red lip. The sparkle it gives is so fun and unexpected. Love, love, love.

Wearing Summer Disco. Loved this look so much, has become a go-to.

The shade Obviously from the Warm palette is another favorite. I love using this as a center-of-the-lid accent, or as an inner corner and browbone highlight. It is a white gold chunkier glittery shade rather than a satiny shade like J’Adore, and it reflects light beautifully. I use this shade very often as that half-circle crease highlight that I’ve been doing quite often lately as well. I use the smaller end of the brush to do this, and it picks up and lays down the product gorgeously. You do have to dip in quite a bit because the brush lays the product down entirely – it doesn’t cling shadows at all. I’ve also been loving the shade Nikki Dust. This is a shade I would use to top a more intense look, and I actually created one of my favorite neutral looks ever with it.

Wearing Nikki Dust

The final shade in the palette, Facetime, is really nice to smoke out on the lower lash line as a line. This is my least-used shadow in the palette, but I am currently making it a point to try to use it more to figure out exactly what look I love it best with. I’ll get there. And last but not least is the single shadow in Disco Eye. This shadow is full of stunning reflective glitter; it is like a neutral pinky silver version of Obviously, and I use it in a very similar manner – as an inner corner highlight, or as an accent shade. I also have worn it just on its own all over the lid, and it gives such a cool wet-looking effect!

Disco Eye as inner corner highlight

I do want to note a few things about the formula that some people might watch out for. First of all, these shadows will crease, especially if you have hooded eyes and use a hydrating concealer as primer (like I do). Personally, I don’t mind this at all (my eyes move, so my shadows move, too. I’d rather have creases then dry eyelids, which is the alternative for me, and truly you don’t notice the creasing unless I close my eyes entirely), and if I want to “freshen up” the look, I tap out the creases with a finger to “reset” it. These are cream shadows that don’t really “set,” so it’s not surprising. Comes with the territory. However, I know some people really avoid creasing, so I wanted to point it out. I do find that the creasing is minimized if I don’t used any concealer to prime my eyes underneath the shadows.

Obviously as a crease accent

Secondly, I don’t get a ton of fall out with these shadows, but if you do happen to place the glitter somewhere you don’t want they don’t just wipe away easily – you will need to use a q-tip with some makeup remover to get the glitters off. This does mean that the reflectiveness of the shadows lasts all day, though.

I also wanted to mention that I adore the brush. Like I mentioned earlier, I use both sides and I find that it works wonderfully well with the shadows. It is very densely packed with bristles, which I think is the key. I don’t use it with powder shadows, though; it’s not that I don’t like using it with powders, I just really haven’t tried it with powders. To me, it’s the “Roen-eyeshadows-only” brush, lol! The Roen shadows do work well with other brushes, too. I only have synthetic-bristle brushes and they work just fine, so it’s not like you need the brush in order to use the shadows. I enjoy it a lot, though.

I am so excited to see what this brand has in store for us for the future. I got to attend a masterclass with Nikki DeRoest late last year and it was so amazing to see her work with the products in person and see her passion for what she created. (I also learned so many techniques from that class, it was a phenomenal experience.) I know it’s going to be good – she sneak peeked a third palette a while ago that looked absolutely stunning. I just am so impressed with what the brand has put out so far, I know their future releases are going to be beautiful.

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