Shroud Cosmetics Divinity Palette: 3 Looks 1 Palette

Hey everyone! I am so excited to be doing this 3 Looks 1 Palette! I absolutely adore the Shroud Cosmetics Divinity Palette. It is one of my favorite indie palettes in my collection, and I would highly recommend it! The matte formula is beautiful, and the metallics are absolutely stunning. I also love the color story – I find it really inspiring and I never get tired of it whenever I pick up this palette.

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Look 1: Christmas, but make it grungy.

Y’all chose the shades for this look, actually! I posted a story on Instagram and you all randomly selected the shades Aphrodite, Milda, and Freya. So, this is what I came up with! It’s a blown out red smokey eye with a structured outer corner and a green lower lash line. I made sure to keep the lower lash line in line with the shape on the outer corner so that the look came to a point.

Look 1 with the Shroud Cosmetics Divinity Palette

I used Rati as a transition shade, and the built up Aphrodite in the crease. I used Freya all over the lid and blended it out with Aphrodite, the stunning red in the palette. Milda went on my lower lash line, but I kept it pretty close to my lashes rather than really smoking it out. For all three looks, I used Hathor as my inner corner and brow bone highlight. Y’all. Hathor is frickin’ beautiful. I’ve used it as a face highlight quite a bit as well and it is hands down probably my favorite *powder* face highlight I own. And inner corner and brow bone highlight. I’m not sure what it is about this shade but it is perfection.

Look 2: Purple and Mustard

There’s a wonderful subreddit called r/makeuprehab that focuses on using your collection and having a healthy relationship with shopping for makeup, and they have a ton of different panning and collection exploration activities. One such activity gets people to randomly select eyeshadow shades for you, and the person that chose mine happened to choose the same shades that I used a really long time ago to create a purple and mustard look with the Divinity Palette over a year ago! So, I decided to recreate that look.

Look 2 with the Shroud Cosmetics Divinity Palette

I’m not going to lie, this look was an adventure. I couldn’t exactly remember how I had created the original look, so it was a bit of a struggle. Eventually, I remembered that I had actually used the Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy to create a purple cut crease with Qetesh. So, that’s what I did. I then used Bastet to smoke out the outer corner a bit and piled Oshun into my crease to create the mustard contrast. I paired the eye look with one of my favorite lipsticks of all time, Cider Sangria from B’ellegant.

Look 3: Graphic Liner (because I can’t help myself)

This was hands-down my favorite look that I created using this palette. I just have really been enjoying graphic liner looks so this one was just so fun to create. It was also the fastest one to create, believe it or not.

Look 3 with the Shroud Cosmetics Divinity Palette

I kept the liner just above my natural crease as I shaped it, following the shape of my crease. I used the same pencil brush for the whole look. I started with Oshun in the inner third of my eye. Then, I used Milda in the middle third of my eye. I also went back in with Oshun to really blend the two shades together. Finally, I used Bastet on the outer corner of my eye, flicking it out into a sort-of wing shape. Again, I went back into Milda as well in order to blend the two shades together until the whole liner seamlessly transitioned from one shade to another. Hathor once again went on my inner corner and brow bone. I kept my lower lash line completely bare, something I really like to do for more editorial looks.

So there you have it! Three looks with one of my favorite indie palettes. What other palettes would you like to see me do this with? Leave them down below and I’ll get to it!

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