Starfire Cosmetics Limited Edition Mascara Review

I’m always on the lookout for a new mascara that checks all my boxes, which seems similar to scouring the earth searching for a unicorn. I prefer a mascara to not be chunky or flaky, because I have Trichotillomania, which causes me to absentmindedly pull at my hair, eyebrows, and lashes. This has gotten much better over the years, but when mascara has chunks, I get so obsessed with pulling them off, and I’ll start pulling all over again. Since I really like having eyelashes, I try and stick with mascaras that aren’t heavy or thick. Keep that in mind when reading this review, or any of my mascara reviews for that matter, because everyone is looking for something different in their mascara. I think we can all unanimously agree that we don’t want one that flakes all over our face or transfers to the lower lash line, leaving you with unintentional raccoon eyes.

Brand Description:

A volumizing and lengthening mascara that lifts lashes while resisting flakes and clumping. A high impact waterproof mascara with specially designed brush bristles that grab the root of lashes for maximum lengthening. This mascara’s unique conditioning formula allows one, two, and three coats of application to achieve your most dramatic and intense voluminous lashes without smudge or clumps. Silky, glossy, and jet-black lashes are a lift and curl away. Heat, humidity, and waterproof. ​

Starfire Cosmetics was kind enough to send over their new Limited Edition Mascara for me to review. I’ve been wearing it consistently for a few weeks now to get a full and thorough review. I can tell you one thing for sure, it is most definitely lengthening. Like. Mega lengthening. Check out these photos.

My naked lashes with no makeup at all.
My naked lashes after being curled.
My lashes with the Starfire Cosmetics Limited Edition Mascara. (2 coats)


From the Brand’s Website

Brush: This is a super thick brush with the nubby bristles. I love these kinds of bristles because unlike actual brush hairs, these little silicone nubs grab onto your lashes, get closer to the root, and cling and coat them well. I do prefer a thinner brush, because I find I hit my face more with the thick brushes and deposit mascara all around my eyes. I do that regardless, but with a big brush, its more likely.

Chunkiness: As you can see in the photo, it’s not a super thick or clumpy formula. There is some clumpiness, but that’s to be expected from pretty much all mascaras, especially waterproof ones like this. It doesn’t bother me a whole lot.

Lash Separation: Again, from looking at the photo, you can tell that this brush and formula separates your lashes A LOT and coats them well. It’s almost too separating, to the point where my lashes look a bit spidery.

Holds a curl?: I do find that this mascara holds a curl all day, excellently, as long as I don’t touch my eyelashes. The formula is not too heavy.

From Starfire Cosmetic’s Website

Lasting Time: I find that this mascara is super long lasting and doesn’t flake off as long as I don’t touch my eyelashes. It stays on until I take it off.

Removal: Removal is super easy, because I believe this is one of those tubing mascaras, meaning it forms a tube around each lash to lengthen them. As soon as I go to remove my makeup, it comes right off without any need to scrub. The only person issue with this is that the tubes are fun to pull off so all day I’m trying to keep myself from ripping off my mascara. Most people don’t do this, so it’s just a personal note. This mascara won’t budge until you want it to.

Formula: This formula is not heavy or sticky at all. It goes on easily and dries reasonably fast. I would say don’t sneeze or blink hard for a good 30 seconds after application to keep it from getting all over your face. It doesn’t smell weird.

Overall: This is a really nice mascara. If you’re looking for a super waterproof and transferproof mascara that is easy to get off, this is a good pick. The tubing aspect of it makes it super lengthening. It’s a little too thick for my liking, but this is coming from a person that loves the Glossier Lash Slick because it barely does anything. Most people prefer a more dramatic mascara. This is great for people with short lashes, because of it’s amazing ability to lengthen. This mascara is $19.99 and is formulated WITHOUT talc, sulfates, parabens, and Phthalates.

*Starfire Cosmetics sent me this mascara to review, but this post is not sponsored, and all opinions are my own.

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